Pressure Switch For Air Compressor Replacement

Pressure Switch For Air Compressor

Today we’re going to talk about pressure switch it’s real popular part

here master tool repair get a lot of questions on what type of pressure

switch is the best replacement and what types of switches are there and

essentially first off let’s first talk about why you need to replace your

pressure switch usually you will have to if the one the unit doesn’t cut it and

cut out one is supposed to at the correct pressure this is how your brains

of your compressor so it’s an electric switch but also pneumatic switch so for

instance if you know yet power going from the wall to the outlet to your

motor and you have power to your motor but not to the pressure switch well and

that’s obviously a problem right there but as well as if it doesn’t cut in at

the correct pressure or cut out of the designated pressure on your tank usually

have the maximum pressure of 125 psi hundred fifty psi or what have you then

of course that’s another hint that you need to replace your pressure switch

also if the compressor pressure rises too high so your safety release dial

blows off that’s a telltale sign that your pressure switch is defective and

not sensing the pressure correctly so it is in a pressure switch which is

electrical pneumatic switch see these are different types we sell these are

very popular types from a square switch right here to a furnace or

Hubbell brand right here and this is a popular switches and import units mainly

you can tell because of the red push pull button on top we have a core see an

import style as well it’s a four-way switch, it’s a furnace style and a very popular

unit probably the most popular switch we sell which is a condor using a lot of

Husky Campbell Hospital compressors many different types of compressors

but essentially what you’ll need to know about your switch to find a correct

replacement you’re going to want to ideally find your particular part number

and via your model number in your manual, so if you have an original OEM part

number use that certainly that will ensure you get the correct replacement

this times there are anomalies sometimes a switch what a manufacturer will change

the brand of the switch used and maybe a little bit different but functionally

the same so you may have a different connection possibly a different thread

size that happens every now and then but picture you get the you know most I say

current switch for your model you know look it up in your manual by model

number if you don’t have that what you can do is you can look at a few

different specs here and match up one of these switches for what you need for

instance the first thing to look at is definitely the pressure setting this

right here is furnace which is a cut impression of 90 psi cut them cut out

pressure of 120 psi typically it will state that either on a little label on

the outside and switch or inside the cover but it will have the cut on

pressure in the cut off pressure obviously it’s the first and foremost

most important spec you want to look for in your pressure switch so certainly

look for that they’re rated on our website by pressure rating so it’s easy

to match up also the own I’ll switch you know find that yours has an auto on or

auto off you know it certainly look for one with the switch as well it’s kind of

nice you know to haves convenience typically to leave it in Auto so it can

make you know automatically shut itself on and off but I’ll switch something to

look at also the unloader valve and if yours has an unloaded valve which most

modern compressors do put a bleeder line to attach this bleeder line routes to

the check valve at your tank well two comes in here

excels it expels the excess pressure out of the pump head out of the line so it

can restart easily so very important little guy here to make sure your sets

in a loader belt and this is a compression fitting right here very

standard type of fitting your switch your si may have a different type of

unload about fitting for instance right here is a 90 degree and it’s a Quick

Connect type fitting you’ll notice that no compression nut so you would just

take a 911 plastic tube you would forcefully kind of insert into this

fitting it would lock in place so self locking it connects so that’s a same size

quarter-inch but it’s a different type of fitting and you can easily reroute

the tube just use a quarter inch nylon and you can use this if you have a

compression stuck so the unloader valve something to look for

certainly and of course the bottom manifold you want to you have a single

port switch and for a four port switch you want to go and match yours up and we

do categorize these on line by single port and four port and what I mean by

that is course number of threads on the manifold or ports in other words these

are quarter inch female very standard type all of these are going to be a

quarter inch as well some male threads some female threads that’s easily

remedied if you have a female thread and you need a male threaded port simply

install when these adapters just a quarter inch by quarter inch pipe nipple

by an inch long pick it up here in your local hardware store simply thread it in

and voila you have a male connection so that’s something you want to look for

but this is a single port this is a four-way which of course will have

accessory ports for say your pressure gauge for your tank pressure and for

your safety release valve of course and of course another a port here typically

for say your regulator assembly which will go five your outlet regulator out

of this port so four-way allows for different accessories to plug in to the

pressure switch so these are a few different very popular styles we do

offer certainly more wide variety on our website just anywhere on our website go

to the top tab generic parts and click on pressure switches you can see by

brand by pressure setting by how many ports there’s a lot of different

criteria but there’s a lot of photos up there are specifications.

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