Why You Need A Portable Air Compressor For Car And How To Use One

Portable Air Compressor For Car

Today I’m talk to you about the benefits and features of a portable air compressor

this particular one is the one I’m talking about as you see one of the features off the

back is these rubberized feet because I was able to sit it on my car and it

doesn’t scratch up the paint let’s say that you have a boat or sea-doos or dirt

bikes anything that sits on a trailer you definitely need one of these because

you don’t want your trailer tire everyone flat or you will need to change

that when you’re out and about wherever it is you take those I’m gonna show the

features and benefits of this particular one I’m gonna show you why me

I’m gonna show you how to use it I’m gonna inflate a few car tires I’m gonna

play a bike tire and a few different balls so you get an idea to see how easy

it works and just how fast it will blow something up so let’s get started I’m

gonna leave a link in the description below that’s going to take you directly

to Amazon where you can view the andrew portable air compressor and a little bit

more detail you’re going to be able to see very high-quality pictures gonna see

some of the features that they’ve upgraded you get to see cutouts will not

cut outs but pictures of the motor testing times and you’ll be able to you

know get a good idea to exactly what this air compressor can do plus I’ll

leave a link to their website and you can see all the other products that they

offer they offer a few other tire inflator, now let’s get you the

features of the air compressor for starters it is a two cylinder quarter

horsepower motor air compressor the motor is going to draw roughly

15 to 30 amps but it does have a auto shutoff valve so that you won’t overheat

the motor if it gets too hot in an auto shut up you get it nine and a half you

get nine to nine and a half feet of coil airline you get nine feet of the power

port the side that’s let’s go on/off switch this next to the power cord this

is how you turn on the air compressor and on the opposite side that’s how you

turn on the light plug it on in turn off turn the light on oh five LEDs then you

get a gauge the gauge goes up to 150 psi you also get as you see as you see if

you want to power up the air compressor you just plug it into 12 volt or this is

pretty cool to me you get an adapter which you can tap attach it straight to

the battery so I have learned that if you attach it to the battery since it’s

directly connected to the battery you’re going to get more juice that way but it

did pump up my tire plugging it into the 12-volt I just think that that’s a cool

feature here it is it’s raining and you don’t want to get out the car because

whatever it is you’re blowing up inside the car or you just don’t want to get

out the car and go to the batteries I think that’s cool that you have the

option of doing it either way you also get three little attachments you know

one for ball and the other two for look like some type of floatation devices and

then you get a bag you get a bag to put all this in on your airline on the airline right here

you just simply twist it off so the airline does come off if you ever

get a hole in this and you need to replace it the airline does come off I’ve already

showed you the rubberized feet on the back which I think the benefit of that

is you won’t scratch your paint and I forgot the most important feature of all

you get a handle okay that’s all the features now like I said let me run it

through its paces I’m going to inflate some things so you can get a good idea

how easy it works how fast it works how effective it is and the bag is just big

enough so that I can put my little tubeless tire repair kit stick it in

here and now I have everything I need to repair a flat or to inflate a flat tire

right now the psi is at 44 it’s at 44 psi I’m going to deflect this down to a

30 psi and then we’re going to see just how fast this air compressor could work

I just let all the air out let’s check it as you see it is right at 30 psi so

you take your coil and what you’re gonna do you simply just put it on to the

bounce down and you just roll it are you rolling on to the bow stem and now if we

take a look at the gauge on the air compressor you can see because of the

glare but it’s reading at 30 psi I’m in the car now I’m about to plug this into

the 12-volt outlet as soon as I plug it in you will hear the air compressor come

on and then we’ll time and see how long it takes to blow the tire up we’re all

plugged it in and I’m going to stop talking so you can hear now it’s

right now it’s been a little bit over two and a half minutes and the tire

almost looks completely inflated the gauge is reading it looks about forty

four and like I said that took roughly three minutes and there you go right

there at 44 psi that’s not bad for the next test I’m going to use the battery

cable connector and as you can see my posts are pretty far apart it’s actually

12 inches so this can accommodate a wide variety of batteries as you can see the

ball is pretty much flat and we’ll take the needle and you just twist it right

into the air line right into the air line I’m going to put the needle back on

the ball and another good thing about having the gauge I mean another good

thing about the air compressor this particular ball can only hold 10 pounds

of air since there isn’t a gauge on there I’m going to stop as soon as I

plug this in the ball we just start simply there was that family that was actually

a lot faster than I thought it would be I like I said earlier I have a home air

compressor it’s so much easier to just grab this connect it to the battery then

for weight then way to my old air compressor is it 11 gallons you know it

takes a long time for it to fill up this thing took seconds and then I don’t know

how good you can hear some talk loud I’m on my lunch break

and I must have ran over a nail in the freeway I’m not dressed when they get

dirty to change the tire I don’t have time to call a triple-a I don’t have my

compressor with me and I’m bout to pump it up there’s the culprit right there

that’s crazy right now I have it connected to the battery what I have

learned when you connect it to the battery it’s stronger than when you just

use the 12 volt in the car things rastan I don’t know how good you

can hear me outside cuz the wind was blowing kind of hard but what I said

I didn’t have time to change my flat I don’t have time to call triple-a I’m on

my lunch break I don’t really want to get dirty and that is a benefit of

having this little air compressor it was convenient it took me less than two

minutes and I pump the tire up back up to 48 psi I’m gonna go home and then I

get the tire change tomorrow this is probably where I’m gonna use the

portable air compressor the most is when I’m off-roading sometimes you need to

air your tires down and then when you get done pump the air pump your tires

back up so you don’t drive around on a flat tire or if I’m out and about on my

mountain bike or you know we might go to the river and you know you need to

inflate some type of inner tube or something like that so for me I just

like it I plug it in to the back I’ll pump up the bike the back tires then I

connect it to the battery I’ll pump up the front tires it’s just that easy

connected to each tire and then you’re good to go right now I’m on my wife’s

beach cruisers I don’t know if you can see this but this is pretty flat um I’m

able to squeeze it all the way in so again just put this on twist it on so

this is perfect you’re at the beach you get a flat you’re off-roading you get a

flat you’re I don’t know you want to go riding and your bike is on a flat or you

need to change a great way to pump yourself mister knows

like 10 seconds except 40 psi right now just that fast this thing is addictive

I’m gonna I gotta go find some more things to blow up okay I would do the

house looking for anything that I could bring up in the garage and try to

inflate this is the last thing I found was this exercises law now you know

these things are notoriously hard for filling up so one news I’m going to take

the air out of this ball on this exercise ball I’ll make it as flat as

possible okay I’ll just go right here let’s say you’re going into the beach to

do yogurt or something and you want to take this ball so I just go right here I

have the air compressor with the ball needle in and simply stick that in

okay now as you can see the ball is a lot firmer and it didn’t take that long

it’s funny because right there I have my home air compressor and I’ve never use

it to blow up this exercising walk I guess just it’s just too long use that

there that’s what I like about this little mini portable soon as you plug it

in it’s ready to go you know as you just saw this is a very versatile air

compressor I really like the fact that you have two ways to attach it to your

battery I mean you have to it is to attach it one is to your battery the other is just

two 12-volt they both will attach to the value but you know what I’m saying

that is pretty neat let’s say you’re in your car and it’s raining and you want

to go camps and you just want to fill up an air mattress this in your car I don’t

want to get out and go to the batteries and connect it I can just plug it into

the trouble so I really like the fact that there’s multiple ways for you to

power this thing up you get a light you get the compass I mean the compass you

get the gauge so you don’t over inflate everything this has just been a

wonderful addition so as usual I appreciate you for watching if you guys

have any questions feel free to hit me up I’ll get back at you guys have a good.

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