Porter Cable Air Compressor Parts, How To Replace The Regulator

Porter Cable Air Compressor Parts

In this explanation I’m going to show you how to rebuild the regulator on your air

compressor the regulator is the part of your air compressor that controls the

amount of pressure that leaves the tank the regulator can be adjusted up and

down depending on the amount of pressure needed for the tool you’re using over

time the components inside of the regulator will wear out will need to be

replaced many manufacturers offer a regulator a rebuild kit today I’m

working on a porter-cable air compressor and the same rebuild kit will work on

Porter cable as well as the other companies that fall under the Black &

Decker name such as Black & Decker Dewalt and Porter Cable on my Porter

Cable compressor the regulator is built into a manifold so I’ll begin by

removing that manifold from the compressor frame with the manifold removed from the

compressor frame now I can begin disassembling the regulator I’ll start

on the front side of the regulator and remove the regulator knob now I’ve

flipped the regulator around to get access to this plug on the back I’ll

remove that next I want to be careful here because there is a spring behind

the plug it is under tension what the regulator disassembled now we can begin

rebuilding my rebuild kit came with an instruction sheet there’s a diagram that

shows the order of the parts this will be very helpful as we begin to rebuild

I’ll start with the pieces that came out of the back of the regulator we’ll

replace all of these pieces so we’ll start with that this is the back cap of

the regulator the first thing I need to do is install a new o-ring on it next

according to the instructions of the rebuild kit I need to install a little

bit of lubrication this Lube came with the kit on some of these o-rings so just

a little lube and I’ll spread that around with the o-rings lubricated now I just

placed the spring on the cap and the piston on the spring and that assembly

is ready to go now we can turn our attention to the knob side of the

regulator on this assembly I need to replace this disc to do that I’ll pull

the knob away from the body and then push the post through the body and the

disc will pop out the other side the instructions state that we should put a

little more lubrication on this o-ring and now we can assemble the disk back

into the body and replace the knob now I can install our new parts back

into the regulator body I’ll begin with the camp spring and piston assembly

next I’ll reinstall the knob assembly but before I do there’s an o-ring at the

base that needs to be replaced I’ll pull that out the screwdriver and install the

new o-ring and now I can thread the knob into position and last or reinstalled in manifold

assembly back into the compressor frame.

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