Orazio 1100w 50L Silent Air Compressor Test

Silent Air Compressor

All right so this is my new compressor aim tools made in China not really a

good thing that not sure but we’ll see and get the information there so this

compressor is supposed to be silent I did have a direct drive compressor but

god that thing’s loud so I wanted something a bit more appropriate or use

the old tank from the old compressor just down there you can see it I’ll use

that as an exhilarating for this information 36 kilos pretty lightweight

this is basically one and a half horsepower 1100 watt compressor so when

I get it unboxed and see what it’s like I really I should have added that this

compressor brand new is a 217 pounds I think it was weave shipping which is

pretty pretty good I think really for our silent compressor you can see right

the box is pretty sturdy that it comes in probably not a massive amount of

packing you can probably get damaged of it inside there unless it’s bolted to

the bottom we’ll soon find out yes I’ll carry on unboxing it right so got it

upside down now compress I’ve got to be honest um well pretty impressed with the

build quality of it so far it’s better than the one that turned up the other

one plug was all damaged that is a cheap compressor don’t get me wrong

this one is cheap it was 80 quid it’s 220 this is a 50 layer one bit

disappointed with a paint finish on the bottom

I mean don’t get me wrong it’s more but that’s not me removing this great paint off there

that’s just IVA it’s where it’s been on the floor when they’ve painted and it’s not got covered

I mean it’s minor really it’s not a structural part the wheels go there it’s

not really going to cause any issues this is all free by the way as well so

even better an oil free compressor no maintenance so I haven’t got to worry

about it and hopefully I’ll get it tested in a minute get it wheels on and we’ll fire it up

well firstly gotta say this thing is ridiculously quiet I’m not worried about

using this in the night make the world year tall was going to be louder than

the noisiest makes I just run it up filled up this 50 litre tank in probably

a minute which is pretty good in comparison to the ones I’ve had before

obviously how long this compressor lasts I don’t know but at the moment from what

the reviews I’ve read they’re pretty good tested it with it running it pulls

exactly 1,100 watts so the manufacturers not lying about the power it puts out

this is now up to pressure so what I’ll do we’re not it’s difficult to recreate

the sound it’s going to sound worse on the videos are watched online these

compressors always sound a bit louder than they possibly are in real life so

yeah I’ll just open this valve we should get compressors died

there’s the compressor running on the seat so quiet and it builds up the

pressure so quickly just have a quick walk around look at the gauge

yeah, when it gets the work in practice we’ll hear it come

that’s the loudest part we have right so basically inside the compressor

you’ve got this cooling fan one on each side so this is two cylinder and so the

motors gettin cold from both sides the compressor really is probably not going

to run that often now you saw how much air right to let out for it to operate or to start operating

yeah I’m amazed by this it’s a definitely been well worth the money

compared to the crap one I used before it alder fittings look good I mean look

at that that’s a proper flexi pipe they’re braided all crimped even the

copper pipe looks nice or Recio air tools never heard of them before but

I’ll definitely be recommending this assuming it laughs I mean all I’m going

to use it for is some air tools any downside this bit of a small nipple

really is this fitting here is a it’s just a hose barb you know really could

have been a euro fitting or PCL fee that’s not really an issue for me off

guard PCL one spare hasn’t got a regulator on it it’s not really the end

of the world because you could fit one that’s probably why they’ve just left a

crap fitting on the end you could fit your own regulator for me I’m going to

go run that pipe from there and it will go on to the other end of this I’ve

rendered this pipe into this compressor then I’ll of an extra storage tank there

I’ll push me up 75 liters and I’ll also have to regulated outputs so

yeah it’s not a massive issue it not having a regulator and but yeah

definitely a good piece of kit well worth the money minor nickel as well the link for the

power lead you see it’s relatively short but it’s easy to extend just to undo the

pressure switch disconnect the cable and put a new bit in I can do that myself no

problem yeah I’ll do some testing later with some air tools and see how we get on.

Source : Orazio 1100w 50L silent oil free air compressor unboxing and test

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