Speedaire Air Compressor Review

Speedaire Air Compressor

Speedaire seven and a half horsepower single-phase compressor with an 80

gallon tank this is the 220 volt that’s important because this can be ran at any

someone wants put it in their garage or a small shop it just runs on regular

single-phase 220 the same as electric dryer or an electric range it’s a 2013

it looks to be in great condition it has a hair air dryer and by Hankinson

included along with it appropriate for the size and I’ll do up to 175 psi at 23

CFM’s 23 and a half CFM’s it has a mild or seven and a half seven

1/2 horsepower motor now the way it’s set up now but all the way also includes

these vibratory feet to prevent vibrating let’s get rubber on the bottom

and then you underneath the bolts this included a speed air automatic draining

feature so it goes under the tank here on the side and this electric box will

automatically open the valve and drain out the water that’s in the bottom of

Tanks a compressor as we brought out where the tank is a rot out since that

is there we will not be able to build pressure because it’s underneath and we

can’t put it back on there to cap it up but we can show you the motor on is it

very beautiful here being created in it it’s nice and quiet

with initiative pressure okay anything you want it to it down there and we’ll

go ahead and turn it out again it’s not going to feel fresher but you can hear

compressor running you’ll be the air the air is flowing out of the bottle and water compresses.

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