Kobalt 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Kobalt 60 Gallon Air Compressor

This is a cobalt 60 gallon cast iron air compressor okay basically it’s a

phenomenal air compressor guys we’ve had this for a while and to say the least

it’s great does its job that’s got a hose that extends from the right hand

side of it and got the good stuff up top the motor and what have you

now these are the controls right here you got the on and off you got the auto

and got some other stuff to the side, right here say 30 not that urgent whatever that

means now I don’t use this guys that says a mine how to own it it’s actually

my father’s and I’m gonna wear the price once again stuff that I’m unaware of the

prices and yeah I should look them up online and I mean I’ll do some more

reviews on them my own review I should say my research of the products before I

make explanations but uh I do apologize guys and if you do need more information it

is a little bit dirty if you do need more information always go online and

check it out yourself Google Images you know the website itself that makes this

yeah basically I just want to throw out this or if you want it just for the heck

of it you know it is tech related and you do have a lever right there at the

bottom which is like a switch now I haven’t used this guy so I don’t really

know how to use air compressors of this size I’ve used the other smaller ones

which is you know what we also have and I am gonna do a product review on that one as

well shortly so stay tuned for that yeah this is a big son of a gun thing

probably weighs about 300 pounds maybe more and like I said you got the gauge right there that

monitors your psi your pressure and square inch like I said you got your

switch right here there you go pause it if you have to yeah guys this

is a fancy fancy set of equipment right here while once a fancy but uh that’s uh

it comes in handy you know it’s a piece of art to save the less you know yeah

this thing obviously has wheels actually no it doesn’t have wheels I’m sorry I

thought it did have a little basket thing buying and sorry for that folks

that’s not part of review but uh no it doesn’t have wheels and I haven’t moved

it around or live or try to carry it myself so I don’t really know exactly

how much it weighs but let’s see I believe these are the specs right here

now it is assembled in good ole USA guys in the good ole United States of America

let’s field Kentucky and there’s just a list of what it’s good to be used for

you pause and read for yourselves once again and it’s got some hazards at the bottom

recommended to use tells you you know what its uses are for and what they’re

not for so just be careful when you’re handling this thing guys it’s it’s a

serious piece of equipment here that you’re dealing with and you got to be

careful yeah guys that’s about it just your basic air compressor a little bit

more higher end but to say the least once again it’s uh it’s really good it’s

a great air compressor it does his job and like I said I don’t know much about

it because it’s not mine so I’m sorry if this review sounds kind of off and not

well put together but I just want to show it for review and your if you want

something you know that’s tech related and this happens to be tech related

because it does you know run off of electricity it does have you know things

that are tech you know tech savvy about it you know technical and you know plugs

into the wall of course and it uses an air and all that great stuff okay not as

plugged into the to the helmet right back there yeah guys that’s about it

I don’t know much about this air compressor like I said I’m sorry if I

sounded kind of kind of off during the explanation like I don’t know what I’m talking

about or you know I got no knowledge about it you know it’s like why the heck

could even put up this explanation I do apologize in regards to that guys I

really do I just want to get something out to you you know if you do some

insight on another product now I don’t normally review air compressors isn’t

one of them but you know my my channel is based on tech guys okay see tech the

last part of my name energy and it’s basically in regards to

technology and anything that runs off electricity okay gadgets bluetooth wired

headphones anything you name it okay I’m just doing it for those reasons okay

it’s a nice sunny day I said what the heck I’m gonna do some product reviews

in the garage since I’ve been gone for a while guys you know get some of your

opinions your criticism what have you on my explanations on my channel so please

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like something I should say but truth be told and you know out of my honesty and

what I say you know I do want to be successful

yeah guy that’s about if you pick one of these up from sure from your local

hardware store you know Home Depot you know places like that but just in case

uh you know just in case you don’t know for a fact where they sell these you can

always look it up online I’m sure there are some retailers out there that that

sell these tanks these cobalt air compressor tanks or any air compressor

for that matter now more than likely it’s going to be at your local hardware

store like Lowe’s Home Depot you know places like that and a few guys just

can’t name off right now alright guys that’s about it cobalt-60 gallon cast

iron air compressor now this thing is made off and yeah it’s to have you

summon a gun I’m not gonna try to move it I’m not gonna try to turn it cuz I

don’t want to tamper with anything I forgot to mention this part to you guys

oil lubricated three-point-seven running HP 11.5 SCFM I don’t know what that

stands for at 90 pressure square inch 13:44 SCFM at 40 psi so the max is 155 psi goes

yes every protein once again it is made in Kentucky of course you got some more warnings at

the bottom there guys just be careful you know damage to ourselves

that’s about it guys all right ticking see in the next product unboxing review.

Source : Kobalt 60 Gallon Cast Iron Air Compressor

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