Porter Cable Air Compressor C2002-WK 6 Gallon Capacity

Porter Cable Air Compressor

I went and bought myself a new toy there’s like three things that I really

want for around the house here an air compressor a wood chipper and a leaf

blower and I went and bought the first of those things I went to amazon.com and

here’s what I picked up got myself an air compressor this is a porter cable I

think this is 6 gallons and this was 135 bucks this is a really highly rated air

compressor on Amazon and I think I got a pretty good deal for it all I was really

looking to use it for was to blow out the leaves for my tractor like I kind of

take you in here and show you what I’m talking about like it’d be kind of nice to get rid of

all that stuff that’s under there and just like all the random junk that kind

of gets on this every time you mow I’d like to be able to blow that off and

also my four wheeler here which I haven’t had out for the year yet

it’s got flat tires and stuff on it and this thing’s tires are kind of flat so

be kind of nice to have something that could blow those up a little bit and

help me out and I think this thing will be perfect it’s probably actually a

little bit overkill I don’t think I needed six six gallon one for that but

it’s such a good deal because it comes with as you can see down here 13 piece

accessory kit included which is pretty sweet so it’ll have all the stuff that I

need to do this and I haven’t actually unn open this thing up yet so if your

I’ll do that here on video and we’ll see what’s inside here’s everything out of

the box as you can see it wasn’t too much in there got the main component

here which is the air compressor itself there’s my dog and here is the court

that goes with that and you’re gonna plug that in and then here’s all the

parts of course made in China like like everything else and a little doohickeys

are in there that I can use for this I don’t have much experience and using an

air compressor so I’m gonna have to absolutely use this which is the

instruction manual which comes in a variety of languages I’ll probably use

the English version and so I’m going to fire this thing up and well I actually

do some reading first I suppose so I don’t mess it up and I figure out what I

need to do to pump my tires up and blow the leaves off that’s gonna be pretty

awesome so that’s everything that came in there and I guess next we’ll see how

I can use this thing dude this is a freaking manual holy crap look at this

this thing is just going on and on I haven’t actually read it yet I just

unfolded it but I was a little overwhelmed I guess there’s some photos

to go off the pictures but I might have to actually do some reading here I did

read online the important thing you want to run this thing for 15 minutes with

the valve open letting all the air out just as a warmup period that’s what one

guy said on Amazon where other people said that’s not required but I’m going

to do it because I really don’t have anything to lose and I spend a hundred

thirty-five bucks on this so I really don’t want to damage it so that’s what

I’m going to do first alright I got that thing all done warming up it ran for 15

minutes and air is just coming out of it right now the meantime while I was

playing around with these things here this is probably what I’m going to want

to use for spraying off the mower to get all the dirt and stuff off of it so all

these elements kind of go together they all go into this and I figured out that

this is the main adapter that I’m going to use basically this is going to go

into the back section here like this trying to do it one-handed

so that’ll go in there like so of course it’s not easy to do here threading this

in so there it is and then I’m gonna plug that into there and then this

becomes my my sprayer and I’m like like like that what is that she’s gonna be

freaking out when I do this give me a scaredy-dog video isn’t it and then uh

this is obviously for pumping up the tires which I’m definitely going to be using bro

bro come on and then this this is like what I would use for a basketball pump I

suppose then there’s a bunch of other little doodads here all to figure out

what these are for it doesn’t really say in the manual here you think in this

whole big thing half of this is just warnings on operating it I guess so they

don’t get sued by people which probably is pretty reasonable so I’m going to

probably be using this with that adapter in there and plugging it in here so the

next operation I have is going to be to start this beast up if you’ve watched

any of my videos in the past this thing is a mother to get started specially

efforts at since probably October I’m going to try to get this thing started

and at least move it out I need to get it from here outside because I don’t

want to blow all this stuff around in here even though it’s a good bit of a

mess in here as it is I mean you look with the woodworking and crap that we

were doing building this trailer it’s a bit of a mess anyway so I’m going to try

to get it out of here wish me luck oh boy here we go so you push the clutch in pull the choke

out I do the three flicks for good luck, okay we keep trying that get some choke

point I just keep doing that I don’t know if does anything or not but try to

jumpstart the battery sometimes that works oh I don’t know that’s gonna do me

any good we’ll give it a shot here all right I got the battery hooked up see if

that does anything fairly new batteries so it should work

I’m pretty sure there’s a nest of some sorts inside this thing I I started up

all this crap flu and this is what happened last year frickin something

made a Nestle right inside there which is probably what the case is now you smell nest in there

what is that mice it’s our mouse in there yeah I’m gonna have to really blow

this thing out that’s another reason that this thing’s gonna be really nice

to have is to make sure I don’t catch my freakin tractor on fire when I go to use

it okay here we go I’ll show you the rig that I’ve set up here I got the hose

plugged in I got the thing on the end like I was showing you a little bit

earlier that I’ll just be able to spray this hopefully not that I’m really sure

of so I’m going to turn this on and hope for the best let’s give it a shot

you know this thing is not strong enough to take all these leaves out so I’m

gonna have to go in here myself and pull them all out of it that’s what

I’m going to do now then we’ll blow this thing out real nice and I think I’m

gonna try to take this cover off as well to see what may be hiding inside there

okay here we go take a look at this that’s a mouse nest in there little jerk

that’s like completely packed in there yeah you were right this is so bad like

this is just packed in here all this Mouse debris and grass and junk in there

it’s like a yearly ritual sighs fair for it but it sucks nonetheless to have to

dig all this out of here well I’m gonna wrap this video up here it’s starting to

get dark out I found the hugest mouse nest in here and I’m starting to take

this thing all apart and hopefully get that all cleared out before I start

mowing which is coming up pretty soon this grass is getting pretty long out

here so this is the end of the video I really love the air compressor worked

out really well unfortunately I found a bigger problem inside my mower than what

I anticipated I was actually going to start mowing tonight but that’s going to

be put off I’m going to finish this up here hopefully tonight and put them over

away and I’ll have an update for you here soon but again recommend the air

compressor really nice the porter-cable definitely something I’d recommend for a

hundred thirty five bucks so thanks for watching and I’ll have another video up here soon

here’s all the crap that I blew off of it just so you can see a lot of those

leaves and then here’s a lot of the mouse nest there’s a lot more left to

get so that’s going to my next operation you know I was going to wrap it up for

the night but I’m not the type of person that likes to give up so I brought

everything inside and I’m working here and I want to show you the extent of

this I kind of took this off and if I use this light in here you’re going to

be able to see just how bad it is I think I can move this around see all

that crap in there that is the huge nest that I’ve been picking at for like an

hour and a half now and that’s like the bottom of it I got this whole top piece apart

I’ve got everything apart inside this engine is just ridiculous so I’m going

to keep running at this and I’m gonna get this done tonight no matter what I

am so happy right now I got that thing finally cleaned up it is immaculate the

engine is perfectly clean no more mouse nest no more problems so I’m going to

put this all back together and then tomorrow I’m going to change the oil and

I should be mowing by this weekend so I’m pretty stoked just got to stick with

stuff when it’s a free mower you got to take care of it because they don’t come

by too easy and I certainly don’t want to go out and buy one but I’m hoping

this is the last time that I have to do this because next year at this time

actually a week from now I’m going to have a at or two and I’m hoping that that cats

able to take care of any problems that lead to this so no more mice hopefully.

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