Ryobi Air Compressor Review, Will It Work For You

Ryobi Air Compressor

Hey everyone brian from workshop adhikam in Ryobi just came out with a new 18

volt 1 gallon air compressor this is model number p739 and when it hits the

stores it’s going to be priced right around ninety nine dollars it’s a

hundred and twenty psi max 0.7 SCFM at 40 psi 0.5 s CFM at 90 psi so this is a

pretty small air compressor in Ryobi recommends that you use it with a 4.0

amp hour battery or larger basically on this we’re gonna walk you through what

this unit has what this unit does it’s pretty simple it’s an air compressor but

with that said we’re also going to show you some things that they market it that

it’ll do and how well it does it we’re gonna answer some questions in explanation of

what we usually get with smaller air compressors like this so some of its

going to be what you can and what you can’t do and then we’ll kind of go

through what it’s really meant for so first of all this is a 14 pound unit so

it’s very lightweight you have two gauges here one for the tank in one for

your outlet psi you can regulate everything down exactly what you want

and it’s locking so you push it in these two metal pieces here are for a hose

this is not a hybrid unit that can be plugged into the wall

strictly battery-operated only so off the tank you have a brass fitting that

runs through a rubber hose into another brass fitting and you have your aluminum

bar here with your regulator and a quick coupler for your outlet everything’s

nice it works well it is a plastic tip on the outlet you know this piece is

easily changed to brass for 3-4 bucks so not a big deal there as we said this

piece is not a hybrid unit so you have to have a Ryobi battery and we’ve been

using it with the 6.0 amp hour battery it runs well you’re gonna get

approximately 45 minutes of actual runtime with the 6.0 amp hour battery

and that’s going to depend on the time you have in between it’s starting up in

turning off that’s gonna give the battery some recovery time so anywhere

in that 40 to 45 minutes it’s going to be the 6 amp hour battery probably

looking at 25 to 30 minutes with a 4 amp hour battery when you first get this

home and take it out of the box I highly recommend that you break in this air

compressor or any air compressor that you purchase basically open the tank

drain at the bottom and push your battery in turn the unit on and let it

run for about 30 minutes that’s gonna let everything work itself together any

metal pieces that are rubbing against each other will work themselves smooth

and then you can start allowing some pressure to be built in this unit now we

tested it and basically from 0 to 120 psi it takes 120 seconds not bad on the

recovery time you’re getting down to around 85 psi and it takes 27 seconds to

come back from 87 to 120 so if you’re using this know that that’s about the

time that it’s going to take and with the 1 gallon tank once this unit starts

you’re going to want to give it a couple seconds of running before you start

using whatever is on the other end to make sure you have adequate psi now what

everyone asks us when we’re doing this can I run an impact wrench off this unit

or can I run a ratchet guys this is way too small so we just hooked up a ratchet

to this which yes they take some power which is why we say you can’t run them

we can drain the tank down to 0 just with the ratchet we’re not even putting

it on a bolt we’re not even making the tool work so not gonna be good for

impact wrenches or ratchets now right on the box it says great for tires on the

side of the road and I will agree with that statement if you got nothing else

you’re going to be thrilled that you got this unit but if you’re gonna buy

this for at home to air up your tires this 1 gallon tank is going to empty and

then it’s gonna run again empty and run again and empty and if you keep the hose

connected to your tire you’re basically just equalizing the pressure in this

tank into the tire and it’s gonna run and be very very slow at filling the

tire so with something I would probably not recommend this for at home I think a

small inflator would do better than this air compressor not that this is horrible

I think it’s just a matter of the size of a tire you’re trying to fill I mean

if you were into a very small bike tire it’d probably be okay but it’s probably

gonna run once in between trying to fill up a bike tire even so just heads up

there what this really is gonna work for is going to be finished nailing I mean

that’s what somebody’s going to want this for something lightweight they can

move around with them and this brad nailer here worked great again we set it at 90 psi

you know we hit a couple nails in it starts you want to give it a second to

go we let it get all the way up to 120 psi we were able to shoot 13 of these

Brad’s in before the unit started that’s pretty good I mean this is gonna run

it’s not the quietest air compressor around but it’s definitely not the most

loud air compressor we’ve seen even in a one gallon size so it’s a pretty decent

little unit if you want to do very very small tasks and that includes this

nozzle here if you want to hook it up to blow something off I mean you’ll empty

this 1 gallon tank in a matter of probably 10 seconds so not a lot of air

that’s kept inside a 1 gallon tank but if you’re looking for something small to

get a little more mobile this is lightweight and it does work with very

small air tools so check your SCFM on what’s required for the tool before you dive into something like this.

Source : Ryobi 18V Cordless 1-Gallon Air Compressor Review

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