Quincy Air Compressor Review

Quincy Air Compressor

Just wanted to do a quick one year update on the old Quincy hold on I need

Olympus there we go now we’ve got a little better contrast ratio anyway I

said come people ask me to do a one-year review on the Quincy QT 7.5 it has been

awesome for the nonce Tocqueville had three dudes whaling on das all the same

time and it just it frickin laughs at you it is rated for 24 CFM at 90 psi and

22.6 at 175 I got the one with the magnetic starter they just everybody

says way to go I’ve had contacts we’re out on my old husky 60 gallon they

billed it as a 7.5 but it wasn’t a 7.5 if I could find the damn motor I’d show

you it’s half the size of that way it really is man just the way to go so

anyway this one came free installed it’s an option you can get them without it

they came at bump camera there fatty pre-installed with the magnetic starter

pretty much everything you see with the exception of the electrical I put just a

disconnect that’s not a circuit breaker that’s only a 60 amp disconnect so that

I don’t have to get into the breaker box over there – you know disconnect it for

service or if you really say if you can turn them both off and then double check

with your flute and make sure you’re not going to be doing something stupid

but anyway other than that first person’s awesome ranch gray is actually

relatively quiet but what I found is my old Husky had a cast-iron pump on it and it

was relatively quiet I’ve got a buddy that has a pump that is made out of

aluminum and just like the aluminum block in your LS you know that body or

whatever fat go faster they have a different ring to it than

than iron blocks and in the trucks and the fucking Escalades and shit so that’s

you know it to me it helps quiet it down too

it’s a fuckin Quincy they meet business they’ve been designing and building air

compressors for years they know what they’re doing let’s see what else only

thing I did not get for an option that I couldn’t afford for the time at the time

still can’t afford now but I really want is an intercooler

they’ve got the fin pipe going from the first stage over to the second but from

the second stage there this second stage coming down to the tank

there’s just no cooling man and it is pumping some mega hot air into that tank

I haven’t really had any issues with moisture or anything else

the tank does come with the ball valve half inch ball valve to dream which is

sweet every time fire up the compressor the next day after the tanks cool

everything’s condensated I come out and purge the bottom I do not drain my tank

every day I think it’s stupid it’s not going to hurt you but the whole point of

me has an air compressor is I don’t want one that leaks like a sieve and

everything else so I want to be able to come out here and have fifty hundred sixty psi at eighty

gallons of capacity just ready to go at a moment’s notice you know fire up the

old RTI air dryer I got the Flex Allah ho with all high flow fittings because

that’s how I roll you can laugh at me all you want around – fittings the

fucking awesome the badass especially on big air suckers course paint guns

das which don’t really need them but why not man, you got fuckin dick of a big ol long

horn might as little bills swinging around around then Wells yeah so anyway

got a two-stage air dryer I’ll show you that in a minute show you a couple other

little special modifications that made myself but overall impression awesome

awesome awesome if I could change one thing I would love to put some kind of

an intercooler between the second stage of the pump and the tank I think it

would make a big difference the only issue is my garage is only actually kind

of on the small side for a two-car garage that would pump so much fuckin

heating out here and it’s already Texas it’s triple digits a lot of the time and

yeah so that would suck and I don’t want to bend it to the Attic and he’d fucking

attic up any more than it already is so it’s probably just going to stay to

say stay the same way it is runs fine I’ve ridden it hard and wet and hadn’t

had any issues no overheating no nothing check it with thermometer and math she’s been good to go

but hold on and we’ll get into a couple of the details then that should be it

alright let’s get into a couple of the special editions I made myself man my

biggest complaint with Quincy and being the the quality that they are in

how badass they are on what on how they want you to service their equipment they

made this particular set of the biggest pain-in-the-ass to change the oil on it

just had a flat float almost on the flat plane sitting on the fucking I don’t

know what you call that pump whatever them show and there’s just no way to not

make a gigantic freaking mess so I’m you know made several layers of tape made a

huge tape funnel got the oil drained and then immediately piped in a 45 with the

ball valve so I can put me a little schnoz on here or even along too and

just run it down to the ground and into a tank but you know I’ve heard a lot of

company say oh yeah you know we run breaking oil and our stuff you need to

change your oil after what and whatever you know 100 hours and you know so many

of those guys have proven bullshit but these dudes these guys are not lying

they do come with break-in oil this stuff was super thick super nasty super

stinky real dark green and I think they tell you to change it after the first

hundred hours well I got to tell you what Jack in this garage it would be

several years before this thing sees a hundred hours so at the 12 month mark I record

ten hours runtime on it i drained it and ran it drained it ran it just a just a

fucking run it try to get it good and hot get the ring seated you know cold

cycle a couple times round her up again going from full empty on an 80 gallon

tank the full I believe is just over seven minutes of runtime which for this

is not bad but anyway so I added this for easy oil change when I changed it at 10 hours it

obviously didn’t need it but whatever there is no excuse not to do it because

it’s nice and easy it’s simple it’s just something simple to do I opted for an

external disconnects which actually turn that off before we make a bunch of noise

just so I don’t have to open up the circuit breaker panel behind me kind of

a pain in the ass so anyway click that off I know it’s not going to come on

scare the shit out of the old lady or my dogs or whatever let’s move on to

something else here’s the nameplate for the beast is a 80 gallon tank of course

it runs on split phase one phase whatever you want to call it that is a

true 8 no sorry I can’t read and it’s late in the day it is a true 7 plant

course motor it says we’re compressor 175 it runs up 175 180 cycles off it’ll

drain down to about 155 and it will hold 155 till the end of the earth haven’t

had any issues with it so Matt I can leave this thing off for a week at a

time come out here not even have to think about turning the compressor on

just open up the air line to the dryers and you’ve got 80 gallon capacity at 150

psi that’s more than enough to do anything you need to do you know without

having to turn the air compressor on it 6:00 in the morning or whatever so yeah

there here’s the data plate you can kind of see what you got it says amps 40 I checked it

FLA from my readings was about 36 I went ahead and wired it with 6 gauge yeah

it’s got 62 wiring and it is on a 50 amp breaker wires rated for 55

I figured 50 amp breaker the magnetic starter which I’ll show you in a second

is reeded for well I don’t know what the fuck it’s rated for but it’s rated for

this machine so this will trip first and if that doesn’t trip that ain’t going to

do shit because that’s just a disconnect that is not a circuit breaker so this

will stay on and melt your wires but it’s a short run man

it’s a I said 62 from here up the wall down into the breaker panel I think it

was like a 22 foot run not a big deal but something else very happy that once

again was like I said before they added the little snoop with the half-inch ball

valve I put the 45 and a little little dingus pecker on there

just so it’s not shooting a little you know stream of water all the way the

fuck cross shop you know check it once a day I doubt there’s a yeah fucking nothing

just come condensation so anyway um only other major complaint where’s the air

gauge how much pressure is in the son of a bitch well on the model without the

magnetic starter you can see it just fine it’s down here but really in all

honesty as long as you’ve got well hell you can even leave that on all the way

up to here but if you kill the ball valve here shut off the two-stage dryer

and the regulator so typically what I do is I just kill the bulb out there kills

the whole system you don’t have any air leakage that way

you can come out here a week later without the air compressor being run and

you got 150 psi you can air up your neighbors – for minivan tire and off you

go but coupled all that with the two-stage RTI 4000 Eliminator – is got a

mechanical dryer and then adocus and dryer this the system set up for

painting it’s designed to run 1:1 paint gun one paint booth more than enough for

what we use around here in shop just running a cheap old husky

husky crappie regulator put the RTI gauge on so it makes it looks legit so

anyway man that’s the one year review no issues I said change the oil in this

thing thick thick thick green nasty stuff and the oil they give you I ran

the Quincy P something-or-other holy shit super hot it’s Texas the shit’s

probably melted in the plastic quart container whatever that is and it is

super super thin and super clear so you really can’t see anything

ya ain’t shit used to you can see a slight green tint when the oil level

wasn’t all the way to the top but it sucks down to about a quarter there are

three quarters the way down the glass when it’s running so I figured that

ain’t overfilled that’s good enough but anyway it’s bone clear so it’s easy

to miss if you overfill it if it leaks out everything and you don’t notice it

halfway you will run our dry but man mucho and presto we shit what the fuck

screw you tripod yeah mucho and presto mucho money but man you getting what you

pay for it’s a it’s all about having the true 7.5 horsepower that’s rated 424 CFM at

90 check your other little 60 gallon 7.5 and see if it can produce 24 CFM at 90

guaranteed it can’t it’s all in the CFM it’s that part right there it’s that big

monster pump and that gigantic 240 full but 7.8 horsepower kilowatt sucking fucking motor man she

chose lugs anyway that’s the air set up for the shop just thought you guys might like to see that.

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