MasterCraft 10 Gallon Workshop Vertical Air Compressor Review

Vertical Air Compressor

Today we’re going to check out the Mastercraft 10 gallon workshop air compressor so of

course a little further let’s slice it open check it out test it out and give it a smack wick intensive you

so for those of you who are looking for a versatile tool to add to your garage

to a collection or workshop that an air compressor may be a good choice to add

the versatile and useful for many applications it’s definitely something

you want to consider new your competitor comes in your traditional master craft

cardboard packaging here nothing too spectacular about that and after

removing that the first time pretty much the only thing that we get is an

instruction manual and of course the air compressor itself covered in clear

plastic since the air compressor didn’t come with anything I did pick up a

couple other accessories first off here we have a master craft air tool

accessory kit which is a pretty good kit to pretty much get you started as well

as a 50 foot hose this is from a company called maximum the hybrid rubber PVC air

hose which I also picked up at Canadian Tire and later in this video I will

demonstrate how this compressor works with a couple accessories so taking a

quick overview of the air compressor here and what it has to offer as I

mentioned this is the 10 gallon model but it is also available in higher

capacities as well as smaller ones the main construction of the tank of course

is a high grade steel along with a steel kickstand an adjustable steel handle

with a rubber grip all this painted in your traditional master craft bright

blue the front kickstand also features two rubberized grips to cushion the

impact when you lay it on the kickstand and there’s also a horizontal kicks in

on the back here for the same built-in rubber feet I’ve also found that the

rear kickstand also acts as a good spot to type your power cord or even an air

hose because the 10 gallon model is a larger model built in wheels are a

standard feature and last but not least is the motor because this is an electric

model it features an oil free pump and motor for a low maintenance operation

the motor itself has 1.8 horsepower and with it this model can deliver 5.0 CFM

at 40 psi and 4.0 CFM at 90 psi overall the maximum output psi pressure of this

unit is 130 psi so what do these numbers mean well basically you can do

everything from painting to using tools such as impact wrenches nail guns do

something simple as pumping up a tire continue on we also have the safety

valve on your left side two gauges one for your tech one for your tool a built-in regulator

and lastly not one but two outlet ports and also forgot to mention the power

button on the back so let’s fire this up and see what it sounds like so the first

thing you probably noticed is that this air compressor is very loud and that’s

because if it’s 1.8 horsepower motor that being said with a bigger motor like

this it means the tank could be sewed up more quickly and then free don’t to have

it running all the time but anyways here’s a few things you can do with an

air compressor and for those of you who pick one up you’ll find that air

compressors do come in handy for a variety of uses so the first obvious

thing I can do with an air compressor is obviously blow air a little tool like

this that came with that kid I showed you guys earlier it’s something great

for example if you’re cleaning a laundry duct another example that we can test

out is that air compressors are very useful for nail guns and one final

example of something as easy as pumping a car tire and it looks like we’re good overall as

you guys saw through those examples it’s an air compressor that works I have been

using this for the past three weeks now it’s just a test those on the features

and things that I could use an air compressor for and so far I’m fairly impressed

everything from pumping up car tires to bicycle tires and adding trim to places

that I never thought of doing with a hammer and nail shows that air

compressors do come in handy tasks such as cleaning little crevices with dust

that you normally couldn’t reach with a Swiffer duster to even cleaning ducts

it’s something that an air compressor makes an easy job doing in terms of this

particular model here I do like the 10 gallon sides it’s a little bit bigger

than your carry-on size the Mastercraft did include a kick set and wheels to

make it easy to roll around that being said if you’re looking for something to

not just to use in your shop but also take around with you to your worksite

then a 10 gallon model is probably the biggest one I would recommend because

it’s the largest model that I could barely lift with so anything bigger than

this it’s probably going to be a pain to lift into your truck bed and something

that would require 2 people with if you’re planning on carrying an air

compressor to other places other than your garage or work site the 1.8

horsepower motor is more than enough to fill this tank up very quickly and in

terms of the size of the 10 gallon model here I would say it’s more than enough

for the average homeowner over someone who needs an air compressor and a shop

in terms of pricing Canadian Tire does retool this for $400 around there but I

have seen it on sale and actually at the time this video was made half-price for

199 dollars so for the price and the quality that you get out of this machine

I taste a pretty good deal especially if you can get it on sale in terms of any

cons or things I don’t like about the air compressor the one thing I would say

is that because it’s a 10 gallon model it’s getting a little bit on the heavier

end in terms of carrying this around but the biggest thing for me is that the

motor is very very loud which is no surprise since it is an air compressor

so for those of you who like to work late at night and you need to use your

air compressor it may not be the most ideal thing to run late in the night

especially if you have your wife sleeping or neighbors right next door to

you in conclusion guys if you’re looking for an affordable high capacity air Cobra

for your needs you definitely can’t grow up with the Mastercraft workshop ten gallon air compressor.

Source : MasterCraft 10 Gallon Workshop Air Compressor

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