Milwaukee Air Compressor 2475-20 Review And Tips For Use

Milwaukee Air Compressor

I have in front of me Milwaukee’s new m12 compact inflator

model number 2475-20 this little guy is awesome from inflating anything from

basketballs all the way up to small equipment in even car tires truck tires

up to 80 psi what we tested this unit will go from zero to 120 psi so to start

out we tested this with a jeep tire it’s a tire off our 2006 Rubicon it is a 2475 r16

we let all the air out of it and we’re gonna pump it back up to 35 psi

and we’re going to test how much battery it takes on a 4.0 amp hour battery and

also just how much time it takes so we got that set up got the timer going and

while that’s happening we’ll give you a couple specs this inflator is rated at

point eight eight CFM at zero psi in point six three CFM at 35 psi it is not

rated above that but it still seems to do pretty well in the higher psi ratings

it has a target rating that you can set so if you want to set this up to 35 psi

like we are in this case you just simply put the target in there and it will

automatically pump up to that target rating and turn off the gauge accuracy

is at plus or minus three percent and it does have a 50 percent duty cycle and

it’s in the manual over and over not to run this for longer than 10 minutes and

after that 10 minutes you have to give it a 10 minute break before you turn it

on again and you can only run it for another 10 minutes and then turn it off

to cool that’s important and we’ll go over that in a little bit now the time

on this it took 8 minutes to go from zero to 35 psi in on a 4.0 amp hour

battery per the gauge on the unit it took a half of a battery we wanted to

verify that psi so we got on our digital meter and verified it it was dead on at 35 psi and

after letting just a touch of air out it went down to thirty four point nine not a big deal

absolutely accurate at 35 psi and we let this unit sit for the 10 minutes that it

needed and we were looking at it there’s some feet on the bottom that don’t ever

remove because that is it’s kind of an anti vibration device here but it also

protects the bottom of the battery from touching the ground if this is going to

vibrate or you do have it on stones I would probably try to protect that

battery from the vibration that you might get off this unit just for some

battery longevity now we went to our f350 and said what would it take for it

to go from 70 psi up to 80 psi so we took our digital meter drop the tire

down to 70 psi hook this guy up it read 71.5 psi so it was a little bit

off and then we touch set our target at 80 psi let it go

3 minutes 30 seconds later it hit the 80 psi and then we did our digital meter

test again we got 78 point 8 psi pretty good actually I mean we’re still we’re

well better than that plus or minus 3{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} I actually fiddled with this on the

other tire and when I got the other one up to 80 psi it was 79 point five on our

digital meter so it’s going to vary a little bit but with that said it’s still

pretty accurate even at that higher level now the this unit does get hot in

after the second time running it we wanted to say just how hot does it get

giving normal breaks so we got our thermal imager and you can see looking

at the inflator there’s different hot spots and in some of the places it’s

actually a hundred and thirty five degrees so it’s going to be very

important to give this unit arrest as the instruction manual talks about I

think longevity of that it’s going to be a must so if you have something that’s

going to have to go from zero to 80 psi you’re gonna have to watch it turn it

off give it a break it’s not going to make 0 to 80 psi what I think this thing

is going to really shine for is someone in the garage winners over with I want

to check with the tires are at I want to go from whatever they

might have fallen to from 33 to 36 I mean it’s going to take minutes to do

that in this gauge is accurate enough that you wouldn’t have to worry about it

set the target pressure let it turn off move on if your hope you’re pumping up

anything for the pool pumping up basketballs small easy to store great

place to have it at home or in the shop or carry it with you no matter what

you’re doing this little guy works as long as you’re not going to expect it to

set a bead in the tire or do something that’s just crazy you know I mean with

the size of this think about the job it’s going to do nice little unit.

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