Porter Cable 6 Gallon Air Compressor Repair, How To Replace The Pressure Switch

Porter Cable 6 Gallon Air Compressor

In this explanation I’m going to show you how to replace the pressure switch on an air

compressor the pressure switch on your air compressor is designed to turn the

compressor on at a preset pressure and then back off at a preset higher

pressure when the pressure switch goes bad common symptoms are a compressor

that won’t turn back on at all or the compressor builds to the normal shutoff

point and then continues to run until the safety valve opens fortunately

pressure switches are easy to replace and we’re going to show you how let’s

get started before we remove any parts we want to drink the air out of the tank

because some of these parts are under pressure so I’ll go ahead and open the

drain on the tank and let all that air pressurize we’ll get started by removing

the manifold cover, next we remove the two screws that secure the pump to the tank

now just slide the pump assembly to the side and lift it away from the tank now

remove the two screws that secure the top handle to the pump there are three

screws that secure the two halves of the pump cover I’ll remove those screws and

then I can pull the back half of the cover away now remove the two filled

wires this one and one on the other side as well as the ground wire it’s a good

idea to make note of the color location of each of these wires so you can refer

to it when you reassemble I’ll use a couple pair of needle nose pliers to

pull this connection of heart a flat bladed screwdriver for the ground connection

now rotate the pump out of the housing so I have access to the second filled

connection and again I’ll use my pliers to pull that connection apart with the

wire connections removed now I can pull the pump away from the housing the hose

from the pressure switch is secured to the manifold with a special type of

crimping hose clamp to remove this I’ll use a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters

and I’ll both squeeze and rock the clamp side to side until the end breaks off

and now we’ll remove the hose now remove the red wire that runs between the

pressure switch and the on/off switch now remove the screw that secures the

pressure switch bracket to the housing now the pressure switch will just pull

away from the compressor our pressure switch kit includes the pressure switch

a set of instructions as well as a new screw for the bracket and a new hose clamp

we’ll begin reassembly by inserting the pressure switch hose through the hole in

the housing and then I’ll Risa cure the pressure switch to the housing with the screw

now reinstall the red wire to the on/off switch Porter cable used a couple of different

manifolds on their air compressor depending on which style of manifold you

have you may or may not have to cut your hose to length to fit in the case of our

compressor we do need a trim it just get a rough size and then cut the hose with

either a knife or in this case a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters now I’ll place

the hose clamp that was supplied in our kit over the hose and reattach the hose

to the nipple on the manifold to secure the clamp I use a pair of end nipper

pliers just place them on the tab and squeeze them to secure the clamp

now we can place the pump back into the housing while sliding just far enough so

we can make our first wire connection to the field that’s the white wire

now continue to slide the pump into the housing lining up these feet with the

grooves in the housing pull my wires through and now I can connect the yellow

wire to it’s filled connection and now Risa cure the ground wire connection

with the pump wires reattached now we can replace the rear housing cover and

secure it with the screws now we can install the handle to the top of the

pump and secure with the screws now I’ll place the pump back onto the isolator

feet and slide it back now replace the screws that secure the pump

and finish up by replacing the manifold cover you.

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