Tekonsha 90250 Wireless Brake Control Review

Wireless Brake Control

Today we’ll be reviewing part number 90250 this is the tekonsha

prodigy RF wireless trailer brake controller for one two three axle

trailers this is a proportional brake controller so this controller is going

to activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle’s braking

action it will automatically adjust the trailers braking based on deceleration

of the tow vehicle and it’s going to activate immediately so there’s not

gonna be any pausing like when using time-delayed brake controllers the

wireless system is going to be perfect for shared trailers or if you’re

traveling in fleets it’s going to come with a remote control that’s going to

let you operate the trailer mounted power module from the cab of any vehicle

all you have to do is program that per the instructions this system right here

has automatic leveling ability it’s got an internal sensor that detects

deceleration even if the controller is not mounted flat it’s really great for

when going up and down hills that automatic leveling is just a great

feature to have all you got to do is position this within plus or minus five

degrees of level and the horizontal plane the system is going to offer three

boost levels that’s going to let you adjust initial braking power and

aggressiveness it also offers continuous diagnostic check that will alert you to

any potential problems it’s going to feature integrated safeguards to protect

your vehicle and trailer it’s going to minimize drain on your car battery when

not in use and it prevents trailer brakes from overheating by reducing the

power output to them during prolonged stops here on the remote it’s going to

feature a nice digital display that’s going to be easy to read you’re gonna

have a manual override button you’re gonna have your boost button and you’re

gonna have your power adjustment wheel there on the side no hard wiring is

necessary for installation the 7-pole connector which would be sold separately

on your trailer is going to plug into the 7-way socket on the rear of the

power module which is going to be this portion here has that nice spring-loaded

cap so it’s going to protect those connection points and then the wire lead

on the power module is going to plug into your tow vehicle 7-way connector so

this portion here when mounting this on your trailer frame you want to make sure

that the power lead that our cable or our wires are mounted in a way that’s

going to allow it to face the vehicle and that’s going to assure us that this is

in the correct position the remote control is going to plug into your

standard 12-volt accessory outlet inside your vehicle this is also compatible

with tow vehicles that have multiplex wiring systems it’s designed to work

with trailers with up to three axles or six brake assemblies let’s go over a few

measurements the power module dimensions from edge-to-edge here of the mounting

bracket it’s going to give us a measurement of around 11 inches by about

four and a half inches and then an overall height it’s going to give us a

measurement of about 4 and 1/4 it’s going to offer a frequency of 3.2

gigahertz and mounting you want to do this above or on the side of your

trailer’s frame rail again within plus or minus 5 degrees of level in the

horizontal plane it’s going to come with the hardware that you need to get this

securely mounted to your frame the dimensions that we have between our

mounting holes so measuring from the center of one to the center of the other

it’s going to measure nine and seven eighths of an inch if we measure this

direction Center on center it’s going to give us a measurement of right at two inches

please note that vehicles with LED tail lights may not supply enough voltage for

pairing so what you can do is you can use another truck or SUV to pair the

receiver and transmitter please also note that the prodigy RF cannot be

submerged or immersed in water that’s going to do it for today’s review of

part number 90250 this is the tekonsha prodigy RF wireless trailer brake controller.

Source : Tekonsha 90250 Wireless Brake Control Review

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