ResQTech Heavy Duty Digital Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Today we’ll be unboxing rescue tech heavy duty digital tire inflator this little

monster is doing wonders since I’ve got it the most important part of any

vehicle after the engine I feel are the wheels of course it’s our duty to make

sure the wheels the tires are healthy and they’re always maintained with

proper pressure talking about the flat tires they come uninvited anytime

anywhere any place I was so frustrated with the flat tire that was occurring

and the rush at the petrol pumps to fill the tires of my car I decided to buy a

small mini pump which could work with the power supply of the car the

cigarette lighters after a little bit of research after a little bit of surfing

various online apps like Amazon flip cards a zero in one air pressure pump

which is called the rescue tech heavy duty digital tire inflator there are

other cheap options available in the market but for me I wanted two things

one is it to be a premium good quality one and the second one it to be a

digital air pressure so that it easily helps me in setting up the right

pressure on all the four wheels of my car let’s go ahead and unbox this

product and see how it works so this is how the product looks like this box let

me open the box and check what’s inside. Okay on opening the first thing I see is

the warranty card you could see this I don’t know why there is a car washer

your but yeah okay let’s check this later for now let’s move ahead and see what’s

inside there’s a manual you’re going to help you in how to operate this I don’t

think will be a big issue or a problem, I mean operate this tiny little machine

and here it goes the way this came out says the pump and here the holes to fill

the air okay this needs to be you know rolled and thread in to the I mean the

nozzle of the top beam and let me quickly show you this is the LED light

button this is the power on/off button and this little button here will help

you in increasing or decreasing the desired set pressure so the PSI here to

be called the power cord with a cigarette lighter plug this is how the

product looks it’s tiny and it just fits into my palm and it’s this big and also

they give you two different nozzles this nozzle here will help you in filling

your football or any of the the balls the toy balls and this nozzles here the

black one will help you in filling air into your inflatable toys the big ones

the pools the mini pools of the toy of that sort box as you can see the box is

all empty taken everything out it’s time to go check how this product works this

is where the machine is going to get the power from with the scissor like the

socket it reads 12 volt max 180 watt. Okay the power requirement the power

consumption of power requirement for this machine as for the seller

description is it requires about 10 ampere of power so let’s just put this

in once the power cord is connected firmly inside the machine turns on

automatically it just turns on there’s no or bubbles the power button is off as

you can see if it is on and off there’s a little exhaust fan here the sound with

you here is of that exhaust fan with keep running I mean the moment you

connect it to the socket it just turns on and to make sure the machine the palm

does not overheat this info your TR is the set desired pleasure that is into a

rotary 3 if you say little 33 or you can change it using this knob you just roll

it clockwise into increases anti-clockwise if decreases so 33 is

what’s the normal cell pressure a set in the podcast these zeros once you connect

the force to the tire will show thepresence in your wheel the presence sigh

of president wins our winter it is psi you can now by selecting this button

change it to the bar or the other measurement what is it called but your

India psi is what every measure deceleration here let me turn on the LED

light and show to you it’s not at all try filling air in some of the toys and

also the car tire let’s do it I would say first filling air in this inflatable

toys for that what I have to do is hold that was given and read it after the

hole has connected it to the nozzle and let’s try switching this

Wow within few seconds this big door is build with the air wonderful

let’s check willing add any later tires all right so let’s check what see

satisfied a pleasure 19 that’s not low because the Sun flag but I reduce I

remove some air so that I should show you a demonstration so what happens now

is the first thing set the purposes for all three thirty three thirty three

point five is or LC but so while removing the nozzle the whole house

some of the air releases out so that would probably compensated let’s just turn it on

oh yes computer power button is still on but all the bottom option has sent off

he’s 34 in the higher but one at the rotate effect – point by the sin fight

the waterfall that’s about it.

Source : ResQTech Heavy Duty Digital Tyre Inflator

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