Master Airbrush Mini Air Compressor Review

Mini Air Compressor

This is the master airbrush no less on then I’m giving it its the actual

manufacturer’s name, so I’m Amazon it’s about 90 bucks and it’s about the cheapest one you can

you get and I think it’s pretty good so let’s check it out all right so the past

few explanation you may have seen this thing sitting in the corner I got it on

activities I’ve had it for a while but I wanted to learn how to airbrush at least

okay before I reviewed it because I didn’t think it was fair to review it

when I was absolutely terrible at airbrushing and had no idea what I was

saying so basically like I said 90 bucks and you get the compressor you get the

sale zone you get see there’s like a pressure gauge up there and you get the

hose and you get the airbrush it doesn’t come with any paint you can pick up

paint for like 20 bucks for like Saturn on nine paints so it’s not that bad now

this is a really good price for what it is because for some of the more

expensive things technically this is just the airbrush and these can be

themselves like 90 bucks so you get a compressor with it and a filter and a

pressure gauge it’s a really good deal so like I said I bought this on Amazon

actually I got it for Christmas but stealing store on Amazon so I will link

those down below if you want to pick this up I will be going over the pros

the cons and just some general stuff about this thing okay so let’s take a

bit of a closer look at the actual airbrush okay okay so this is a

gravity-fed airbrush so it’s got the little paint folder thing on the top I

don’t know exactly how much paint it holds but I think it holds enough I

think it’s like three ounces I may be wrong on that but basically it’s a dual

action I believe it’s called so you press this down to start the flow of air

and then you pull it back and the more and more you pull it back so more and

more paint will fly out so there’s like single actions – and stuff but this is a

dual action and it seems pretty high quality especially for 90 bucks for all

this I believe these are about $25 just the airbrush from master airbrush so they’re

not that expensive alone you’ve got a few removable spots to clean you’ve got

two little things in the top in the front that you can remove which you

don’t need to to clean and then you’ve got something in the back to remove to

adjust like air flow and stuff which I won’t do as I’ll go over in the cons I

kind of messed this thing up so just kind of leave all these like adjustment

swings on it unless you know exactly what you’re doing

but that’s basically the airbrush it connects down here to your hose and yeah

it’s pretty nice it feels comfortable in your hand it’s pretty lightweight okay

so the next thing is the hose it’s like 3-4 feet long I think it’s three feet

long it’s this nice braided type material and it just seems really nicely

built it’s a small hose and it’s bendable and flexible you don’t want I

can’t get folks that’ll like mess up your air flow stuff but yeah it seems

pretty good not much else to say now on to kind of the main items this is the

air compressor you can buy just the just the air brush like I said but the reason

I wanted it with the air compressor is because this is a very silent air compressor

or when compared to a lot of other air compressors it’s not completely silent

but it’s very quiet because only a fifth horsepower it doesn’t really need more

than that when you are going full paint so like push down and pull all the way

back this thing can keep up with it you don’t have to take a lot of breaks and

stuff so yeah so it’s got like I said earlier a pressure nozzle or pressure

gage up there which will tell you the pressure of this piece yet which will

tell you the psi of this which is nice to have and then you’ve

got your filter which is also good because you don’t really want this thing

picking up like like water or I don’t know like like bits of stuff that can

might be picked up so when you have a filter that will filter out some of the

water so that’s I think what this is for and so then if this gets full of water

then you can just press this up so then when you’re painting you’re not spewing

like splotches of stuff which is nice and then you’ve got this thing which is

really simple but I’m really happy that they included it actually it’s just a

simple like a tray that holds your airbrush so then doesn’t have to lay on

the ground all the time which is nice you won’t damage it and it just screws

onto the top right up to there and it’s got spots for two air brushes so if you

want to have two air brushes on here you can’t run both at once with this

compressor I don’t think I don’t think it’s powerful enough and it has one

outlet but if you have like a different airbrush or two colors or something and

you just want to swap them out that’s nice to have it’s got a small little

carrying handle on the top which I wouldn’t really use because I’m afraid

that it’ll break off and then drop my air compressor so it’s nice you can you

can lift it up by it but I don’t really and then the other thing is these little

suction cup feet which are a nice option when you think about it but they don’t

work like I will mention in the cons so basically when this thing turns on it

rattles around and these suction cups are meant to hold it to the table or

whatever surface and doesn’t you know rattle around well but they don’t really

do the job and I’ll get into that more on the con okay so onto the cons of the

airbrush so the first one is basically something that’s 100{7d2fe645517a6f04b15231d3dc07553115931ab4bab7ca947bc4445e09b369cd} my fault and that is

that now it’s spring is a bit messed you can unscrew this back thing and you have

two adjustments so I’m not sure what they do if you can find the manual

you’ll know I can’t find them manual that’s why I don’t know and I sort of

adjusting them for some reason and well now it doesn’t work quite right so

basically what it does is if you just push this down it should only or should

not spray out anything but it’s actually spraying out paint when I just press the

dollar should free up paint as you start to pull it back but it doesn’t do that

most likely because I adjusted these so that’s just something you’ll have to fix

if you mess up and if you have the manual it’ll be quite easy to fix

hopefully I still have yet to fix mine so I have to get that now but the other

con is they don’t seem to my knowledge at least to have online manuals which

would be really nice I’m pretty sure I threw mine away so I tried to look

online I went to the website that sells these I could not find any manuals so I

don’t know I’m just going to have to kind of experiment with this okay so the

second con is actually with the compressor so like any more most

compressors when this thing turns on it kind of wobbles around quite a bit so

they included some suction cups but they are complete garbage and won’t attach to

anything at least anything that I have because my stuff in the shop is all kind

of scratched up but not perfectly smooth but a really easy fix for that was just

getting too much like packing foam that’s pretty young I don’t know

spongy and it’s cut a piece of size of the air compressor and sit on that

otherwise if these aren’t suction cup down I had this thing almost fall off

the bench a couple times because if you take it off of here it will rattle

itself around and almost fall off your bench or fall off your bench if you’re

not watching it closely so that’s definitely not good

so no some sound not thumbs up thumbs up for this because this thing is free and

it fixes that problem and that’s probably the most major problem and the

one that you will probably have you probably won’t have the problem with

this unless you mess with that now the third and final problem it’s kind of

like not really a problem but to me it’s kind of annoying so you see them in even

more okay so this air brush has these like two little ridges here probably for

like looks whatever I don’t care the part that annoys me is this thing

you put the paint in here and then you have to shake it so you cover a top hole

with your finger and then you shake it well paint will sometimes drip out of

here and then it gets stuck in those little cracks and those are a pain to

clean out that’s something if they didn’t need to add I mean it looks nice

but it really annoys me because I always have to go in there and clean those out

you don’t have to it but it makes it look nice if you do so just I don’t know

it’d be nice if they didn’t include this or so on to the testing I have the

fronts on the back of a old xbox360 controller that I painted a long time

ago and it was terrible so we’re going to repaint these I send them down

already and everything so now it’s just time for the use of this thing nope

all right yellow is good I just cracked that now I can tighten it back down and

just shake this up a bit you don’t want your paint to settle because when you

leave it your paint will kind of separate going to pour some yellow into

here and then get our water and just thin this out just a little bit you only

want to do a few drops at least for mine specific kind of paint alright it’s good

to start now we’ll just put the lid on and gently shake this just kind of side

to side something don’t get a bunch of splatter you want to be about six to

eight inches away is what I’ve found and going about medium paint now this stuff

will basically dry instantly because spring on really thin and it may look that you

have may look like you’re good coverage but like you won’t if you scratches or

all like you brush it up against something it will scratch and you’ll see

the paint underneath so you definitely want to do a few layers all right now

this is what I painted um so it’s yellow obviously it’s still a bit sticky if you

don’t want to touch it it’s kind of rough too but that is basically because

I didn’t use the schoolís of sandpaper and I did not do a primer so don’t think

this is like what this airbrush is capable of because I am so completely

terrible at using it just take it is like results you can expect to get as a

beginner so like I said definitely is the proper procedure but I’m just kind

of showing you how this thing works that was two Phillips and I only go

about halfway to 3/4 of the way on filling up the reservoir at the top of

the airbrush so that was 2 Phillips still have about half a half of this and

half of that so you could probably do the whole front thing with one of those

but that’s because it’s yellow any darker color like a blue or a black you

could definitely do more or red there just as little examples.

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