Quincy Training 2 Stage Air Compressor

2 Stage Air Compressor

I’m here today to talk to you something talked to you about a few things about our compressors

and explains to you the differences between single stage and two-stage so

I’d like to just start with this particular machine it’s a five

horsepower eighty gallon two-stage machine two-stage is pretty simple all

it means is that the air is compressed twice and doing that what we do is we

have a large low-pressure piston which you can kind of see here in the front

the air is compressed once in this large low-pressure piston and then it comes

around through this insert core it is compressed a second time in this smaller

high-pressure piston and when we do that the compression coming out of the pump

jumps all the way up to about 175 pounds of pressure it comes out this discharge

tube and into the tank for for storage okay single stage is simply meaning that

the air is compressed once a single stage machine might be simply a single

cylinder or a two cylinder machine but essentially a single stage the air is

only going to be compressed just once in a two stage the air is compressed twice

in addition to giving you higher pressure it gives you faster recovery so

you’re able to do a lot more work with a two stage and use a wider array of tools

with the two stage then you could typically a single stage of shape our

Quincy machines are all made in America made in Quincy Illinois where we’ve been

building them for almost a hundred years we use heavy duty cast-iron crankcase as

a cast casting material the cylinder is heavy cast iron and on the head we use

aluminum we use aluminum because aluminum does a much better job of

dissipating the heat and when we design and build these machines everything is

focused on extending the life of our product here we use cast iron because

that’s a perfect wear material and we use an abundance of cast iron in these

particular parts so that it absorbs noise rather than resonates noise what

we also do here’s a heavy cast iron crankshaft hopefully you can see by the

size of this this is very heavy we use heavy-duty ball

bearings at both ends of the crankshaft we compete with folks who may use

bushings at both ends rather than heavy-duty ball bearings they also may

may use a a bushing at one end and just a ball bearing at the other we use

heavy-duty ball bearings in each end this is a 2-piece automotive style

connecting rod one of the things that we also do is we use a needle bearing at

the top of the wrist pin again our competitors don’t do this our

competitors are typically using a piece up here just ask cast so there’s nothing

here whatsoever or they might use a bushing but Quincy compressor uses

nothing but a heavy-duty needle bearing again just extending the life of these

machines about weight as you can see they go right in there

our valve sights we do things that our competitors again don’t really think to

do but our valve seats are machine ground and polished we also do something

that’s a process called coining we put this essentially a fixture and we hit it

with a with a press and it condenses these particular valve seats so it

eliminates any wear issues so that’s another huge advantage over here we use

a combination switch it is a pressure switch which is essentially a control

device telling this machine it when it starts to run it cuts off at 175 psi and

as you use the air in the air pressure and the tank drops to about 135 the

pressure switch will kick it in back back in automatically in the process

will simply repeat itself we call it a combination switch because

we also have thermal overload protection built into that switch to protect the

motor in the pressure switch in cases where the unit may be affected by

problems with the quality of electricity coming into the machine an electric

strike in those kind effects the other things that we have on our machine we

use a polyester air filter our competitors use either foam or a paper

air filter the advantages of polyester filter are such that

a polyester filter can be washed out with warm soap and water and the life of

the filter can be extended seven to ten times but really the biggest advantage

of a polyester filter is that compared to a paper or a foam filter those

filters will only filter down somewhere between a micron size of 10 and 10 and

50 a polyester will filter 10 to 50 times better meaning that the micron

size that can pass through here is all the way down to one so it does a

significantly better job of filtering the air before it’s compressed so that

the air going into the tank and the air coming out for your tools is 10 to 50

times cleaner the quit see difference is all about pump life we compete in a

world where most of our competitors have machines that lasts anywhere from two to

five thousand hours and wouldn’t it be terrific if we could say this was a

10,000 hour pump but actually our pumps are designed to last longer than 50,000

hours which is extraordinary just imagine that in terms of using a

compressor if you buy a compressor today and you turn it on and you use this

compression it runs eight hours a day five days a week 52 weeks a year you’re

probably going to look to rebuild our from our machines somewhere in the next

30 to 35 years and that’s extraordinary that’s what we mean when we say you know

you buy a Quincy and you really do buy it for life the reason these pumps are

lasts so long it all starts at the very heart and soul of our machine and that’s

the way we machine bore machine and bore our cylinders we do all of this in

Quincy Illinois and we do a better job of it than anywhere else in the world we

believe we have the best concentricity there’s best finishing hone in the

crosshatch design on our cylinder so it starts there but the other things that

we do we have a pump that’s running slow it’s running cool it’s running quiet and

we add design features like an aluminum head as I mentioned before we also use

copper discharge tubes and a copper unloader pipe over here some of our

competitors use aluminum aluminum is not as advantageous in this application

copper is really what you want to use competitors typically shy away from that

just because it simply costs more money we make it easy to drain your tanks you

know when we compress all this air it the compressed air goes into

the tank and the air expands cools off moisture drops down at the bottom of the

tank and before for a very short amount of time you start to collect quite a bit

of moisture so that tanks got to be drained every single day but if you have

a compressor as again as all of our competitors do you’ve got to get down on

all fours reach up underneath with your hand and try to bust loose the drain

and inevitably over time and that happens pretty quickly those drain

start to stick you can’t bust them loose and therefore you can’t get the moisture

out with a Quincy compressor all you have to do is reach down pull a

quarter-turn ball valve that has a nice extension that comes to the outside of

the tank so it’s easy to do, so if it’s easy to do people will drain

their tank more often hence the tank really should last a lot longer well

there are a few other things I’d like to share with you about Quincy compressors

initially as you probably are already aware of when you go to look at buying a

Quincy compressor you might notice it’s a little bit more expensive than the

other machines that are out there and it’s true our machine does cost a little

bit more upfront remember you’re getting a machine that properly taken care of

this is going to be a machine that if it’s used heavily it’s still going to

last 30 to 40 years over time while we’re a little bit more expensive up

front it absolutely has the lowest cost of ownership relative to other machines

in the marketplace and when compared with other machines in my opinion this

is absolutely the finest machine you’re ever going to be able to find anywhere.

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