Two Stage Air Compressor Pumps Disassembly, Bad End Results

Air Compressor Pumps

I might be able to use this so I brought it into the shop well back around time we

started working on it said we could do and discover that when this thing turns

it’s not pumping anything so I really don’t know what’s wrong with it and but

the only thing I know to do is let’s just dig into it and see what we can find

so today’s project we’re gonna be tearing down this air compressor head

I’m gonna start this video out by making it very clear to everybody I’m by no

means any kind of an expert on these things at all in fact I’ve never taken

one apart before I have a pretty good understanding I think of how long works

but I’m gonna be figuring this thing out as I go that’s just the honest truth so

anyway let’s just start taking some stuff off we’ll start we got an air

cleaner here this will be the intake air that comes in and it’s going to run

through this filter to clean it up and the filter shall we say is rather dirty

yeah I think that uh if we can get this thing going that’s definitely gonna be

replaced and yeah that’s just gonna unscrew that’s just got a pipe thread

into it yeah we’ll just go ahead and pull that off next thing I think we’ll

do is go ahead and pull these copper tubes off there’s three fittings here

that are kind of all tied in together we’ll just go ahead and pull those off

and leave them tied up so that we’ll know how to go back on without any problems

all right it’s got that next thing we’re going to get is this a little airline

that goes over between the two heads this is a got some little cooling fins

on it an extension for that alright and now I think what we’ll do is we’re just

going to take these little pieces off right here this got all come off anyway

all right got that piece off so if you’re not familiar with one of these two-stage

compressors what happens is you have the air that comes into this larger cylinder

and it compresses it and then it sends compressed air out of this hose it goes

around it’ll come in on this side and you got a smaller cylinder on this side

and it further compresses this so it’s a two-stage compression operation rather

than just one piston doing all the work and by doing that it’s just more

efficient and you can get higher pressures more quickly using the two

different cylinders in there so I think what we’re going to do now is see if we

can pull the head off of this end my something they’re pretty good I’m

gonna put a pull handle on here a little bit longer more leverage to just break

it loose hopefully I’m gonna turn it down or hopefully I can get some

downward pressure on this that goes just going to break these loose get my little

electric impact wrench here quicker work I’m taking this thing apart there we

take a brass hammer here just break that loose, okay well the cylinder doesn’t look too

bad let’s see what’s happening here that’s a problem so we’ve got the piston

in here and when the motor turns the crankshaft is supposed to make the

Pistons go up and down right though the crankshaft turns nice and easy but we

have got no pump is going on so that tells me that we got an issue here I’m

not sure if it’s broken piston the screws came off the end we’re just not

gonna know until we get in there this might be an easy fix this might be a

throw it in the trash and move on situation let’s see what we could get

into alright continuing on we’re going to take the cylinder head off of the

other side and I see if that piston is quit working too or whether it’s just

the one I’m gonna try it with my impact wrench first if not we’ll put the socket on loosen it

up that did it all right it doesn’t look too bad let’s see what happens here yep

that one is also not pumping this isn’t looking good and that’s just a gasket I

thought that was a crack but it’s fine so next we’ll go down and we’ll pull the

the pistons ring are the piston the cylinders off rather and I see what

happens here it is not pretty so we got broken piston rod and looks like it’s

also broken the skirt of the piston itself yep there’s broken pieces down in

the bottom of the crankcase yeah this isn’t looking good at all

and again broken piston rod yeah this does not look pretty a lot of broken

hardware down here in the bottom of this thing when broken piston rod parts of

one other piece there’s not much old and either that may

have been the cause of the failure there’s really not any oil in it just a

little damp down in the bottom which makes me wonder if everyone’s running

this thing let it run dry which would definitely be a good reason why things

would fail keep going there’s the damaged bits and pieces of

broken piston rods tell you what I’m going to see if I can yeah it’s gonna

come right out so there’s one of the pistons and you can see when things went

bad here the skirt of the piston is broken they’re in there the cylinder

doesn’t look too bad the cylinder looks just fine actually it’s got a little bit

of a ridge at the top really not much I see, I don’t think I’m hurting anything guys

I just want to get it out look at that whole side of us out so yeah it’s a mess again

no major scoring or anything on the cylinder itself that looks pretty good

but to get this thing going if I wanted to rescue it it’s going to mean getting

new Pistons and new rods and I’m not sure that that’s even doable

it’s a mess I’m going to have to study on this but right now my inclination is

is that you know maybe try to salvage some parts off of this or somebody needs

some but without purchasing new Pistons and new rods you know this thing is

pretty much shot that bearing surface on the on the crankshaft it’s not and it’s

not terrible but it’s not great either there’s there some ridges worn in it but

that’s probably workable but yeah I just you know I did a I talked to the folks

of the air compressor sales place up in Macon Georgia and he did a quick look

and he told me he didn’t see any parts available for this now I’m gonna

probably go do some more searching this is a dresser d re SS CRS a series 400

serial numbers for 5 3 X 2 0 309 and I need to look and see if I can first off

find parts for it and then second are these parts you know is it gonna be

worth fixing I guess you know getting new parts for buying new new Pistons and

new rods by the time I do that I may have more money tied up in it than it’s worth

so anyway I’ve got some homework ahead on me to figure out what I’m gonna do

well guys this video is gonna be cut short I wasn’t gonna be able to as much

this as I thought I was going to be able to I was really hoping it was gonna be

something simple and easy to fix but you know you don’t get lucky every time and

I sure as heck didn’t get lucky this time. So let me do some pondering anybody’s

got any great ideas you know put some comments down here or whatever let me

let me hear your thoughts my initial reaction like I said earlier is just you

know start over on the head you know we’ve got a good motor we got to get tanked

you know we can get a new compressor to go on there our new pump to go on there

that might be the best thing to do than trying to fix this thing up I’m just

worried that by the time I invest the money if I have to buy new parts or even

use parts you know that you don’t really know what’s going to do for it might be

money better spent just buying a new head and going from there a new pump now

when I did talk to their compressor sales folks they said that the according

to his book that he had in front of him and I’m not quite sure that I totally

believe it he didn’t do a whole lot of research there while he’s on the phone

with me he didn’t see this one as a model that was still available he didn’t

see where parts were available for it I imagine you do some digging you probably

can find some parts but he did say that a comparable head to replace this with

was going to be I think was two or three thousand dollars just for the the pump

now that’s for a high-end high-quality one such as this one here you know made

in USA etc I know you can get ones that are you know maybe not quite as good a

quality for a little bit less money so anyway I’ve got lots of lots of options

to explore and try to figure out what we’re going to do to get this air

compressor going our you know our what we’re gonna do but anyway if you got any

good ideas like I said shoot me an email or leave me a comment emails are usually

a little bit better for me I’m I see those quicker and I can respond to them

easier than the comments I like to read all my comments guys – be honest with you

so many of them now and I’m on the road I’m traveling I’m doing work it

sometimes it takes me a week or two to read all the comments and I really don’t

have time to respond each and every one of them like I used to but I do still

read them but if you ever need to you know got something pertinent for me

shoot me an email here it is right down here it pops up at the beginning of all

of my explanations just like I’ve said many times and that’s probably the best way

to communicate with me if you got something pertinent about this you want

to want to share so anyway with that it’s going to be a wrap so we’ll we’ll

call this one done and come up with a game plan later on and see what we can do.

Source : Two Stage Air compressor Pump Disassembly

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