Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control Review

Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the tekonsha prodigy p3 proportional

trailer brake controller this is going to work great for one up to four axles

the part number is nine zero one nine five now the big advantage we get with

the p3 over other brake controllers especially the time delayed brake

controllers with it being proportional it senses the negative acceleration of

our truck or the deceleration and it brakes accordingly so if we really jam

on the brakes hard it’s going to give us braking power back to our trailer brakes

very quickly if we do it just in more of a stop-and-go traffic situation it

applies the brakes lightly essentially what that’s going to mean is when the

trailer is doing its fair share of the work and a heavy braking application

you’re saving wear and tear on your truck and the same vice versa on your

trailer so for in a light braking situation you’re not overworking your

trailer brakes causing those to wear out prematurely

now the p3 can also be mounted in just about any position as long as we keep it

straight in line with the direction of travel that’s going to give you a lot of

mounting options on where you want to put it even if you wanted to go back

down on the dashboard or something like that really not going to have any limits

now to change our braking output we’ve got our buttons right here you can see

max power is going to be 14 and we can bring that all the way down to zero zero

would of course be when you don’t want the brakes on your trailer to be applied

and then we can slowly bring that up to the adequate braking performance that

we’re looking for that’s going to vary on road conditions and it’s also going

to vary on the load that you have on your trailer the more weight typically

the higher you’re going to set this and a rule of thumb is to set this just

below where the wheels on your trailer will lock up so on a lighter load

they’re going to lock up sooner than with a heavier load so we’ll just move

that up then when we operate it you can see it’s going to go up to that to 7 to

8 if that’s where we have it set whether we do our floor brake when we’re in

movement or a manual override here now if we move that up

whether we hit the break on our floor again or we hit our manual override see

it’s going to go up to what we have set now with those settings properly

adjusted you’re never going to have to worry about your trailer tires locking

up and causing you to be in an unsafe situation the next setting is going to

be our top right hand button that’s for our boost mode now that’s going to

change the quickness and aggressiveness in which your brakes are going to be

applied so for our lighter trailers we really don’t need it we can typically

brake with our vehicle everything’s going to be safe but as those get

heavier and heavier we want those to come on more quickly and more

aggressively to keep everything handling properly now in standard small utility

trailers pulling it behind your vehicle you’re probably just gonna lead boost

level off you see we’ve got a truck here with a small trailer so in boost one

we’re going to a slightly larger utility trailer tandem axle loose level two

that’s going to go up to more like a fifth wheel style trailer and loose

level three again a larger trailer than that now that changes the quickness and

aggressiveness and what your brakes are applied so as our loads get heavier we

want those to come on more quickly and more aggressively to keep everything

nice and safe now we also have our menu here the menu allows us to change our

display settings whether we want to change the brightness or the color it’s

going to allow us to change the brake tight so with this controller not only

are we going to be allowed to use electric brakes but also electric over

hydraulic and then finally we’ve got our help mode here if we needed some

assistance the p3 will also allow you to program a

couple of settings so if you have different drivers that kind of like the

brake controller set up differently or if you have different sized trailers you

can have them preset in there be able to get to them without having to change all

the settings now the manual override lever you can see is really easy to get

to here this is designed to allow us to apply the brakes of our trailer without

applying the brakes of our truck typically this is used in a sway event

type situation now the p3 is gonna have some built-in safeguards – the first is

going to be battery ram down protection if we’ve stopped parked somewhere for

not using our brake controller it’s going to power off after a few minutes

to keep our trucks batteries safe next it has short

protection it’s gonna protect both the truck and the brake controller from

faults coming from our trailer and now if you’ll take a look at the screen it’s

going to have disconnect warning so if the trailer plug were to wiggle out

somehow or not be connected properly it’s gonna flash and let us know as soon

as we get that plug back in and we have a proper connection made it’s going to

go right back to its normal operating mode now when comparing the p3 to other

brake controllers available on the market it definitely stands out above

any of the time-delayed systems as you can see with the time delayed brake

controller we have a preset amount of time it’s going to take for our brake

controller to get to the maximum gain that we have set this means with the

setting too high we can cause premature wear on our trailers brakes and tires or

with a setting too low we can cause premature wear on our vehicles brakes

now when you reach a hundred percent with the time-delayed controller it’s

gonna stay at that gain level the entire time your foots on the brake with the

newer technology built in the proportional aspect is definitely the

way you want to go now this controller is also designed to work with the

electric over hydraulic braking system so if you have that it’d be a great

choice when you compare that to other brake controllers on the market some of

them are not gonna offer that feature now the prodigy p3 is one of the most

popular brake controllers available on the market and you see it echoed over

and over again and our customer reviews it’s like dennis c said in my opinion

the tekonsha brake control products are the best on the market i purchased the

prodigy p3 is an upgrade to my old tekonsha Explorer unit the added

features that come with this unit such as the boost feature an electronic

readout are exceptional and easy to program a year later he said I’m as

happy today is when I purchased this unit I have made several long hauls

3,000 miles or more and many short hauls with my trailer this controller has

worked flawlessly and that will complete our look at the tekonsha prodigy p3

proportional trailer brake controller part number 90195.

Source : www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFXUfagp5RI

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