Kobalt 12 Volt Air Compressor

Kobalt Air Compressor

I’m gonna give you a tool review real quick show you something

I ended up having to get the other day if y’all follow me on Facebook or

anything like that you’ll notice I had a flat at work and I was not in a place

where I can get my spare tire so ran to Lowe’s and pick this up it’s a little

kobalt 120 volt household current or 12 volt auto inflator this isn’t a jump box

or anything like that it’s just a little inflator but it does incredibly well you

you enter in how much 40 pounds 42 pounds 44 pounds you need you push the

button and it goes I was just amazed to how actually quiet it is compared to the

other ones I’ve used and had and this is one so what I’ve done is I’ve got my

decibel meter again we’re gonna set them on the ground crank them up turn them on run for me

few minutes and check the decibels to see which one actually is quieter I’m

thinking it’s gonna be the kobalt more come guys okay guys I’m getting a set up

and I figured I put it on the ground because that’s as close to asphalt as I

have and I’ve got my decibel meter and you can see that it is responding to my

voice so I’m going to clear it out cut this on and then we will start and check

the decibels so I’m gonna go ahead and pause this one and more to come okay

guys I’ve cleared the history in this I’m actually going to set this down and

I’ll just set it to where it’s kind of touching it or just at the corner of it

just like oh and we’ll do this with the other one as well I’m gonna cut this on here we go

okay guys man that thing was freaking well it is maxed out

nice six decibels average of 92 and the peak being around 94 so don’t unhook

this guy wrap it up and then we’re going to do the kobalt one and the thing about

these kobalt ones is they seem to be a lot better made of course this one is a

slime brand and it works good up to about 35 pounds is about all it can

really effectively do but it is so loud that I usually keep it in this cooler to

muffle the noise and I’m they do that with that also just to show you what I’m talking about

actually I think I will so more time

okay guys now what we’re going to do turn it on move it inside the little

cooler like I always do and I’ll get it all set up so here we go

okay guys both of those were kind of loud now but I’ll try out this kobalt and

then I’ll tell you a little bit about it gonna set it up I’ve got position just

about the same place as I the other one was and we’re going to watch the numbers

I’ve already cleared the screen here we go more to come so from those numbers you

can see that it’s actually like a peak around 10 decibels and the max is around

10 decibels difference and it’s a lot less noisy in its operation so there we go

no work out okay guys so there you have it this one is much quieter it’s a

little more sturdy made what I would do as far as like playing on the mudmovers

I would just have a 12-volt plug and plug it into it to inflate the tires

inflated my truck tire I think I had like seven pounds of air in it it was

flat and I inflated it up to 42 pounds in 10 minutes so and it did not struggle

at all it did really well I’m very pleased with this I bought it at Lowe’s

it is a kobalt brand I want to say it was 4995 well worth it

I’m probably when I’m able to gonna buy another one to keep up in pretty much

every car that we have because that one is just really good as a comparison this

is a Stanley fax fat max brand this has the built in a junk box with it

gosh I had it written on there help me cranking amps it carried but it has

disappeared I’m gonna say it’s around 600 or 700 cranking amps and it does

okay but about the most you can inflate with it there’s a lot more time for some

reason the compressors just not that good my wife paid $100 for that for me

for event last year and it’s just not worth it like I said all I use it

for is two for two can with a lawn mower some stuff so more to count so there you

have it guys in my opinion it is well worth the money keeps you from being

stranded if you have this in a plug kit if you can’t get it you need a new tire.

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