Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Control Review

Prodigy P2 Brake Control

I’m going to be demonstrating the prodigy p2 part number 90885 brake controller this brake

controller is for 1 to 4 axles for your trailer this is your power unit this is

a proportional unit you can determine the power of the braking

there’s a dial on this side just forward and back very simple you can decide how

much power you’re putting back there and how much you if you need more on a

steeper grade on the bottom of this unit it has a manual power slide control to

control again the power going back to the brakes if it should fail for

whatever reason through this part you can always use this in an emergency or

it’s a lot easier to set your power as you come across here the digital display

will show you how much you’re at just stopping your trailer when you like that

you just dial this up to that recording number your power set on/off button long

side simple plug-in in the back for your wiring harness going to the wiring

harness wiring your blue wire is going to go back to the 7-way plug if you’re

not already hooked up for factory wire very simply put this through the

firewall always using something to protect the wire from scraping against

bare metal go back underneath the chassis away from all moving suspension

parts or any type of drivetrain parts you will connect this into the 7-way

which is another video will show you how to install those the black wire is going

to go back out through the firewall also we need a 25 amp

life use coming off the other side of that fuse you’re going to go to the

positive side of the battery always disconnect the negative side of your

battery first on the newer vehicles please remember it may need to have a

memory saver for your navigational and your computer systems again these items

can be purchased at your local hardware store and/or auto parts store relatively

cheap the red wire on this harness is going to go to the cold side of the

brake pedal switch easily being determined which one of those is with a

simple test light when applying the test light to the wires you’ll find one that

is constantly hot one that doesn’t get hot even when you press the pedal then

there will be a third one that when you press the pedal it will like the light

on your test light when you release it should go on that’s the wire that you

want to connect this red one to the white wire is a standard ground you can

find a ground pin underneath of the dash area or you can install a ground with a

simple tech screw self tapping along with your power unit

you do have a removable base so that if you should decide that you want to take

your prodigy with you store it in the glove box when not in use it simply

slides out disconnect your wiring you can store it anywhere you’d like also

has this mounting bracket that will affixed to the back of the slide unit

with your hardware package there are two screws that are going to screw into your

dash through these slots always remember you want to put this to the right side

of your steering wheel easy access in and out of your

vehicle and also keeping it far enough away that in the event of an accident

you’re not jamming your knee against this this unit comes with an

instructional DVD simple tools that you think need hardwiring are going to be

these snap locks pair of pliers once you’ve tested to see that this is a

correct wire you will insert it in here and simply squeeze the metal tab

straight down then lock it your snap lock over finish you it should look

similar to this a standard pair of strippers that you’re going to purchase

at any hardware store auto parts store and crimpers because you will have to

use the butt connectors that are also supplied when installing underneath the

dash and underneath the hood or if you are one of those that have the factory

plug in we have many that go directly to your vehicle it just happened to pick up

the one for the Honda Ridgeline off of our stock shelf you can also call us

here at eight five five three eight nine seven four two six and we can give you

the correct part number for any of these issues to get you hooked up properly the

other side of this is the same as your installation package that would come

with the prodigy that just simply plugs into the back gaurantee needs going to

be nice for you.

Source : Tekonsha Prodigy P2 90885 Brake Controller

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