Kobalt 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review

Kobalt 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Hello guys and gals what we have here is a cobalt 20 gallon air compressor I’ve

actually had this one for almost three years I believe on something like this I

want to have it for a while before I actually give my opinion on it because

honestly something like this should last for years it should it should last a long time

you shouldn’t have to replace one of these every three months I think it’s

been a really good at air compressor it will run it will run my paint gun as

well as it will run my impact gun you know it doesn’t have a whole lot of

power on the half-inch but on the three-eighths it does really well as far

as everything in between I’m going to brad nailer that I use with it it works

fantastic with the brad nailer I really like it I really do it’s got all your

basic features it’s got a drain plug at the bottom it’s got the air the the air

spout release at the top and you know it’s got your tool pressure gauge and

your tank pressure gauge and then you have your regulator I don’t really think

these screw holes they’re actually supposed to be storage but I put stuff

in them you actually have your hose wrap down there which is nice for it to be on

the front like that I like that a nice little handle nice set of wheels but

usually something like this you just sort of set it in the corner and you

usually just run your hose from where needed so I really honestly have to say

that you know I was actually skeptical about buying it in the first place

because I didn’t really know anything about cobalt tools in the first place

but I I needed it I needed a compressor honestly both of the Walmarts that I normally shop at

they actually was out of air compressors, so and there’s a load I was I was just

on my way home one day from work and I decided you know what I’m gonna grab

grab one of these in here they were pretty close to the same price and so I

went ahead and I grabbed this and it turned out to be a pretty awesome

compressor I really enjoy having it because it’s very useful and I really like this one

so I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this thing it’s a really good

compressor I like it and I think if you did go out and get one you’d probably be

happy with it too it’s a little loud the empty toufool takes a little while but

most of them do but the refill like when it’s already in you’re using it the

refill isn’t too bad and for it to keep up with your tools that’s not too bad

either that’s pretty good in my book oh you know like I say it’s pretty loud but

it’ll do its job and I’m gonna do its job pretty well so I just thought I’d

give you all my opinion and you can take it how you want which is fine with me

but that’s that’s really all I got to say about this particular product.


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