Unboxing And Review Of California Air Compressor

California Air Compressor

You can talk so basically can I hit that like do I hit that and the split screen

is off or something no oh here we go I think we’re live all right so this is

live unboxing oh your split screen there’s a lot of unboxing of a basic aid

by the way with retainer designer my son sawyer is manning the camera so he’s

gonna be lower oh oh I need to be lower like this they don’t even see my face

there you ever see this which is the california air tools ultra quiet air compressor I found this

on Home Depot let’s switch this over to the computer and this is for 146 dollars

at Home Depot so what I was looking for it and I’ll get pictures of it matted in

here later is I had a two thousand dollar dental operatory compressor and I

got it cuz it was quiet and I got on eBay for like $650 but I didn’t think

that they could be this cheap so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna

unbox this assemble it and get it turned on and we’ll see how it works I got my

old pancake compressor here we’ll we’ll do comparison but this is something you

can get if you’re building a lab like I am this is something you can get for

your labs so that you don’t have a loud compressor going off every every five

minutes or so but this is 146 at Home Depot and I got the 5.5 gallon one

horsepower ultra quiet oil free compressor so I like the idea that it’s

got an oil-free pump and for low maintenance oh the other one I have the

dental one is you got to keep adding oil to it lightweight design easy to move

and transport so I’ve got this homedepot.com for 100 they don’t they

don’t stop with these so you have to order it and they have a free pickup at

a home depot or they have a ship to you for free so I had it shipped to me for

free this is the box that it came in so let’s get to unboxing this yeah I was

super excited that they had shipping because I have a small little car that I

go to work in and I didn’t want to have to shut up I didn’t know how big this

thing was gonna be but this should give me an idea how big it is this I got from

JV scene company love this thing we call it the Freddy Krueger knife because of

the blade can you see that here called the Freddy Krueger, oh it’s a box

so forgive us renew at this live streaming thing okay for multi camera

like June so and I’m hoping this you’re seeing what you’re gonna see when you

first open one of these so get a good idea don’t know why this note box with a

box thank you so perfect for this one my Amazon birthday so this is a one

horsepower motor five point five gallon steel tank now they have another one

that’s a little bit more expensive and it’s aluminum tank so it’s actually

lighter and it doesn’t rust out but I’m gonna there’s a drain on here that I’m

there’s a drain on here so as long as I’m good about draining it I don’t think

we’ll have a hard time with it rusting out so quick universal connector

pressure control meters fifty-five thermal overload protector oil free pump

this is designed to last longer than competitive air compressors with a pump

life of 3000 hours plus so that’s pretty cool and there’s only 60 decibels so

they’re saying you could talk over this way that is so quiet

oh you can where you play if you want, I’m looking for Oh time to fill tank

here we go, here’s gonna do this so time to fill tank is 120 seconds maximum pressure is

120 psi go down yeah so 120 seconds time to fill tank 120 maximum pressure output

is can be 98 psi and or 48 psi and then cubic whatever that is I’m trying to

think so there’s some warning here so you need like if you use a bow star or a

thermo forming that uses a compressor you may need to look at these they have

different models of tons of different models of these and you can check out so

much money they have bigger ones not be able to do the your thermal for anything

did you raise it up yeah but now you can’t sit on it come take your life straight down

no mistakes and live streaming Yeah right only phone is over there break it

I thought would have the attached it looks like it’s fully assembled honestly

I wonder well we’re going to put this on the floor

that anybody’s nicely it’s definitely smaller than one was thinking about a is

only 5.5 tank gallon tank well yeah yeah I was gonna handle some sort of silencer

oh I think it’s the the breathable the air filter this is probably what makes it quiet the

most let’s see if there’s a quick setup hey all those warnings explosion Wow flying parts

what oh you see pushes oh sorry Steve nice family this was Steve Zara

Zara dental lab check them out on YouTube this paneling was his idea for

me look at that paneling so much better than that which is what I had on there

so I got a video coming out soon on meet me in so we’re reviewing the paneling a

toy a change a man do it mama do Walt compressor dies and I want

to buy this exact one because of silent feet you’re really looking forward to

actually hearing this live stream quality is really nice

yeah it’s streaming at 1080p 30 frames per second so the air-pressure thought there be Quick

Start Guide oh here you go call us first or you have questions ah here we go the

same install the wheel kit but it’s already installed oh it’s all the air

from attach air filter to the top rear of Motorhead some fan didn’t screw the

air filter into the Motorhead that is located under the plastic cover go Dan I

guess that’s the tube all right let’s try that here no there we go there’s a

threaded part don’t know if you can see that here’s this threaded part so didn’t

say anything about thread tape so we noticed with the compressor that I have

it looks like this goes here yeah well yeah the one that’s underneath this

table is incredibly loud all right so let’s undo this is a nice sized cable here

all right so watch the volume on your we’re about to turn my old one on so

this is my old one I’ve had this since I opened my very very first CMS and more

trim installation to do but this is this is the one I had when I first started my

business I actually had to put it out in a shed in the back and then pipe in the

air and electricity and so let’s turn this on so watch the volume on here

all right there huh all right you ready we’re gonna turn this on just for a few seconds

that’s such terrible it really gets your attention

alright so we’ll put this up I’m ready to hear this thing and hopefully I got

it all installed correctly you know come to think of it how do you know there we

go hey guess you don’t oil it you switch to start/stop compressor why is it pointing up here

and not at this thing that is weird all right you ready here’s the moment of truth

okay all right what a difference can you still hear me I hope you can hear me

that is amazing, so I’m going to have this in the garage right next to where I’m at

yeah that’s sucking here don’t think so here is the pressure so looks like you came

it’s rising I know it out it said 126 then today’s handling

I don’t know what it, what a difference this kid almost won again I don’t know what it sounds like

but you gotta trust me it sounds, I could handle even without break they kicked off so it

looks like around a hundred 420 so you must be able to reduce this convenient

to go listen terrible livestream evening no the peopling well that’s it that was

an easy setup easy to do I am definitely impressed with this

especially for the price I believe it was a hundred and fifty five after taxes

and after shipping what shipping was free from Home Depot I’ve also seen this

on Amazon so you can’t even look look at this on Amazon after end of this

video I’ll put a link to both Home Depot and Amazon then California air tools

website where you can actually see the side-by-side video think so least I can

get them out I’m gonna let off some air and then we’ll see one last test we’ll

see how long it takes to start back up taking cover alright just knocked up my fourth ship

oh well, yeah you thumbs up, I put on the Economist 100, I think our target in the background

see there’s still some that are super I don’t know if those are quiet or not but

I just here we go California air tools so you can see the all the different

sizes so there’s a $92 one and it’s a one gallon so if you’re not using much

in your lab this might just be enough for you but less than 100 bucks free

shipping not a cure so all these are not at the store so there’s one I got fifty

five point five gallon one horsepower Oh horsepower now this is the 15 gallon one

418 so if you’re using a lot of six gallon is one of these that looks just

like this is an aluminum version if you’re worried about rusting out and

stuff 15 yeah it must be this one let’s see what says six gallon Oh free air

compressor quite a sec Chris just industry same thing there’s a half a

gallon more air here is so there’s your site and they go over

they have their own videos and they show like there’s that little tiny one I

don’t think you can hear this I got really confused that’s true there we go

all right so I’m gonna end it there thank you to my son Sawyer do you want

to say hi use meaning the controls for us but I give this a big thumbs up and I

think he gives us a big thumbs up because the first time we turned it on it really scared him so anyway.

Source : Live unboxing of California Air Tools $146 silent compressor

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