Rotary Vane Gast Air Compressor Preventive Maintenance

Gast Air Compressor

Gast rotary vane compressors are used in a variety of applications and provide

years of reliable service proper preventative maintenance procedures

using genuine gastsed replacement parts eliminates unplanned downtime avoids

costly repairs and provides trouble-free performance by following the

step-by-step instructions in this explanation the recommended maintenance procedures

for this product are simple for anyone to conduct additionally gast has a network of

authorized service centers that can conduct the recommended maintenance as

well as more in-depth service procedures on your products if necessary before

starting the recommended maintenance on your product contact your local gast

distributor with the model number and to request the appropriate service parts

that fit your unit a list of gast distributors and authorized service

centers can be found on the gast manufacturing website before conducting

any maintenance on your gastsed product make sure that it has been properly

isolated from the electrical power supply and that the air pressure in the

system has been relieved always wear suitable clothing high protection and

safety shoes when servicing your product refer to the gast operation and

maintenance manual for detailed safety instructions while this explanation covers the

preventive maintenance procedures for gast 23 series rotary vane compressors

the procedures are similar for all gastsed rotary vane compressors you will

need a few tools to perform this maintenance be sure to have pliers a

rubber hammer a ratchet a 7/16 inch socket a 3/8 inch socket and a torque

wrench let’s get started remove the filters from the front of the unit using

pliers and set them aside remove the five bolts from the muffler box using a

7/16 inch socket tap on the muffler box with a rubber mallet to remove the

muffler box do not use a screwdriver discard the gastket

remove the six bolts from the end plate using a 3/8 inch socket then remove the

in plate do not take the unit apart any further you do not want to remove the

body rotor or motor bolts as this will change the internal clearances of the

unit inspect the veins noting the direction of the beveled edge and remove

clean the rotor and the inside of the body using gast aah – 55d flushing

solvent to remove any carbon dust buildup on the rotor gast aah – 55d is a

specially formulated solvent that won’t degrade the carbon vanes replace the

vanes making sure the beveled edge is facing the correct way replace the end

plate and torque bolts to 110 inch pounds install the new gastket replace

the muffler box make sure the gastket lines up with the edge of the muffler

box plug filters restrict Inlet air flow and increase the operating temperature

of the unit which can reduce life expectancy to keep your product

operating at a normal temperature replace the old felt filter elements

with the new elements provided in the service kit over time the o-rings on the

filter end caps can begin to degrade which could compromise the seal and

allow particulates to be ingested to prevent this from occurring remove the

old or Eng’s from the end caps and replace them with the new o-rings in the

service kit reinstall the end caps into the unit be sure not to over tighten them torque

the bolts to 110 inch pounds and retighten the end caps if necessary your

gastped rotary vane compressor is now ready to be put back into service like

any high-performance equipment regular service and the use of genuine parts are

essential to keeping your gasttro turi vane compressor running at its optimal performance.

Source : Rotary Vane Compressors Preventive Maintenance

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