Testing A Cheap Air Compressor Water Separator

Air Compressor Water Separator

I got Harbor Freight you had several types I decided as I like how

it’s me that’s the same as a valve core on your tire let the air out we have

only used it once what we’re doing is we’re running our line off the air

compressor over here hooking in here and we’ll run another you’ll see the black

hose over here which is going to my air tank, okay now really good review I ran on Harbor

Freight you’ll have to review this to put this at the end of your hose don’t

have a closed or die air compressors hot give it time for the moisture coming

through the hose to condense back to water and I think that’ll be the trick

because we do not want to get moisture in our little air tank over there

no our take project that flight tank with the regulator we want to dry it

stair we can get in there because we made by a small air brush or something

to use that tank for so we got a lot cleaner air but I will try to get a

close-up of those that’s got a little rust in there plus there’s some oil

I noticed we’re going to pause and when I come back I’ll have this fired up with

a hose hooked here coming from the air compressor pushing it over to the air

tank reserve tank I’m going to try not to let pressure go backwards in here so

what I’ll do is the tank is empty so I’ll have it hooked up I’ll clip this on

and we’ll be filling the tank before I start filming so it might be noisy that

air compressor is very noisy and I’m in the shop here otherwise I’d probably do

this outside that little thing it’s not that flapper type it does have a piston

in it it does use oil but it is just about as noisy as one of them

airless or Royalists they call it alright we’ll be right back

okay that was interesting no I don’t like to show it quite a bit

there I don’t know how long let it do it but you notice I pulled the hose off I

had a lot of water coming into this builder I think it’s because I’m pushing

against that tank so much that it’s not flowing is like if you had the blow

grande out here it’s been so human use the blow grin you get almost more

something off you get snap once water out of that that’s only a two gallon

tank on that little thing it’s a little bitty air compressor had a explanation on

years ago but the batteries getting all out pictures of the packages and stuff

with this maybe somebody can tell me let’s zoom back route so we could tell

me why I got that much moisture and a big rush of air when as don’t get the

tank I you can just see little droplets form before I really let it loose I

think it’s just because it’s pushing against something the tank has been

drier I mean the first couple times I filled that tank I didn’t like it I had

moisture coming out of it the past two or three times using the tank using this

builder very little moisture comes out of it very little you could probably add

one of little teeny filters before the sprague on there just pull the ones and

get rid of that last a little bit so start mackanin condense back to droplets bigger droplets now.

Source : Oil or Water Separator

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