Tsumbay 12V 150 PSI Tire Air Compressor Digital Review

Tire Air Compressor

Today we’re gonna be a little different than usual usually

I do mainly cell phones and review unboxing all that good stuff but today I

want to go a little further and we’re gonna do a review for the car air pump

and this is something in my opinion everyone should have in the car this is

something important because you don’t know when you get a flat tire you need

something like this and this thing is very affordable as well I will be

leaving the link on the description box for all the information needed where you

need to buy this and this by the way it’s sent to me by some pay thank you so

much somebody for making this explanation possible so without any further ado

let’s go ahead and find out, this will be the box how it’s going to

be shipped to you if you decide to order that thing so it’s gonna show you here

how this unit is gonna look like we can see this in the seconds but I would like

to see the specs over here so this will tell you what the model so we have YY 3

6 8 and the name will be car palm now the power this is 120 volt and the max

pressure will be hundred and fifty PC, I mean some other I believe some

like track they has more pressure so the max you can get is 150 I believe like

regular vehicles like the small cars there are between 32 to 40 this is

actually the the average so now the voltage this is a DC 12 volt means you

can run it through your car or the cigarette light or you can use basically

a cab battery which is we’re gonna show you the other cables that comes with it

now the line length will be 3 meters is around 9 feet I believe it’s gonna be

something like that and then we can go ahead and open the box itself and have

the first lock on this thing over here the first thing first we will be able to

see we have a manual book if this will tell us about the it will describe the

product it tells us is very important to read all that stuff and you will see a fox

I wouldn’t believe the product itself is not that heavy it’s around like five

pound there we go this is the product itself as you guys can see I mean I can

tell it’s a blacks plastic belt but it looks very heavy-duty so this is a

handle where you can carry the stuff over here and then we’ll see this is

actually the cigarette socket this is should go with a cigarette in your car

so once you plug this end this thing it will start working let’s go ahead and

see what else content come with that so we have the alligator cables over here

one will be our negative and one will be positive I mean if you wondered why you

may need this because you can power this air pump or the air compressor from your

battery which is a great addition but if you have a car because mainly that thing

you’re going to be using in your car anyways like so this is one of the

reason and I believe you can get kind of an extension and then run it and I

beliefs you can just like this one just like that and then go to the berry

you have it has to be 12-volt actually there we go so it’s well berry and then

this is the extension in case if you want to use this compressor not from

your car if you have just like a 12-volt battery this is a good addition in my

opinion now this is this hose it will be where you can put it in your tire and

you should start I mean this is similar to what we have seen in that gas station

air pumps this is something similar all you have to do press this one in and you

or car tire and then this nozzle should go in and you should be able to after of

course you plug the power and then there is a pine over here for the compressor

so this behind on and off when once you want to use it just give it on and they

start do the the pump now another important thing this device comes with

it will be a flashlight and this is very neat because if it’s dark or nighttime

you should see what you are doing so this is very useful and this is seems to

me about like I believe four or five flashlights over there there’s LED and

there’s same button where you can get her on get her off now here is another

thing this will tells you negative and this is a reset button and this is

positive this in case if you want to increase the psi which is gonna have

more air pressure you can just set it up but once it’s finished it should stop

which is neat so I can just go ahead put it on what air pressure I want I want

like thirty two I wanted thirty five whatever I want and then put the nozzle

in the tire and that thing they should work we were going to demonstrate that

for you later on in this explanation now before we go let’s also see what else

comes in the box and if you are wondered why these four and I believe those will

be if you want to add air for your bicycle or your soccer ball or

basketball something like that so you will have this extra nozzle with it

which is in my opinion add more value to this device and by the way for those are

interested to buy this unit this should be available in the description box and

the price for now it will be $36 in my opinion this is very affordable a price

now what are we gonna do we’re gonna go ahead to the filled go to the car and start that

thing and see how actually it will work now I’m in a car and this is actually

where the cigarette light someone go ahead just connected and as you guess

it’s already connected and then I have to run my car the reason why I need to run my car

because I don’t wanna my Barry go low so just better for me to keep the car

running during the process now we got the setup right over here and let me

show you we have two points this one if you want to start put air in the car and

this is for the compressor and this is for the flashlight and let me show you

how the flashlight it is so good actually and then one thing I want you

to know over here so we have this button actually to release it but at the same

time you have to are to make sure how much pressure you wants if you want to

add like a mic in my situation I will have 38 now this is actually the nozzle

there will need to go in the car itself there we go out you guys can’t see and

then I wanna all I want to do I just need to push this one in I don’t need to

squeeze or anything like that so go ahead and push and then there’s a button

over here you have two flows just like that let me just make sure to look right

here we go so now it’s closed all the way in make sure to press this button over here

there we go and now it this will tells me that my car has a pressure of 36 now

I want 38 now during the the winter time my car tires get a shrink so I’d like to

put a little bit much air on it and I sit it out in 38 so it’s not gonna go

over 30 it’s gonna stop by itself once it gets 38 now let’s go ahead and turn on the bomb

there we go as you guys see by itself it shuts off because it’s not gonna put

more air than actually 38 which is good so I don’t need more air in my car so

this is all I now you could go ahead and do the same thing with every tire you

have you can put air as much as you want this unit is up to 150 psi this is a lot

I mean if you have a big truck this thing should be able to add air to your

a track which is insane in my opinion it is very useful from now on I’m gonna

keep this always in my car because this something really need and I believe

everyone needs to have in the car or the vehicle that was very much it for that explanation.

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