Makita Air Compressor MAC700 Unbox And Startup

Makita Air Compressor

Hey what’s going on guys Jimmy the general expert here on YouTube bringing

you this Makita mac700 or mac700 air compressor alright so I bought this

thing on Amazon I will put the amazon link down in the description below this

explanation a box inside of a box okay let’s get this come on there we go all right

first things first some instructions repeat a nice sell away Quick Start

Guide there we go then we have this little box let’s see oh we got some oil

in there compressor oil nice and of course the oh yeah look at that man that

guy is beautiful guys I’ve been wanting this thing for a long time and I finally

saw that it was reduced in price on Amazon I bought it for 200 bucks

essentially 206 and Wow look at that this is the makita big bore

so this has a giant piston in there this is an oil lubricated compressor so I

think from what I’ve been hearing is that lends to a quieter running

compressor and it should last much much longer Oh guys look what I just noticed

a whole bunch of oil in the bottom of this box so that means possibly

something isn’t screwed together correctly or they just had this laying

on its side while they were shipping it you can see we have some oil underneath

that foot there and it’s coming up too you know what I think it’s just coming

out of this drain plug here well not sure all right for the

QuickStart guide it says that we need to remove the plastic cap that was here

just for shipping and there was also a plastic cap here that I had removed and

we’re going to put the air filter in which just screws right in I just want

to make sure you don’t cross thread it like I was just doing okay there we go

you know what I wonder if I could use some yeah I’m gonna seal that up a

little bit maybe I’ll just put one wrap a Teflon around here

couldn’t hurt anything there we go all right now I’m ready and the cap that was here is replaced

with this oil stick I don’t know if it’s necessarily called a dipstick because we

do have this sight glass down here and we’re supposed to fill it up with oil up

to the red dot alright so we got this compressor oil that it shipped with in

the box compressor oil p68 importante add this oil to compressor before

operating so I have my funnel here it’s going into the oil port and I’m just

gonna watch this sight glass till the oil hits that red dot probably somewhere

in the middle of that red dot, okay so the point here is that the

amount of oil they gave you was exactly what it needed to fill the whole thing

up so I’m just filling the whole thing up and even though it is a little bit

above the red dot right now I think after its run and the oil is kind of

dispersed throughout the motor it’ll be perfect

so there’s the pressure gauge you have your pressure adjustment knob here

here’s your on/off switch I do have it plugged in so it’s going to start as

soon as I flip that down there’s a little bit of styrofoam in there I’ll

get that out but this is the actual Quick Connect for your hose and you can

see it is a model mac702 horsepower 2.6 gallon 3.3 CFM at 90 psi overall the

thing is just beautiful just a nice little compact air compressor it’s not

too heavy it’s it’s definitely got some weight to it but it’s not too heavy

I like the handle system they got going on I’m gonna go ahead and start this

thing up and the instructions say to let it run for 20 minutes and that is the

break-in period and then it’s ready for operational use now when I start this up

we’ll be able to hear what this thing sounds like if it’s too loud or

actually isn’t that loud at all oh my gosh that’s it

I thought it was going to be like annoying to the neighbors that’s like nothing

that’s it there’s barely any sound coming out of that guy’s I hope the camera

air coming out I hope the camera is picking up the sound level because it’s

very very low it’s actually a nice low hum the low-end hum

also the air valve is open so if that wasn’t open it’d be quieter you can see

the oil level has gone down cochlea right to where it needs to be now that

the thing is running break-ins here is officially done so shut the valve

and this thing should start building some pressure here pretty quick

see how long it takes before it shuts off and that what

there we go guys about a hundred and thirty psi right on the nose the needles dropping a little

bit but I think I don’t hear any hissing or any leaks I think that just could be

the gage itself we’ll see if it holds pressure I’ll come back in a little bit

it looks like we’re down to about 120 psi all right well it looks like it was

just the gauge settling so far as much as I can tell I can’t hear a single

sound hiss anything leaking anywhere so I think what I’m gonna do is let this

sit overnight and you guys will see here I won’t touch this thing and we’ll come

back tomorrow and check the pressure and see where we’re at so this is now two

days later and I wanted to look at the pressure gauge and it’s even get a good

angle on here so you can see it looks like you can see it there it’s gone down

it looks like maybe two 110 from I think where it finally settled after I shut it

off was 120 about I’ll probably take some soap bubbles and try to see if

there’s a small leak around some of the fittings but I don’t think it’s anything

really to be worried about if after two days it loses 10 psi I’m gonna let it

sit and see how much farther it goes down but I think that this could just be

like the gauge settling sort of thing please correct me if I’m wrong please

comment below if you know better than that but I don’t hear any sort of

hissing or anything like that so I’m going to assume that this is normal but

you know to be determined I guess we’re plugged in and one other interesting

thing to note here is that when I go to turn this guy on it won’t kick on so that tells me that

it is satisfied with its pressure again I think that that difference in the

gauge you know from when I stopped it – now could just be you know air

pressure is equalizing gauge settling or something like that again not sure if

what I’m saying even makes sense but that’s kind of my best guess anyways

just thought I’d show you that alright guys well that’s it on this Makita mac700 or mac700 air compressor

I can’t wait to start using this little guy.

Source : Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor Unbox & Startup

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