New Black Max Air Compressor Review

Black Max Air Compressor

I’d do explanation for you right now doesn’t have any air air in the air in

it yet it’s a little warm because I was running it for a bit

that’s Teflon taped everything this wasn’t all Teflon so that’s why it’s why

I Teflon it I got a pretty you got a gauge directly on the tank here here

specs for those of you who like air compressors it’s Black Max by Coleman

power mate and it’s a 220 power so it runs off the same powers to my welder I

actually just got both of them up in that plug I don’t think that’s safe but

it’s the best I’ve got right now I’ll probably go and buy another one of these

plugs down at Home Depot but it runs great and it’s real quiet actually

traded my little one for this big one my dad had this big one he didn’t know

whether as 110 or 2 or 220 add a 110 plug on it you can see right there next

to the pink cup but I looked on the motor after I got here it says 208 to

230 volts so it’s not transferable you can’t take that down to 110 my air like

I sang before I crudely interrupted by a my alarm on my phone my pressure washer

over there can can go up to 220 or 110 I’ve got it to 110 right now because I

don’t ever use that on to 2110 runs it just fine so you know why switch it over

so I’ll probably get a good plug for it there and probably also grab grab a plug

for this compressor for my generator as well my generator can produce 220 so

it’d be kind of nice to be able to produce 220 and a hefty 20 you know

available for this so wherever I go I can plug this into it so you know flip

it on here and I’ll show you how quiet it is the quiet

yeah it’s pretty toasty but the actual tube itself yeah pretty quiet a lot quieter than the last one

everybody in the house would be happy about that but yes but I’m really liking

it it’s gonna be a nice one definitely gives me enough to run my air tools

which my last one barely gave me enough I salut used our tools on a but I had to

turn it up so far that it’s a little in the red the red zone for being almost

too much psi it’s probably right below the the blow valve so you know blow

valve gets up to 7 psi and it blows because yeah I thought that once before

with that tank so come on Z Lurie tank here and then I got my main tank which

I’m glad that my Ziller and my main aren’t almost the same size that’s how

it used to be this is a a 25 gallon 230 volt 15 amp 60 Hertz, 5 horsepower motor cool I’ll see you.

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