Move Your Champion Air Compressor Easily

Champion Air Compressor

What’s up y’all alright so you can see I got this compressor on a trailer and I’m

about to show you all how to move a compressor on the trailer and give you a

bunch of tips and tricks. I might have a whole series on air compressor stuff you know

putting this thing back together I’m going to take you all along with me

putting it back together air compressor tips and tricks you know stuff to get

the best performance out of your equipment so make sure you subscribe

because you’re not going to want to miss out alright so you can see I got this

compressor up on the trailer and it’s an 80 gallon champion air compressor thumbs

up champion best compressors ever made so I’ve heard but you can see it’s

missing the motor and the pump because I took it apart to put it on the trailer

now there’s a bunch of different ways you can do this you can strap it to a

pallet and put it on the trailer strap it to a pallet we’ll bolt it to a pallet

put in truck bed with the forklift you can use one of those little hand

things and push it up on the trailer maybe pull it up on the trailer take it apart

don’t strap it on here on a pallet and just you know put it bare down on the

trailer just as it is like the feet bare like this however you do it get it on

the trailer the way I did it was I took it apart so I’m going to show you all

the other parts here real quick it’s in three pieces the tank the pump is over

here and the motor is over here so let’s take a look at that I’m gonna hop up in

the truck bed here real quick and we’re gonna see what the pumps looking like

alright so there’s a pump right there in all its glory you can see it’s beautiful

I know and I’m probably gonna catch a bunch of flack for this but I laid it

down on the pulley because I had no other way to do it because see that one

pipe right there it was corroded as heck up here and it wouldn’t come off so I

had to lay it down like that but I already took the straps off I mean I had

this thing strapped every which way you know every which way I had like five

straight dudes I had all these straps on it right here and more so I strapped it

to the side strapped it over X I didn’t want it to move but yeah it’s laying on

a blanket and make sure you drain all the oil out of it if you’re gonna do it

this way because you don’t want oil on the top of the motor and you really

don’t want to mess on your hands so it’s good to drink it if you could set it up

flat you don’t have to drain the oil but I had to lay it on its side you could

lay you could lay it on the side like that and drain the oil too and you know

put it on the trailer but it’s super sketchy I mean if you strapped it down

really really well you could keep it all together but yeah if you set it flat

down in the bed you don’t have to drain the oil out of it really I mean we did

because I didn’t want to mess on my hands so let’s go take a look at the

motor inside the truck alright y’all ready for this oh let’s go let’s see

what do we got uh oh look at that let’s get us some Sun hold on let’s let

it breathe let it breathe hold on step back for a minute

get us some Sun let it breathe alright this is a five horsepower Dayton

single-phase industrial air compressor duty motor and you can see it’s got the

pulley already on it everything we just took the motor off just unbolted it but

yeah man that thing is a beast Good thing’s a beast I’m gonna get it cleaned

up here and it runs really really good but um let’s see what my hand looks like

up in here yes see how big that thing is man that is a massive motor

I wanted to Baldor seven and a half horsepower motor but they were way too

expensive so I got this and I can upgrade in the future whatever but I’m

happy with this I got a deal on it like I said so some other stuff that came

with it this magnetic starter right here the contactor I think this is a

three-phase one it looked like a three-phase one to me I’m not a hundred

percent sure if I can use that with single-phase 220 y’all let me know in

the comments those that know more than me but I’ll get there when I get there

you can see right here I got the two belts I got the pressure switch over

there and the cover for this I’ll show you all, the pressure switch here hold on you can

see the pressure switch I mean it’s in really good shape on the inside squared

D the best yeah so you got a little bit of air compressor oil there my motors

right there when you’re buying these things it’s a good idea to smell them I

know it sounds silly but I sniff the heck out of this thing

smell up in there smell the wires you want to make sure your smell the front

you want to make sure it doesn’t smell like you know burnt anything burnt windings the

enamels burned off the windings because that would be bad so yeah yeah that’s it

I got some bags and nuts and bolts and I have to come up with a regulator and all

that kind of stuff but yeah it wasn’t too bad go back to the tank here for a

second so yeah yeah it wasn’t too bad at all like I said there’s a million

different ways to do it this is how I feel is the safest and best way you know

just for your average homeowner with no forklift or any of that kind of stuff is

the best easiest way that way you know what condition is in when you buy it or

when you move it then when you put it back together you know it’s going to be

in that exact same condition as long as you don’t drop anything if you strap the

thing up here all put together I mean it might roll it might shift you know

unless you strap it down really well you never really know I mean.

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