The Harbor Freight 3 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor Review

Pancake Air Compressor

I went out to Harbor Freight and picked up this 3 gallon 100 psi air compressor

for it was on sale and I had a coupon and it brought it down to $39.99 so 40

bucks and I wanted to do a little review of this thing I wanted to run a grease

gun off of this compressor while using this compressor and it uses about four

times the amount of air that this compressor supposedly puts out and that

was the main reason that I wanted to buy it the item number is nine five two

seven five the reason I picked this air compressor over any of the other ones

that they sell is because it’s I had a coupon for it and it was on sale the box

you can see they’re three gallon oilless hundred psi max third running horsepower

it puts out 0.6 CFM at 90 psi and one CFM at 40 psi turn the box around here

it is 87 decibels and that is correct to about five five feet away up close it’s

up towards about ninety five to a hundred around there it is 120 volts

it’s perfect for inflating light woodworking and heavy nailing so it

doesn’t say on there that I could use a grease gun but I would imagine that the

grease gun uses way more than what the compressor puts out which is true and I

think it would fall in under this area the not recommended

you’re just another the other side of the box so my first impressions of this

are good it came to me with the quick coupler already put on I did do the

break-in period which they say to run it for a half hour without any load so

stick a an adapter in this one to just let the air come out and then open up

the valve at the bottom and let the air out and let it run for a half-hour solid

it’s nice it has this little compartment up here I can put any anything I want to

any adapters or whatnot here’s your reset switch and your on/off

it’s got a pretty darn nice cord wrap and you’ve got probably probably a five

foot flat foot cord four and a half to five foot some directions there

there’s your drain valve like I said what’s really nice about this it’s got

like a wingnut on the side so it’s real easy to grab and get a hold of the welds

look decent you know they’re they’re not a lot of bad weld I mean it’s not perfect

does have nice feet nice rubber feet so the compressor doesn’t spin or turn or

anything like that when you’re using it there’s a nice grab handle on the top

here’s your regulator to regulate the pressure in the line coming out this is

your tank pressure this is your regulated pressure obviously it goes up

to a hundred what’s kind of nice is some tools don’t want they don’t allow the

user to use them above a certain psi and for most tools 100 psi is perfect so I

don’t even have to worry about regulating the pressure so all I do is I

just leave it leave it like that and just let it go the whole way up to 100

this compressor weighs let’s get my scale turned on here so weigh 16 pounds

13 ounces empty so you can see there’s no no air in it and for me that’s pretty

light for a little light duty air compressor it’s not bad I I would

probably buy it again if I had to the decibels like I said up closer in the

mid to high 90s and about five feet away it is 87 like they do say this thing

takes about four four to five minutes to fill up I know that’s quite a while for

a little three gallon air compressor but again it’s only putting out six CFM at

90 and one CFM at 40 so it’s not doesn’t have a big motor and it doesn’t have a

whole whole lot of power behind it what I like is I can run that grease gun and

the grease gun takes it’s four CFM that it needs to run it and this thing like I

said puts out only one at CFM at 40 and point six at 90 so I get about anywheres

from 14 to 20 squirts of grease before the compressor kicks back on again and

as I said before from it going from zero to a hundred it takes about four and a

half minutes four to five around there and let me turn this on for you just

going to get a little loud so you can kind of see how loud this

compressor really is it is not a bad buy for 40 bucks like I said I probably

would buy it again I did leave this aired up at 100 psi overnight just to

see if it was losing any air and it lost a couple a couple psi now for me that’s

not really a big issue I did go through the whole thing so I pulled off the

handle first I pulled off this top cover and I did think you can see it here I’m

tell on taped all the fittings there’s a metal aluminum I think it’s aluminum I

don’t exactly know but it’s a hose that comes from the motor from the motor to

the tank and then I undid all the valves and I did that hose fitting so there’s a

couple in there and I did this one this is your relief valve so but that’s my

little review of the Harbor Freight three gallon hundred psi max air compressor.

Source : My Review Of The Harbor Freight 3 Gallon 100 PSI Max Pancake Air Compressor

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