Vintage 1920’s Curtis Air Compressor

Curtis Air Compressor

Here’s a vintage Curtis air compressor quite an old one

cast iron wheels cast iron base we look over here the tank is riveted

tank though it looks like it’s been over welded general electric motor

not sure if that’s coming up that clear not it’s got some little weird idler

thing here in the middle oil inspection thing you can see the belt it’s a flat

belt there’s no belts on this one when you start the compressor up you flip

this lever one way until it’s running and then you flip it back to start

compressing it releases the Reed valves valve and stage thing coming off the

side of the tank there which is unusual steel curved steel handle

there was another extra leather belt for the idler thing here whatever that does

not quite sure what that Center thing doesn’t make sense when you think

about it for a while might to somebody else this is the plug in here not sure if

it’s CSA approved or not I think efficient either should be screaming

something covering up that live on that thing I originally the air pipe come out

here and just ended that’s what sucked their in and then it pumped it from here

over down into the tank what I did is I added this pipe on here the two side

pieces and the brace to go down to the thing the base and then they did the

same on this side I don’t have the glass here but the glass plate sits on top of

those four things makes it a nice end table vintage and modern end table a

little gauge here that was with it it looks like it’s an older gauge but the

glass is broke and someone replaced it with plastic normally I would spark it

up but the belt the belt keeps tracking off now it’s been sitting in storage for

a while it never did it when I first put it in storage but it does now

and the brushes are a little Sparky there’s a number on the tank 1920 BC so

it was obviously made before Christ looks like it hope you enjoyed I’m not sure what your

this is if you have any idea love to hear.

Source : Vintage 1920’s Curtis Air Compressor

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