The Snap on Junkie Polar Air Compressor Is This The Best Compressor You Can Buy

Polar Air Compressor

I want to show it to you we’re going to review this for everybody

that helped donate in one of my live streams to the air compressor fund thank

you so much that’s what we bought we got this new air compressor for a lot of

people on snap-on collectors you saw it earlier last week and today I’m going to show go out show

it to you and we’re going to review it and kind of talk about why I bought this

one and stuff like that and then a little bit later my snap-on guys stopped by yesterday and

we got some new tools to show you so without further ado let’s go check out

this air compressor and we’ll talk about it out there and stuff like that because

this air compressor is been a lifesaver that you know I had to put tires on

trucks the other day and with my old air compressor it would take me about four

hours to do four tires I did four tires in an hour that’s taken the wheels off

dismounting them put them all back on and all that stuff so I didn’t get to

record that because we are in such a hurry to try to get their trucks out but

I have some more tires to put on and I’m going to show you how to mount and

dismount all those hopefully this weekend if not in a future explanation but

anyway let’s go check out this air compressor

all righty YouTube here’s what I call it it is an 80 gallon 10 Force to 20

single-phase pull air compressors now this is kind of like I think these guys

that own this company and they kind of just assemble it they’re all assembled

here in the United States the tanks the motor or this thing I think is manual

here and the final assembly is done in up in Clayton Ohio which is just outside

Deaton so anybody that’s in Ohio and you’re looking to buy an air compressor

after you hear this thing run it this is the only air compressor for you you know

you’re probably wondering why it’s got all this tubing and stuff on it this is

what they call the whisper series so it’s supposed to be running in 60

decibels now while I wanted this is just because I nobody wants to hear air

compressors run all day and I wanted to get a screw compressor but if to have a

screw compressor and you get it to work properly the screw compressor is made to

turn on and run all day it’s never made to cycle on and off it’s just hard on so

a screw compressor is out of the question for most of us that’s owned a

shop this thing will come on when you’re using it you know and it just cycles on

and forth but I will tell you that this I am super impressed with this air

compressor right now the when I tell you the price and all that stuff you guys

will understand and then what I do that is 80 gallon and then I have this one

and this is just an old dangerous or Ram tank and I just use this for storage if

you will so we have 140 gallons of total error that we can use and all that stuff

and how I have it lined is I got 3/4 length coming over and feeding this tank

and then I have 1/2 inch out to the air dryer so over here is the air dryer now

this is a 50/50 8 CFM two-minute air dryer I had to get this bigger one

because I got a 10 horse motor so as you can see back here I got everything on a

manifold and up and all that stuff and I finally got it hooked up today the

proper way the other time I just ran it without the drawer

fire and all that stuff so I want to talk to you guys I want to start it up

and we’re going to see how long this thing takes to fill up and turn off with

a hundred and forty gallons now it’s only MIT you know it’s not really made

that I mean they didn’t really think that I would be running over here and

all that stuff but this thing does 34 CFM at 175 psi so 34 CFM a minute that’s

really good you can use air tools like continuously so let’s start this thing

up here and let me get my stopwatch out and we’ll go and see how long it takes

to fill this thing up, okay so now what I’m going to do is I’m going

to turn this thing on and I got all the valves open and everything let me double

check your open open and then what we’ll do is open this one open this one and

turn the dryer on so that’s the dryer running now let’s turn this air compressor on

and this is the air compressor running and you can probably still hear my voice

if you would have claimed what will do I will burn this off here a lot of run for

a minute and then what I will do is I’m not going to run continuously nobody

wants to watch just stop watch in an air compressor run so I will come back here

and about the six minute mark if it doesn’t turn off by then but I kind of

know where it’s going to turn off so we will come back to that point all righty

it’s been six minutes nine seconds right now and are almost do a hundred and sixty psi

and both tanks and we’re going to see when it in it’s stopped filling up now

this is from all the lines empty everything empty you know so it’s the

true pretty fair test of how much you know air it’s probably like 145 total

gallons if you think of all the line. We’re just waiting could be get pretty

close now

so 7 minutes 19 seconds to fill up everything in the shopper and start to

finish and that’s what is it like 170 psi, you know I am super impressed with this

thing like it’s unbelievable the last one just to fill up 75 gallons that little

compressor took 45 minutes so we cut this down by 5 times but you know this

thing is so awesome if you guys are looking for a compressor out there pole

air compressors take a look at them dude I’m telling you you know this I’m like

over the moon on this thing it’s going to make me so much more efficient and

all that stuff when we’re working around here in the shop and I think 7 minutes is great

you know and all that stuff so that’s the that’s the tank

and we got the dryer on here and all that stuff so that’s the whole air

compressor and I will leave a link to their website in the description so now

let’s go check out what we got from snap-on all right so now we took a look

at that compressor I’m going to tell you what it costs that compressor cost me

just the compressor with the whisper series is about twenty-five hundred and

sixteen bucks for that bigger compressor cause it is like a five year motor

warranty and you know i you know i’m not sure i didn’t read pay attention to the

little warranty but i think it’s five years you know on parts and labor and

all that stuff if the motor breaks or anything like that so for 2,500 bucks it

is well worth you know when I paid for it now the dryer was $1,050 and the

reason I got that dryer is is you know like working in this shop I don’t have

air conditioning it’s not climate controlled so it’s hot cold

that dryer is just going to give me good consistent air now from ik master car I

gotta order a filter Luber I’m going to go ahead and get one of those and line

it plumbing in there and maybe maybe get a regulator down but I like running my

air tools wide open so for 3500 bucks on that compressor is when I pay for it I

think thirty five hundred and sixty six dollars can they charge you three

percent if you put it on a credit card so I did that so I could get some

airline points got to get ten points man so let’s go and show you what I got in

this week the first thing I got is from Tiger tools and these are axle nut

sockets now I you saw in the axle explanation if you guys watch that I use those sheet

metal ones from OTC and they just feel kind of flimsy to me so I went out to

Tiger tool and I bought the full wrench one and three is three quarter because

the four inch one would just fit on there a little bit sloppy and I measured

it close to three and three-quarter so these are three quarter inch drive axle

nut sockets and these things are expensive I think for both these sockets

it was like 400 bucks and I also ordered another tool but it’s not it was on

backorder and that was the tool that I really wanted to show you so we got

those axle nut sockets that’s just more for like lifetime stuff

then what I got also is as I ordered low profile 3/8 impact swivels this is

metric now I asked my snap-on guy I was like I want the whole set but he sent me

that he just got me the 19 so I told him I said do that I wanted the whole set

but just a misunderstanding between me and him no big deal so I got that one

we’ll get the rest and then he got me some of my green handles that I want to

switch my salt panels to and there will be a explanation coming up I’m going to show

you guys how to do this probably on 1/2 inch and 3/8 so we

got those and this is finally off backorder it’s the brute butane torch or

whatever this goddamn thing is called I got the 401

I don’t like how you gotta you gotta mess with this to get it to

lock on for some reason or I’m just too stupid but I got that torch you know and

then I don’t know how to turn it off good but whatever but that’ll be good

for heat-shrink and stuff like that and then the next thing that I got is this

was in one of the month calendars it’s the PV v or 154 okay all right and this

is old painless accessories so what this is is interchangeable heads just flat

air hammers so they give you three different lengths really long alright

and medium and we’ll call this regular, okay but what it is is you can take any

one of these tips they have plastic aluminum and then hardened steel and I

wanted this accessory thing because you know that I love old painless and all

that stuff but it’s just I thought it would be pretty cool if you wanted to

hit something you know those air hammers can be pretty violent so it’s just good

to have different materials you know like if your air hammer in the aluminum

bushings out or whatever you would want to use the aluminum one it which just

just makes it a lot better than using like hardened steel but anyway that’s

the part number on this and I think this was like $200 or something I don’t

really know like I said I don’t look at the bill ever but anyway that’s what it

was in the flyer for so we got that and that’s been about it this weekend I got

a I got a huge weekend I know it’s a Memorial Day weekend and stuff like that

I’m going to try to get this explanation out tomorrow but we got a grease trucks

fixed air conditioning again I think it just lost its charge I got to look at

something I worked all day yesterday I pressure wash the shop floor completely

off just to get all this stuff clean well that’s violent

that’s the air dryer releasing some pressure all that stuff I pressure wash

the shop floor and degrease the undersides of the trucks

I was completely covered in grease and oil it took me about 45 minutes before I

left here just to get all the grease off me I think I really assure but anyway

that’s what’s going on here around the shop so hopefully there’ll be some more

explanations next week this is just the stuff that I got this week but I wanted to

show you that air compressor guys I’m telling you I researched a lot of

different air compressors before I bought this one but I liked it because I

can shoot YouTube explanations if the compressor comes on it’s not so loud

like that other one was where just rounded out everything where you could

tell that you know we could talk next to it and they make smaller ones for you

guys at home or if you have a smaller shop and you don’t need that much air if

you’re just like a weekend warrior but it’s a great thing to have in your shop

that you know you don’t have to put it outside and you can still have a

conversation next to it so go check out pull air compressors they’re not paying

me for this let me say that I paid for this thing myself I’m just telling you

that I am super impressed with this thing like we’re going to see how it

holds up over a year and all that stuff but I think it’s going to be fine

you know like I said it cut my efficiency by four times so I’m super

jazzed about that and it’s nice to have with that dryer it’s nice to have good clean air.

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