Porter Cable 60 Gal Air Compressor 2 Year Review

60 Gal Air Compressor

Today we’re going to take a look at my porter-cable 60 gallon

240 volt air compressor maxes out 155 psi as you can see there has plenty of

CFM especially for what I’m using it for impact air wrench die grinder drill

generator tools even though I’ve had it for two years actually never have taken

her off this kid hasn’t really walked around whatsoever kind of too heavy to

walk around never had the motor get excessively hot generator has never

popped its thermal reset there still has the original belt still has the original

oil which probably need to change that out since it’s coming up on two years a

couple of things about this I liked and didn’t like one one if you’re gonna buy

a compressor you’ve already dished out the money for the compressor why do you

have to buy the power cord yes some people do hardwired into their shop

or house but a lot of us we just wanted a power cord so got a power cord and

wired it up plugged into the wall now a couple things I did like this pipe here

as you can see it’s metal a lot of the different manufacturers this is metal

quite a few of them you’ll see like a temperature coil spun around it supposed

to dissipate heat and I think also protects you from hitting it or touching

it because it does get a little warm now this pipe here that is actually the tube

also going to the tank that goes to the control box the control box is actually

when the pressure reaches a certain level is designed to kick off the pump

but once it goes down to her central kick it back on now you can see this

plastic fitting here that’s okay Granta don’t really like it

but I’ve never really seen a full-metal one here yet probably some really big

name brands would but hey what I pay for you take what you get now this right

here is still aluminum now I’ve seen some big-name companies where that is

plastic well if you have this in a shop that doesn’t have any kind of

temperature control or garage just going through the heat cycles itself if it’s

cold outside that can actually break and split and start leaking air well once

that starts leaking air it thinks that your tank as due to a certain psi where

needs kick back in and it will Prime and depending how much air is leaking it

will shut back off but it’ll be real quick to come back on because well the

PSI just drop back down or with this being metal short of hitting this little

elbow down here it’s not gonna leak and with it being aluminum it shouldn’t rush

– well I think it’s a little yeah get a magnet here and I’ll check it later

another one thing over sneaks interesting there’s a little tag down

here a compressor built in the US with global materials well honestly what

isn’t anymore that says built in the USA even if it says made in the USA not

everything out of it’s made in the USA unless is a machine shop and they’re

making it right there in front of you yeah even still you run the chance of it

being as a China metal or whatnot yeah no problems two years with it got this

one from tractor supply I think they had on selling was a brown a Black Friday I

believe I paid 425 maybe 450 out the door that included that extra 2 year

warranty on it I believe they actually have raised the price on these though

recently it’s probably the supplier that’s actually raised the price on I’m

not necessarily them key thing about the oil here when you go

to buy a compressor I’ll really look at the packaging if it has any kind of

indicators I mean by indicator would be like a round disc that has sand or some

type of highly visible dust in it and at any point it says that the line goes

above this angle then do not use this compressor well if you buy a compressor

that has that on there one double-check that this one didn’t

have that because it actually didn’t come with filled with oil you had to add

it yourself and what that little gauge is for is when the whole unit gets

tipped over to a certain angle and it doesn’t have to be a complete line aside

the fluid that’s in here because what happens they actually pre fill it for

you but if it goes past a certain angle it literally gets fluid up here past the

rings of the piston in here and if you don’t get that oil out of there then

when you first go to turn this on it hydro locks itself and literally blow

that casting apart I actually haven’t seen one done but I’ve actually seen

pictures of one that’s happened so definitely make sure you transport these

things with care especially if it does have that indicator on it and you know

it’s full of oil a lot of manufacturers now are testing it with oil but then

they drain it and then they give you the bottle oil add in there just because I

think they got tired of improper transportation and happened to take

those back as defect when technically except for getting the oil out of the

top end there was nothing really wrong with it so yeah two years my use it’s

been well my neighbor actually will occasionally borrow an airline from me and use it too.

Source : Porter-Cable 60 Gallon Air Compressor 2 Year Review

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