VIAIR 450-RV Portable Air Compressor Automatic Review

Portable Air Compressor

Today we’re talking about the VIAIR 450-RV air compressor

stay tuned welcome back to row gear reviews again this is Mark from

RV love talking out the by VIAIR 450-RV air compressor so what it’s

an air compressor is to pump up any of your RV tires or your car tires or

anything else they need to add air to the VIAIR compressor is kind of on the

higher end of portable air compressors you can find some less expensive units

but this is a very high quality very nice air compressor the first couple

years on the road I had a lesser quality one this is one that I’ve been aspiring

to owning because I have a lot of friends who have buyers and rave about

them so in via a skiff we would review one for them I was very excited to jump

on that opportunity and though I had another air compressor that was kind of

getting by I was happy to give that to someone else and have this new air

compressor in I knew it would be better but I didn’t know just how much better

this product would be now this air compressor is runs on 12 volts so it

uses alligator clips that you would clip on to your battery bank and if you’re

trying to connect that to a car’s battery bank you’re gonna want to have

the engine running because at max load this thing can pull up to 23 amps now I

have high power lithium battery bank in our coach so I’m just gonna plug it into

the battery banks without starting the engine partially so you can see how

quiet this is compared to the other units but also because I just don’t need

to start the engine for that it’s kind of draws the alligator clips and the

power cord have an 8 foot length to the compressor and then on the other side of

the compressor you’re gonna have your air hoses and this VIAIR 450-RV comes with

not one but two 30 foot long coils that are for your airlines and

these are really high quality coils they look like they’re braided inside feel

very durable really nice attachments but with 30 feet of cord you can stretch

this really far as you can see in this shot right here

this is just them one of the two 30-foot courts files to connect two of these I’m

gonna have over 60 feet from my battery between the 8 foot power cord and the 60

feet of air line also included in the kit are replaced with air filters

replace these air filters and put a clean one in so you always have really

good air coming in to that air compressor it’s really simple to replace

that you just screw off the end here and swap them out this air compressor can

pump up suppressors up to 150 psi and it pumps at a rate of 1 point 8 cubic feet

per minute some people really like the 400 model instead of the 450 the 400 can

run I think at 2.3 cubic feet per minute instead of the 1.8 on this 450 but the

400 model can’t run as long as this 450 the 450 can run up to 40 minutes

continuously actually that brings up one of the cool features is that it has an

automatic shut off so it won’t just run consistently if you’re pumping up

multiple tires and you’re switching from tire to tire when it has built up enough

pressure it shuts itself off in between tire changes they’re just shut off because I’m not

expending any air it doesn’t need to keep running it’s up to its maximum

pressure which is good for a couple reasons one it doesn’t run the

compressor consistently all the time but two makes a lot easier to connect the

attachment to your other tire when it’s not trying to have free flowing air

speaking of attachments does have some really nice high-quality attachments

this is the one I use the most in with this attachment you can push it on to a

valve stem or pull it on to a valve stem the other direction this is especially

important if you run dual dual rear tires on a dually horn or a larger RV

when the other attachments it has a gun with a trigger and a gauge and the gauge

is actually pretty accurate you can actually plug this attachment right into

it just pull back to quick release and it attaches right to it and this is

really nice a handy way to attach it and see how you’re inflating I use this

feature to pump up the tires on an old trailer that been out in storage for

extended period of time and it was really nice to just watch

that gauge climb right up because those tires had under ten pounds of pressure

on them it was great to just watch that gauge climb up to right where I need it

and pop it right off pumped up all four tires in just a few minutes and was on

the road now that 1.8 cubic feet per minute that is when you’re at 0 psi when you get up

to pressures like 130 psi it’s me more like 0.8 cubic feet per minute as the

rate slows down as it’s getting to those higher and higher pressures but this

pump can go all the way up to 150 psi which is a big deal because a lot of

these larger motor homes have tires that need to be inflated up to 130 and

sometimes even higher pressures if you have a vehicle that only needs to run 40

psi in it this will make very quick work of that but these a lesser quality air

compressor can’t effectively pump up to this high pressures required of some of these

in fact the old compressor I had it said it could go to 120 psi but when you’d

plug it in and start plunk trying to pump up a tire they would say it was at

120 psi and maxing out and it blow fuses but it was actually only a hundred psi

because the gauge is wrong so it wasn’t a true 120 psi that it was trying to

pump up to this is a much more robust unit and so I believe it’ll go all the

way up there I don’t have a tire they can handle that kind of pressure so I

haven’t been able to test that max capacity but I firmly believe it’ll do

it so I love that this attachment allows me to attach to either one of the valve

stems in here I can reach back behind here and come at it from behind which is

a very difficult angle for the other compressors I’ve seen and for this other

one back here I can just go straight on it forward really so much easier to use than other

ones I’ve seen this alone the simplicity of being able to pump up the tires is

really valuable to me I can definitely tell the amount of quality in this

product versus other air compressors I’ve had experience with it’s definitely

heavier but all the components are much higher quality the air hoses are braided

lines they have really nice fittings and attachments the unit itself is heavier

but it has nice quality foam grips and a nice diamond plate bottom and it’s so

much quieter than other ones I’ve experienced has an inline fuse should

you ever overload it and pop that fuse even the canvas bag that it comes in is

a nice quality canvas bag and it has storage on either side to store the

hoses and then inside it you can store the main compressor itself two alligator

clips and any of your other attachments that you use for inflating your tires

this unit is about 18 pounds when it’s in the canvas bag and it’s about 13

pounds for the compressor by itself it’s about 11 inches by seven and a half

inches by six inches in size so it’s definitely a little bit bulkier a little

bit bigger but Amanda can this thing pump out some air now I can show you

here I can compare the two units side-by-side with my old one that I used

to have and my new buyer alright for a sound comparison you can clearly see the difference in

the noise level when you’re operating this and that’s important to me because

a lot of the time when I’m trying to air

up my tires it’s in the morning and I’m getting ready to leave the campground

and I’m trying not to be disruptive to any of my neighbors now on the box when

we got our 450 PRV it says it can pump tires up to 37 inches but if you go to

the website it’ll say that it can pump up to 42 inch tires so quite a bit

larger than what the box says so they must have done additional testing or

something to show that it has higher ratings now as far as the cost of this

by air you probably see some knockoff units or some inexpensive ones and a

store for under a hundred bucks I believe the 400 can sometimes be found

for under 200 this 450 P normally retails for around 329 at the time of

filming this video I believe it’s on Amazon for 289 on sale so it’s

definitely on a really good sale right now it’s definitely on the higher end

and you might be wondering well is it really worth that extra money and that

was part of the debate for me because I hear people rave about him all the time

but I hadn’t had the personal experience with it but now that I have I can say to

me it’s absolutely worth the money the convenience of working with this and how

much more enjoyable it is more powerful faster and less noise I just think this

is so much better all the attachments are so much easier to use to my old

compressor I literally could not pump up the tires on my current motor on because

of the way the valve stems are and so that was actually really concerning to

me with this new one with the way the valve attachment is going you can go

forward or back against that valve stem this makes it super easy to attach and

super easy to inflate so much quicker and easier than the old one I have if I

can’t properly inflate my tires then I’m not going to be able to run my tires at

the optimal pressures and that’s very important for ride quality and the

lifespan of your tires tires on RVs are very important to get put under a lot of

strain stress you want to have them at the optimal pressures at all times

alright well that will wrap up my review on the buy VIAIR 450-RV air compressor

a really great product I think it’s totally worth the money especially if

you’re going to be spending a distended travel and you’re gonna be checked a lot

of tires on an RV you know the big coach like ours with has six tires of its own

that all run high pressures plus our tow vehicle plus bikes and plus being around

in campgrounds being able to help other people I really like having a high

quality compressor.

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