Sealey MAC07 12V Air Compressor Review And Test Pumps

12V Air Compressor

Alright guys want to review today 12 volt every Duty mini a compressor

this is the biggest of the range mortal ma c o7 reason I bought this if I a

puncher on the van a trailer or mower because I use my ransoms now like once a

month so I can put an instant tire with pay, spray the spray can emergency tire spray

tire foam a lot people don’t like them but let me tell you the chaotic trouble

so that’s why I always got em in the van so you said problem is if you have

punches on mowers on commercial mowers or inflatable pneumatic wheels or

trailers or anything but you need the compressor then pump it back up to the

required pressure I said this is top of the range the biggest one item on a

little rubbish ones because so many rubbish ones out till the plastic ones

ordered by a tidy one so unbox it now I’m gonna do some in-depth reviews on a

now do some timings as well how long it takes to do certain tires there’s some

of the specs the CIO’s length seven point five meter coil flexible coil 3 meter power

lead 12 volt 40 amp and this is just a typical inflation time more to 30 psi in

45 seconds on a 175 7013 tire which is quite impressive I think for little

compressor like this so some the unboxing on two looked all over

YouTube my car friend any reviews on this or videos blind but it took a

chance on a they are expensive at 190 pound for this I think they’ve owned 150

mark because I buy them through a tool distributor but they are allowing for

like 150 I’ve seen a nice piece looks sturdy machine one it it’s got a sand

pad on the bottom three on the bottom the underspin Z notice there’s just no

more it was quite a good solid big mortar and a good compressor looks good

the finish looks good but you saw the quality there might be enough way this

got fall a little of a feat anti-vibration a concrete or whatever

and from a solid ground it says got this for soft likes and then

okay that’s one thing I’d say I wasn’t too impressed with it’s a bit loose they

thought I’d be the tighter fit they I mass which seemed a bit more Chi or

maybe that’s just is it new it says can’t eat anyway and I say every

lead every cable big food yeah he’s 50 amp

50 am maxi blade feels good crocodile clips you’ll be honest them with alright

three meter power lead sauce not bad but it’s generally nice quality Fieldway

attachments but you said the call of the finish is good it’s all all cheap ones

on the Internet Chinese ones but they just look cheap well this is all thick you on the other

ones just like thin plate old in the anglo what’s that like a reset let’s

look at the accessories straightforward enough it’s just your inline flexi with

a built in with a already attached connector push him on is on me on the

other side then is he gauge down read the destructions for the yet mind I just

go with it is what I see look into them problems looks ok yeah Shawn

obviously Chinese or Japanese yeah shun anyway actual quality looks

pretty good so a built on gauge they and in here a little a little attachments

different think it’d be beds well just inflatable stuff three different

attachments they all right so that’s alright like I said 7.5 meters I’ll go

to so walk around most ones and wallah one thing I would say or if you’re gonna

use this it keep the machine to keep your vehicle running because there’s a

fair old war so face eyes mortally I don’t wanna do any run it for one minute

and leave it cool down for like a minute or two

I won’t leave a continuous on big big tires I said I haven’t tried it yet so

this is model number again ma c o7 it’s the biggest one I’ll put it back in the

bag now and we go back we go and try it on some tires now with a good

test they said there’s no test to this or more videos of this at all on YouTube

which I find this strange a big company like Sealy to be selling them I’m not

putting up with yours out well do one think you know firemen as I

just bought it blind a good quality one and that’s the best when I can find it

for what I could get the two company buy views and a viewer they to get off these

compressors can get off as this as they this part maybe come out after prolonged use

so I’d run it for a minute we even longer you could lead no destructions

and see what I says leave a cool-down and that’s one again keep cones in

segments like that no ways was it pumps a tire up winner winner Thank You boom in the bag

slow stuff they never go back in the bag like was it easy

zip up no pressure when the Caddy and in mind you are carrying on just them two

clips a drum how long are last yes when it card in there basically all

on these clips see good carry on government we are Mondays for special

and we must be strong it’s contrary so I know a lot of 4×4 guys with one these to

be inflated tires like if they let them down in the muddy conditions or in sandy

can really sandy conditions or something like on the beach or something I want to

really let a crasher don’t know another pump and backup I’ll probably create by

now go my van but I I’ll start them up with connected LA because this is flat I

don’t want to go all the way down and I’ll go down to 10 psi back to forties I

keep these quite ie and he’s a big tire on you two five five seventy ar-15 was a

big old tire I will show long it takes I might give it stops in between and

recheck so it does so let it down first all the way 15 lay down to ten plus ten

no see out on a yeah they’ve set up now how my stopwatch for Missy long it takes just put on

so Walter days of nearly a minute

we’ve got the two minutes

that’s one and a half minutes just gone one half minutes to either check which

is not the Machine off because ask for the arcade up there say thirty next to

me 35 40 45 50 was up in fives to go again now won’t like the Dawson was fast

big trailer this is the other two on the Morgul that mine on

the vine so it is a fair tour there we are us 4045 they let it down a bit

so also on the 2-minute mark on Monsieur relax

oh well over 40 video her back down oh so is our 14 you know I can run through

the other two these big tires those one is for these so I’m very impressed like

I’ll be honest they said they’re big tire 40 so I reckon about militantly

quarter two minutes easy sort of tire out the one on one goal very impressed

all nice to the Machine everything’s cold on the mortar humph

yeah because often as expected would be the select okay I mean I their emergency

back off the site the word back Bob what if you doing this all time here 4×4 he

retires deadly tired back up well it’s some better kit you do no one no like I

said this is such a handy thing for lawnmowers push bikes motorbikes

wheelbarrows anything small things cars big stuff vans obviously four-by-fours

but just just a handy little machine dry with you all right is is expensive you

want to make the powerful and I find they are Mama’s lot I put a link below

so click on are and you can look for the wall fighting a similar one let’s do

this fire the two 1555 our 16 I’ll let this run completely down and we’ll just

leave it on all the way that’s completely maybe there’s a way of fit in

the normal lead if you wanted to put normal one instead of this flexi

assist over possible 30-day not following for less impressive others

it’s exactly one minute on the size real possibility

30 psi for a few more seconds there being 35 I’ll serve our needs on

as you can see also right and very impressed be honest though was to have

done now when they was wrong the minute mark easily Danny like a minute in 15

seconds and that’s a to 1555 are 16 so quite a big issue I err no effort at all

and I reckon that big Tyler shoulder earlier was a 250 575 ar-15 was got to

be 1 minute 45 realistically in our bracket up to 40 psi from 10 to 40 psi

that’s ideal I’m really really impressed with a I gotta be honest like I said I

want to buy a nova bish there are plastic ones I’ve seen break so many

times over the years so I thought I’d get a good one alright is expensive but

it’s not really expensive because if you buy quality I can see that last in front

of a good few years and get me into trouble

so yes sir per link below that you’ll find one to click on to and I’m just really impressed

I bought a feel like I said for doing the pen shot on my van or on the mower

on the ransoms mower or anymore was in the future when I’m on a job or anything

trailer will borrow anything as for me I got it with me in the van man that’s the

beauty of the 12-volt that’s the reason I call a so if someone’s looking for a

good 12 volt every Duty mini a compressor you can’t go wrong with this

one then last my review on a silly 12-volt every Duty mini a confessor a

delivery 95 little a minute model number mac-11 and I can’t fault a a good little machine

I think they’ll last for many years to come I’m gonna get me out of some

problems with punches on stuff like I said use with that tire foam what people

don’t like the tire firmly working in view into tires but in emergency it’s

gonna get you out of trouble.

Source : Sealey MAC07, 12v Heavy-Duty Mini Air Compressor

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