Porter Cable Air Compressor Parts Repair, How To Replace The Tube Seal

Porter Cable Air Compressor parts

In this explanation I’m going to show you how to replace the tube seal on an air

compressor the tube seal is a specialized oring that seals the

connection between the compressors output to and the cylinder head because

of the amount of heat at this location it’s common for the tube seal to wear

out over time at which point will need to be replaced replacing it is easy to

do and we’re going to show you how let’s get started before we remove any parts

we want to drink the air out of the tank because some of these parts are under

pressure so I’ll go ahead and open the drain on the tank and let all that air

pressurize we’ll get started by removing the manifold cover

next we remove the two screws that secure the pump to the tank now just

slide the pump assembly to the side and lift it away from the tank now remove

the two screws that secure the top handle to the pump

there are three screws that secure the two halves of the pump cover I’ll remove

those screws and then I can pull the back half of the cover away

now remove the two filled wires this one and one on the other side as well as the

ground wire it’s a good idea to make note of the color location of each of

these wires so you can refer to it when you reassemble I’ll use a couple pair of

needle nose pliers to pull this connection apart a flat bladed

screwdriver for the ground connection now rotate the pump out of the housing

so I have access to the second filled connection and again I’ll use my pliers

to pull that connection apart with the wire connections removed now I can pull

the pump away from the housing now that I have the pump assembly removed from

the rest of the compressor the next step is to remove the head bolts

now I can pull the pump gaskets and valve plate away from the cylinder head

I’ll pull the tube seal and outlet tube from the cylinder head and remove the

tube seal from the outlet tube now install our new tube seal I’ll slide it

over the outlet tube I’ll slide the new tube seal into the cylinder head and now

reinstall the rest of the pump I’ll line up the cylinder gasket on the side that

has the five valves those five valves go against the piston followed by the head

gasket if this gasket is damaged you want to replace it as well and now replace the cylinder head

now we’ll torque these bolts to between 49 and 55 inch pounds I’ll torque the

head bolts in a crossing pattern now we can place the pump back into the

housing while sliding just far enough, so we can make our first wire connection to

the field that’s the white wire, now continue to slide the pump into the

housing lining up these feet with the grooves in the housing pull my wires

through and now I can connect the yellow wire to it’s filled connection and now

Risa cure the ground wire connection you with the pump wires reattached now we

can replace the rear housing cover and secure it with the screws now we can

install the handle to the top of the pump and secure it with the screws now

I’ll place the pump back on to the isolator feet and slide it back now

replace the screws that secure the pump and finish up by replacing the manifold cover.

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