Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control

Today we’re going to review part number 90885 this is the

tekonsha prodigy P2 trailer brake controller this is a proportional brake

controller which will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your

vehicle’s braking action it will automatically adjust the trailers

braking based on the deceleration of the tow vehicle and it will activate

immediately so there’s no pausing like with your time delayed brake controllers

this controller does have an automatic leveling ability there’s an internal

sensor on the inside which will detect deceleration even if the controller is

not mounted flat it way you can position it at any angle up or down in a vertical

plane 360 degrees but you will want to be able to place that or you could read

this LED display right here now as far as horizontal position you do want to

stay horizontal and parallel to the direction of travels so this way in

other words not like this you want it parallel that way and not like that so

as much as you can and then vertically you can go whichever way you want now

there are three boost levels right here is the boost button when you push that

it’ll put you into a boost one boost or boost three and that will let you

adjust the initial braking power and aggressiveness so if you’re using a

heavier trailer with a heavier load you want to increase the boost level this

controller also has a continuous diagnostic check which will alert you to

any potential problems does have integrated safeguards which will protect

your vehicle the trailer and the brake controller it does minimize drain on the

car battery by drawing only 3 point 6 milliamps when not in use it’ll prevent

the trailer brakes from overheating by reducing power output to them during

prolonged stops and your foots on the brake it’ll help defend the brake controller

and the trailer breakaway system against any shorts right here would be the

digital blue LED display which is easy to read now in a minute here I’m going

to hook the power up to it we’ll be able to see that on the very bottom here

which you can reach from the front is a manual built-in rotary style manual

override for emergency braking purposes now in the very back you can see the

plug in it is a quick disconnect feature which will let you easily remove and

store the brake controller we’re not in use now it does come with this wiring

harness that plugs into the brake controller and the pigtails to wire up

to your vehicle does come with this type of mounting bracket which will install

with the mounting hardware to the side holes are the popular pocket style which

you would mount this to your vehicle then just slide this in and on each side

would be a pin that would slide into those mounting holes to release it you

just pull out those slides right out now they’re all are also butt connectors to

help you connect it to the wiring in your vehicle now we do also recommend

that if you are going to move this from vehicle to vehicle to buy an extra

wiring harness and an extra bracket if you don’t use one of these that way you

have one in each vehicle and you makes it easier to remove the controller from

one vehicle to another now we also do sell wiring harness that

is that our vehicle specific meaning they’ll have the plug like this on one

end to plug into brake controller on the other end instead of just these bare

wires they’ll have a plug that will fit the factory brake controller port on

their vehicle what you want to do is check you the fit guide and see if

you do have the factory brake control report check the fit guide on our

website and it will give you the part number of that vehicle specific brake

controller harness this is designed for trailers with up to four axles or eight

brake assemblies it is designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic

trailer brakes does come with a limited lifetime warranty so now what I’m going

to do is I got a power source here I’m going to connect the wires up to so we

can get an idea of that blue LED display and just some of the features I’ll show

you how they operate on the controller, okay I got them all hooked up to the

power source now I’m going to snap this in I’m going to turn the power on now

what you’ll see is when the power comes on you’ll see a C you’ll see a dot and a C

that means the trailer is connected now if the trailer wasn’t connected

let me just disconnect this one I’ll show you what it looks like you’ll see

it will flash and dash see that means not connected what will happen is it

will flash for about 15 seconds then it will change the just the two dots and

that means your trailers not connected show you here in a second and there you

go now you’re just seeing the 1 dot there’ll be two dots if the boost

feature was engaged if it isn’t there’s just one dot what we’re going to do is

connect the trailer back up there we go now you’ll see it is connected now this

boost feature button right here when you see when I push it once it’ll say be for

boost now right now it’s not at any boost level as you’ll see by just the

dot and a/c now when I hit boost and then go to boost one and then there’s a

boost and a boost 3 when I’m in a boost level watch when that goes off you

should see a dot I see in a dot there’ll be two dots that means the boost feature

is engaged now to set the power here’s the power knob over here if you push

this manual override all the way on as far as you can go and then you just turn

that knob and that’ll set the boost or the power that you want so let’s say if

we set it at let’s say six three now I let off the manual override so basically

when you go to hit this manual override as you push it it’s going to ramp up and

it will go all the way to six three that’s the power you set it far so you

just set your power but our power control the dial thereby pushing all the

way and then set the power and then also there’s a feature that if this if this

is connected and it’s just sitting with no motion or activity for 15 minutes it

will go blank it still has power connected but it’ll go blank just to save on the power going

to it but that should do it for the review on part number nine zero eight

eight five the tekonsha prodigy p2 trailer brake controller.

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