Slime Air Compressor Heavy Duty Unbox And Test

Slime Air Compressor

So I just picked up this slime 2x tire inflater I didn’t find many explanations

online any that were good that gave me the information I wanted before picking

this one so I wanted to show you guys this I opened the package here already

and she does the outer side here let’s do a quick unboxing and I’ll show it

show you guys how it works I’ve not used this yet I haven’t even really opened it

so it did have a piece of plastic right here just to cover the line logo and I

pulled that guy off two clips on the box classic seems pretty solid one Kollek

best plastic but it’s not bad one of my concerns was this case size I did

compare this to a slime compressor set that was a little bit smaller and

actually came with your your your whole poor repair kit because that’s one of

the concerns I wanted to kind of maybe throw a whole repair kit in here but the

other kit was actually bigger than this it was a smaller compressor with the kit

it was bigger so I noticed on some of the pictures there’s a little bit of

room here and because you can see there there is room here to put more stuff if

you want it to so I think I could fit that in there we’ll come back to that in

a bit but it’s like compressor air hose battery better connection power for your

light power for your compressor there appears to be some instructions and blue

some adapters for like your basketballs and tires and stuff this blue one

appears to be broke so it must have broken shipping that I mean oh that’s

for I thought he really probably even use it but um it’s kind of not cool but

whatever they look like they go right here so I’ll put those in there later

hose which from what I read was the biggest complaint with this in the long

run this hose is not the best quality and apparently that’s where the main

failure point is but there is a gauge connected as well

which is one thing that I liked assuming it is accurate and will test that here

too so let’s plug this thing in try it out so it seems pretty simple the

compressor hose connects to the non gauge side of the green hose and we just

screw it in it looks like it’s a pretty simple should be ready to go here in a

minute so looking at the manual here to determine the length of these cables I

found something interesting but first here the 12 volt is a foot and the

Collard hose is supposedly 22 foot so that should be more than enough for me

on this SUV or crossover whatever going to call it 2010 Forester

I saw something interesting here it says you’re not used for more in 10 minutes

that’s fine do not run vehicle while compressor is operating I guess that’s fine too

assuming you don’t need to run this for an extended period of time

you could drain your battery too far and then not be able to start your vehicle

which would then leave you stranded so I’m not sure how big of a concern that

is then it always says always use pressure gauge to check actual tire

pressures so I’m not sure if they’re saying don’t use the compressor that’s

in the line and use another one or what but uh I’m gonna do that anyway but I

would prefer to use the one in the line so uh yeah let’s give us a go all right

so she’s all think about the battery hooked up i’ve deflated the tire to a

little below 10 psi i didn’t wanna go down all the way I just took two long

irons pull all the wells down but up she’s a general grabber 82 to 15 by 7

the are 16 so they’re gonna pretty Saltire but again my my alternate gauge

that I always use is reading barely reading at all and it goes to basically

starts at 10 psi and this gauge here is just under 10 psi as well so we’re gonna

turn this guy on, get her cranked up and probably stop around the 30 34 36 mark so light I

guess is it an LED light that works stuff that works turns on

I’m pretty quick this is let’s stop at 36 on this gauge we’ll

check it with play, my glovebox key pretty quiet too loud 30 psi I know thirty

I’m gonna be using this for basically a waiter on the go you know

let’s give me in the car one reason why I was concerned about the

if I could fit what I needed in this piece and went down is they soon soon as I

turn the compressor off from 32 to just under 30 that’s basically just over at 37 and now

it’s reading 34 when I turn the compressor off so apparently it’s not

reading the same it’s about 3 psi off with a compressors on vs. weathers off

let’s check this to 4 and this is reading 34 on the dot so it appears to

me that the gauge on the compressor is correct when the compressor is not on so

we’ll put 2 more psi on it to make it an even 36 and call it a day so here’s

something to know likely said 8-foot cable to the compressor and then you got

a 22 foot air hose I’m going to have to be in that I’m doing a rear tire I don’t

have to turn it on here and watch the gauge here then when it gets to where I

want I’m gonna have to go back to the front or have someone else turn it off

given that the gauge we just showing it’s not 100{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} accurate probably what I’m

doing is going a little bit over the psi I want pulling it off checking with my

actual gauge and and then just letting a little bit air out till it’s the point

where I want it so might just have to do a little bit of finagling all right so

that’s it um I think I’m happy with it first impressions at least the K size is

good it’s gonna probably hold my tyre repairer stuff which is kind of what I

wanted the pump seems good I like the LED lights it’s nice to have no harm no

foul there and it seems to fill up fires pretty fast so no no general complaints

I would say that my my only concern is long-term use how well it’s going to

hold up in the long term and granted I’m not going to be using this a lot but uh

you know my concern is just long-term long-term use so we’ll see how it goes

it’s a little bit overkill definitely for my use but I’m better to have

something that’s a little bit over the top and to least have nothing at all so

keep you guys updated if I have any issues.

Source : Slime 2X Heavy Duty Tire inflator unbox, test, and impressions

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