Tekonsha Prodigy Trailer Brake Control 90185 Review

Prodigy Trailer Brake Control

Today we’re going to show you part number 90185 from tekonsha and

this was their prodigy brake controller right here this is actually 2 conches

most popular brake controller the prodigy and this is what cut what you

get in the box obviously the brake controller itself

you get the pocket that holds the brake controller especially if you transport

between two different vehicles or you hit the permanent mounting bracket which

is actually nice a child like to use simply because it takes up less room

also you get the hardware to install the brake controller to the dash and to the

bracketry some buck connectors to hook up your wiring and talking about the

wiring it does come with a universal wire harness here and what this does is

it will plug into the back of the brake controller and then you run your lines

to the various circuits on the vehicle then all sort of help you out

turn about it else becomes a little informational DVD and what we’ll show

next is this is actual pocket that you can install on the vehicle it actually

mounts up like this and the brake controller simply just slides inside

spread the little Clips out a little bit and it goes into the screw holes and

that pretty much holds everything in place on the back side here is where of

a harness plugs into it’s pretty simple slip it underneath to the cup or holder

and you just push it together and it snaps in place so in other words if

you’re going to go ahead and share this brake patroller between two different

vehicles you just simply take it out of a pocket pull it out of a pocket and

take the harness back off as little clips kind of hard to see you pull out

clip back and it pops off then it stays in your truck and brake controller stays

out of your way when you’re not using it the next we’ll show you the unit and

operation what you want to see here is when you hook up your brake controller

to the truck and don’t do not have a trailer hooked up all you will see is

the two dots here when you first turn on the brake controller you’ll see a little

message or a couple of letters and they’ll say and see that means no

connection that means obviously it’s not hooked up to your trailer and what this

does it actually sends out a trace current all the time looking for a

connection it doesn’t take much current it’s real slight and you’ll never drain

down a bad well once do you have a trailer hooked

up you’ll show see for a connection that tells you have a solid connection to

your trailer brakes and everything should be working fine when we’re

talking about the power settings and the gain that’s controlled by this knob

right here and what you can do is put it over to the middle here and you can

spool it towards the front of the vehicle that would be basically pull on

and then rotate it back towards the rear vehicle towards the driver’s seat and

then you can spool it down all the way to basically nothing basically you want

to set it prior somewhere in the middle like round six and then you take with

your trailer hook it up go in a back road somewhere a big parking lot and

take a few test runs if you need more power let me spin the wheel up basically one

spinning up right before break or before the wheels actually lock up and then if

it locks up at the original setting then you spool it back down just a little bit

and just again you want to get right before lockup then you leave your

setting alone and basically the brake controller takes care of a rest and when

installing the brake controller you have about 70 degrees that’s movement so it

can be from about roughly about here to about here of angle you have to install

on the brake controller and if you go past those angles you’ll see two bars

flashing at the bottom there that tells you that’s pointing down too far the

same thing will apply if you put it up too far we’ll say like 90 degrees you

know take it a few seconds and it’ll do it show it the bars on top too and then

show you how this works basically this a brake controller works by inertia

there’s a little pendulum or movement inside here that actually when you hit

your brakes it actually slides to the front of a vehicle the more that

pendulum moves towards front the more power this brake controller puts out and

then you say you hit your brakes pretty hard it’s gonna apply the brakes pretty

hard but as you know you let off the brakes gradually and this will follow

into in turn when you hit your brakes if you have when a booth settings set on it

it’ll come on again they’ll say like at b2 it will come on 25{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} almost instantly

and then hold that power for a second and then a revert back to inertia so you

have smooth braking until you come to a complete stop this is where the booth

settings are really nice if you want to brake control or to activate the brake

floor of a truck actually does a lot of its own braking power

it’s kind of hard to show you inertia activating on this brake controller but

we’ll try basically we’ll just move it a little bit make the pendulum work and

you can see how it puts out numbers and goes back to zero once it’s stopped

so you’re connected and then you hit your brakes and send in zero right now

because it doesn’t sense anything and when you back up it’ll pull up a little

bit numbers and go back to zero and there you have a part number 90185 the concha prodigy brake controller.

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