Quincy QT-54 5HP Air Compressor Set Up And Review

5HP Air Compressor

Hey guys I was gonna give you a quick review and show you my setup on the

Quincy QT-54 vertical dual stage 220 volt air compressor it’s been a pretty

good price I’ve only had it for a few weeks but I’ll show you a couple jobs

I’ve done with it and some of the tools that I’ve run playing some of the tools

I’ve run off of it got my little air compressor room for you to kind of keep

a little bit quieter in my shop here’s my beast I guess it’s a Quincy QT air

compressor it only had this thing probably about three or four weeks now

so far it’s been a really good compressor of course what are you going

to know in a few weeks my little setup right here a lot of my friends call it

my friend compressor setup just another way to try to cool the cool the air

because this is a two stage compressor you’ll see it here’s some of the specs on it

I’ve got it run right now with a six gauge to a 50 amp breaker in my shop I

don’t really use the Eternals switch here I’ve just got it off right now I

just flip the breaker on and off in the shop this is a dual stage compressor a

meaning that it’s got two different size cylinders on it it’s got the bigger

cylinder and it’s got a smaller cylinder on it the smaller cylinder then pumps

the air pressure up even more to get you to around 175 psi I’ve got this system

I’ve got it about 165 and then I’ve got my regulator setup right here then I’ll

just keep it at a hundred because most air tools in the shop run 90 to 100

pounds it goes out of here this is just CPEC water line that I had left over

from building my shop and runs into the crank compressor setup here just a bunch

of copper lines basically cuz all it does is go up and down up and down up

and down up and down and try to cool it off a little bit each drop does have a valve on it so I

can dump that once it comes out it’ll come out through here go up and this is

blue silica it will turn pink when it’s got too much moisture in it’s no good

anymore then it get it straight out of here into my shop it’s not too bad in

the hidden here the the DB on it runs at about 88 in decibel and ecology here real quick

just pump up extremely fast I think the advertised six and a half minutes to 175

psi and it’ll do it it’s very quick all right okay let’s go through a couple

things that I’ve used to build this here like I said the wire coming in is six

gauge running off of a 50 amp breaker to the outlet half-inch just eight inch

piece of gas pipe steel pipe running two half-inch sharkbite two half-inch line

also got half-inch copper on that just sweated up your thing together just normal copper

building the radiator out of it basically down the bottom I’ve got drop

valves on each one of them that way I can drain each each and every one of

them usually on this one here the first one’s gonna have four the most water in

it because it’s gonna be the hottest hottest coming in after that there’s

less and less water usually by the time it gets to the last one here there’s not

much water left in it at all into a two and a half inch clear PVC pipe I had to

get down on eBay couldn’t really find anybody around here that had clear PVC

and that stuff is not cheap I think I gave $25 for a two-foot piece of it and

then I just went to Home Depot verlos can’t remember which one really and got

fittings for it now on the inside right here on this coupler I took just a

little piece of screen and just hot glued it on the inside here that way the

beads don’t shoot up to the line then it goes directly out of here into the shop

now we’ll go to the shop and I’ll kind of show you what rig up I’ve got in

there all right guys here’s my shop I kind of show you how I got it running my

shop is very dirty at the time working on a project truck in here so I’ve got

parts of it sprayed everywhere basically the line comes in right behind that

airplane there comes in and across and I’ve got a teed off to a hose reel there

and a hose reel there a couple 50 foot hose rows that’s all I’ve got

my shops a 30 by 40 so it doesn’t really need more 50 foot of hose either way but like I

was saying here’s the here’s a project I just did with that compressor it’s a 94

hard body and it’s on a hard body I just got done painting it still got to do

some wet sanding and buffing it’s not the best paint job but that’s kind of

you know you get some dirt and some specks in it and stuff like that from

the from the driveway so I do want to give a shout out to the gun man and his

channel he’s awesome if you want a little tips and tricks on painting cars

and so on and so forth he’s been doing it for years and he knows his stuff

ID ate the whole entire truck I paid the whole entire truck the hood defenders

everything never had an issue with it whatsoever never never lacked for any kind of air

it always kept up with it even with a DA sander. I actually got tired of saying for the

first time usually I’m sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting for word

to build up for the first time I got tired of sanding so I had to set it down

for a little bit the compressor it runs good but it runs hot because it is a

dual stage air compressor and I do run a lot hotter I’ve heard up to 200 degrees

outlet on the air so be sure to drain it daily if you running more than an hour

or so especially in the heat like today’s 96 degrees I’m sitting here

soaking wet sweating and I’ve only been out here a few minutes so far be sure

you drain it I drain that and I drain all my dropdowns and I get water out of

them every time just just for an hour running not a whole lot of water but

there is water in it so the more moisture you can keep out of the system

to better so that’s kind of oddly drier I’ve got on it right now I’m

experimenting with it to see if you need to add another one we’ll see how that

goes once I pay more but like I said, I’ve already painted a whole entire

vehicle jammed it out and all and didn’t have a problem there or water in the

lines hope this video helps you out do you have any questions or anything like

that that I can try to answer I’d be more than happy to this is just a hobby

of mine I do it on the side just play around building cars.

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