PVC VS Rubber Air Compressor Hose, Full Review

Air Compressor Hose

Today I’m going to be showing you guys the difference between a rubber air

hose and PVC air hose, okay today I went ahead and swing by my local Harbor

Freight store I bought me this rubber air hose right here you see so 300 psi

25 feet 3/8 inch okay the main difference between besides the price and

main difference would be the flexibility when it’s cold outside if you look down

here this is best for kink resistance and then also cold-weather flexibility

okay right now I got their hose right here laying on the ground okay I just

got it put together the right here I mean even though I use my tools for

automotive I prefer the the industrial quick connects oh it’s just a personal

preference and also brass I don’t know why I’d like brass I just prefer the

brass the so right here what we got so we got my my husky air compressor so 20

the 26 gallon house gear compressor and see if I get the gauge right here turn

this on okay let’s get this to 90 seems to be about 90 psi right now but seems

to be about 90 okay so we got right now by the way so right now we have the the

red air hose which is the UH which is a rubber hose that I just

bought from Harbor Freight see if you kind of look at it right now you see the

way just kind of going with the flow right there you see it take step back

real quick see right now I got a lane on the ground right there lay nice a flat

no piles always she’s at home okay let’s look at the temperature right now I live

in Texas keep that in mind so over here in Texas it only gets you know the only

pounds I ever have the only time my hair palm with the the PVC air hose right

here is in the mornings when I’m trying to work on my car maybe I’m doing a

brake job a tune-up things like that get this air hose tends to stiffen up on me

it’s hard like a rock okay and if you get a rubber you’re not gonna have that that issue and then also

mechanical work does that stop in the winter so you can just imagine right now

you know right now let’s look at the temperature so you I get this to focus

for you gas right now looking at temperature we’re reading about 75

degrees in my garage and look at the specs real quick of this air hose right

here see if I can find it for you guys should be somewhere on this line right

here five I found me a good one real quick see Tom so low it’s a little worn

but there is one right there’s a good one right there cream there’s a PVC air

hose 3/8 and 300 psi just like this rubber arrows up off right here see we

got right there get rubber and do not use above 300 psi okay now like I said

we looked at the a thermometer right now the temperature and my garage 75 degrees

and you can see this thing right here see like show you guys real quick you

just see how flexible it is you see it just ticking the air hose right now at

the bottom just to show you guys how easily it flexes and don’t want you I

like to do is I like to pick up my air impact wrench and I’ll go ahead and

hold it upside down for you guys just so you guys get an idea of how flexible it

is you see how just flexing with me and just going with me not really fighting

with me it’s laying on the ground you know look at that right there

laying on the ground pretty flat you know just kind of going to flow all

right guys just show you guys today the tool itself you know what the air hose

does not a difference there’s not a difference at all you know don’t the only difference I

would have to say would be the convenience factor yeah one thing to

note is it you know you’re paying for better quality materials and you’re

going to fill it immediately because this air hose you know it you pay twice

a price like for instance there’s 25 foot air hose that I bought right

at Harbor Freight run you about twenty bucks we’re on the other hand if you get

a 25 we’re not even at that for 20 bucks well actually for 10 dollars you could

get you could get this one right here this one is a PVC style air hose – it’s

a combo hustle field I believe the brand is and I got this 50 foot right here I

got this one for 10 bucks for this one right here this one I got it it’s a $20

air hose I believe but I got it on sale for $13 okay so just imagine you know if

if a 50 foot air hose costs you $9 PVC then imagine how much this air hose

right here you know hit only been 25 feet I can imagine it cost about five to

eight dollars brand-new out of the pack in big price difference and also there’s

a weight difference this 25 foot air hose right here that one only weighs

about two pounds give or take and this rubber air hose right here the total

length of it and total weight of the lint would weigh about four pounds you

know it’s a give-and-take you know what you get is you’re getting the quality

you get what you pay for and what I’m going to go ahead and do so I’m gonna

demonstrate with the other hose with the PVC I’m going to show you guys at 75

degrees and how much it’s in a fight with me when I hook when I hook it up to

that compressor and try to you know use my tools on it

they’re usually what I have to do when I’m using this PVC air hose when it’s

not that hot outside I have to you know lay down in the Sun a little bit you

know let it heat up a little bit that way could be flexible but thing is it’s

not always hot it’s not always you know 95 100 degrees outside so that’s where

you would get this rubber air hose, all right guys give me just a second I’m

going to go ahead and go ahead and connect and this PVC air hose real quick

that way you guys could get a demonstration to see the the difference

in quality and why you should choose rubber over PVC give me just a quick second

all right guys I’m back I went ahead and uh plugged in the PVC style air hose and

you already see immediately the difference you see these big loops right

here that are not willing to cooperate straighten out them set

it’s going to look at the tank pressure real quick as you can see the tank

pressure we have the same psi 90 psi is about 95 your tank it’s going to look at

the air hose first thing in your notes right here remember when I had the

rubber air hose the rubber air hose from the outlet just kind of went straight

down boom like that just kind of went with the flow there’s PVC right now 75

degrees 75 degrees according to my thermometer in the shop and at 75

degrees you already see it you know not willing to cooperate see if I get to

focus to work see the air hose just kind of squiggling down like that kind of

squeezing down and take step back for a quick look at all these loops that I

have right here see these big ol loops right here it’s not willing to lay flat

on the ground right now needs to you know look at this right here just it’s

not good man you know you know when I’m out there trying to work on my car and

I’m fighting with this air hose because you know it’s not willing flex and to

get into old areas that I need to get into let me go ahead and show you the

big pack wrench real quick hang on show it to you upside down now you see that

big loop that I have right there remember when I had the the rubber air

hose on this impact wrench it immediately concave downwards it didn’t

give me this big ol loop that I’m getting right now so now now imagine

whenever I’m using this impact wrench and I’m a and I’m in a tight spot

or I’m trying to get it into a certain spot and I’m having a fight with this

hose right here you know because you know because the temperature outside you

know it’s a little you know it’s a little cold outside it’s not even cold

you know it’s room temperature 70 degrees outside and this air hose is

fighting with you now now that being said you know just you know you’re

better off to spending the extra dollar going out there and getting yourself a

rubber air hose you may not know it because I didn’t know it I didn’t know

till yesterday when I did my research and me personally I thought all air

hoses were the same and you know it’s been proven time and time again you know

you you get what you pay for you know what I mean I mean look at this other

air hose rubber one I bought right here you know same-same PSI rating same typo it will

not same type of hose but same size of hose and you just see it like that you

see right there is just not you know the PVC ones just not willing to cooperate

with me you know I see right here you know it’s just not that you know that’s

not bending the way I needed to bend and you know when I’m using this air tool

I’m gonna you know be having a headache with it you know I mean it still works

you know let’s check it out real quick I mean it works and uh the thing is

convenience you know you use air tools at your convenience you know and you’re

trying to get the job done get it out of the way and you don’t have to deal with

things like you know little things like this and anybody who has worked out

there in the car early in the morning or during the winter they know what I’m

talking about when they have that that air hose they’re trying to unravel it

and it’s hard like a rock you know and that’s what we’re experiencing right now

just PVC air hose and like I said earlier you know the thermometer right

now so I’m to be in 75 degrees so just imagine when it’s 40 degrees so what I’m

trying to get at the point I’m trying to get at is that uh you know the brand you

know brand to me doesn’t really matter it’s a style of air hose so I guess I

guys obviously right here is to see you know who the winner is and in my opinion

I would rather choose the rubber air hose versus PVC now now you guys do the

difference for yourself so now you guys go out there and you know if you guys

you know go out there and decide go out there pick you up one of them rubber air

hoses and you guys you know you’re not gonna regret it whatever brand you get

you’re not going to read it you’re immediately gonna notice a difference.

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