Portable Air Compressor For Car 260 PSI DC 12V

Air Compressor For Car

Were you to talk about this ear compressor that I just ordered so

basically this is unboxing of this air compressor so just first looking at it

it seems okay, when I on our site on the internet I actually think that it was

unique so actually but if so take like two weeks to come here three weeks and

this is it yeah this is it about the color is the oil work but just by

looking at it yeah it all seems to to look that strong or take a look and see at work

all right yeah so we’re still here so basically I’m going to show you guys all

you’re supposed to do this thing here and we say oh we turn out in the end so

you take this end of it unplug it in the in the in that light setting it here

and this is the end that’s gonna go on the wheel right on I’m here using one on

to do this so so you can just see what you for no yes I think you can go

was basically just come back to it no one kind of song want it to be different listen

kind of so a little bit different that actually sound like is just a motor

alone moving and not nothing else and it’s it’s not pushing any here

anymore so I think I think I think something is wrong with you know I just

got it so alright we saw a candle I just got this thing here your

compressor just got it and I tried to Palm the car and it did it for a little

while but but listen to it now so so it’s this thing on it’s it’s not

pushing here anymore I just got it this is the box I just got it

well I figured enough we’ll try and see what’s wrong

so basically I got a screwdriver so I have to plug it on first so let me see a

few schools here so I cannot do this thing with my phone and I’m holding this

thing at the same time so I’m gonna stop it and pull it and then come back here

all right so you to run back again so this is it no I just pull it this is it

after but no I’m basically I’m seeing, all right I can see this stuff here this

is focus phone this is the actual metal see like it basically is eat enough and

these are the schools and and this is the problem is actually moving so it

supposed to be touching this and spin, all right I’m gonna I’m gonna plug it in

wok and see and see what it’s supposed to do turn it on the switches around

there so take these screws off here the next school that’s an exclusive is to

the problem right here motor spinning what is not cutting is it at the motor

spinning but the water is not touching because these least cool disco actually

fall off the team so this is not a good construction as I can say basically this is

this is it yeah I know this is total crap you can see the metal all of this

out of this white stuff that you see there that’s the metal metal is actually

chewing on the next metal so that create a problem these do the stuff that I have

here this is not a good construction that that’s what happened earlier more

towards I can do I know it’s basically try to fix it well it’s not any nothing

like proper breaker for not later it’s just the screw the screw kind of fellow

done it kind of got slapped so I try to fix Bucky in the school on combo this is

one of the school to come here and the next one got to go on idea yeah so my

watch I’ll get it fixed and see there is a color mechana put in but the

school’s tiny talk but against the construction of this thing is not it’s

not good because the metal is actually eating off as I can see the metal is all

over all over I can see my fingers and stuff is the actual metal of this these

two metal touching together so that one is kind of miss of the next one so as I

can see that isn’t it supposed to hello so this is my view on this thing and

it’s crap I can’t tell you this thing is crap right now

I’m like you’re thinking what what the hell I’m going to do with this I already

spent our money on bite so I don’t know what to do with it no so.

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