Viair Air Compressor Review

Viair Air Compressor

Hey guys welcome to my second attempt at an unboxing explanation I did one earlier on a

set of max tracks that was more of a joke than anything or I should say it

was more of an excuse to play around with my camera and practice doing some

editing I’m pretty new to all this so for this second explanation or I should say

attempt at an unboxing explanation I did little bit research and I kind of got

like a tripod thingy you can’t see it but it’s holding up the camera and now I

can kind of do this so all the cool stuff you can learn by watching youtube

explanations alright so in this unboxing what I’m doing is I’m going to show you this

portable air compressor I decided to get which is the by year 300 P portable

compressor now before I start opening it why exactly that I picked this one my

first first inclination was to actually install an ARB twin compressor inside my

engine bay and I’m probably still going to do that in the future but the problem

is we’re about to leave on a trip to Colorado to do the Alpine loop and I

just don’t have enough time to work on it right now and the temperature outside of Texas is

like a hundred degrees so doing that kind of work in my garage probably kill

me with heatstroke so I decided to go the cheaper quicker route and to get a

portable air compressor before the trip so I can it’ll help me air up instead of

having to rely on somebody else in the group because this time we’re just going

by ourselves I’m sure there’ll be other people on the trail but I want to make

sure that I can air up and down by myself in anyway this air compressor will still

be useful even after I get my other ARB compressor get that so when I go with

because my wife is shopping around for a 4runner and that’s what she wants to get

you know try to convince her to go with the Jeep but now she wants to go over

the 4runner because of the you know transport of the kids more room all

you guys can fight that out in the comments whatever so let’s get on to the

unboxing part on this compressor and see what’s what well first off let’s look at

the box it’s a 300 people repressor it will air up to a 33 inch tire which is

fine my Jeep actually has 33 inch tires on right now I am going to update this

year to probably 35 s but in the meantime this will work fine and you

could probably Arab find a 35 with this as well it just take a really long time

33 percent on the duty cycle at 100 psi, okay let’s get the unboxing turn it

around so you can see it try to do some that in view I don’t know what would

assume it is alright so first off it’s pretty cool bag I like it a little handy

no get some clips in the front so close up the guts we got a pocket does it pocket in the

very front which has in it air hose there’s the air hose let’s check out the

air house aisle by itself oh we got a gauge you see that air chuck part there

umm quality looks pretty good I’m not sure what the length on this is maybe

I’ll put it on the screen if I figure it out and then we got the little connector

there that goes on the air pump itself instructions don’t need no stinkin

instructions for this alright it’s packed in there pretty nice although

alright so we got the pump I guess let’s undo this part so one of the reasons I

chose this pump over something else is I really liked the durability of these clips

I like clipping straight to the battery instead of the like 12-volt cigarette

lighter style I don’t really care for that and this looks it’s got a good

length on it let’s hard to tell to you actually get out and it could be a little longer and

it’s not too bad we’re looking at looks like it’s about six feet that’s an estimate

all right so here is the pump looks nice seems like good quality intervals like

the air filter there we’ve got a plate here the pen on the ground it’s got a

little rubber feet and on/off switch trying to get this in the shot and the

air hose will connect here the cap on it that’s nice keep the dirt out so we will

basically connect this right there and that is what she does that’s how it’s gonna work

all right so this is just a quick unboxing explanation I mean what you probably

really want to know is like a review on if this isn’t good and I’m not gonna know that of course

until I take it out in the field and run on some trails and air up and air down

and see how it behaves torture tested you know lend it out to your friends and

see if it comes back in one piece that’s the true test if you get it back

I mean this here looks like filters we got you got two two filters they’re

honest like this there’s like four four filters during types to turn types

I believe that primary goes in I should have done that part

okay so there’s something in there right now so there’s a white filter up against the

where the air goes through and then there’s this one trying to catch big

particles for optimal compressor performance replace your filter element

to periodically all right let’s see information I got the pram here okay 12

volt permanent magnetic motor duty cycle 30 from 33{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} to 100 psi max working

pressure a hundred and fifty psi max amp draw 30 amps seems there’s a lot maybe

not all right so I will be obviously using this a lot in the future I will if

you want to know go in the comments today I like to have a review on this

otherwise I don’t know I’m not really sure if I’m gonna be doing unboxing

explanations some people seem to enjoy them I kind of enjoy them when it’s something

I’m really interested in learning more about but I don’t know if this is useful

if unboxing explanations are useful to you, you know let me know in the comments and I

will consider doing more otherwise you can save me some time not doing them

anyway I will be using this I will get back to you in some form or fashion.

Source : VIAIR 300P Portable Air Compressor

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