Kaeser Air Compressor Review

Kaeser Air Compressor

I’m Michael camber with Kaiser compressors we’re here at SEMA

showcasing several of our rotary screw compressors that are a great fit for the

collision repair market as well as other automotive uses fleet centers tire

centers and fabricators every Kaiser product is designed and built with three

things in mind longevity and reliability energy efficiency and ease of

maintenance for the lowest lifecycle costs now let’s go take a look at this

Air Center one of the first things you’ll notice is the quietness that unit

I’m going to turn it off so we can open it up while I’m waiting for it to shut

off just point out by removing this one panel you can get easy access to all the

major service points the heart of every Kaiser compressor is our Sigma Profile

air end which is designed for great energy efficiency and very long life

with robust bearings for both radial and thrust loads another major component is

our motor we use only high efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motors being

totally enclosed in fan cooled helps prolong the motor life by protecting it

from dirt and dust and so forth getting into the motor windings you’ll also

notice that it is a belt drive unit with an aviary unique automatic v-belt

tensioning device this maintains proper efficiency and extends belt life rotary

screw compressors have an oil air separator the khazars separator will

remove all but very minut traces of oil which greatly improves air quality so if

you’re spraying paint it reduces fish eyes and and other problems that will

cost you quite a bit when you’re refinishing cars every case or separator

has a quick drain oil fitting on the bottom of it

so you can snap in a hose and very easily drain the oil when you’re doing

oil changes this saves a lot of time when you’re doing pms because you don’t

need to pump out the oil before you replace it it just drains

with minimal pressure from the separator and makes that go very quickly some

other things you’ll notice about the construction of the Kaiser compressor

are we used hard piping instead of lower-grade flexible hoses very heavy

gauge steel framing we also have double vibration isolation not only is the

entire package on on feet but also the rotating components are in

a chassis with dedicated vibration isolation this keeps all the wiring and

all the piping very tight and you don’t have leaks or wires getting loose the

separator also has an easy to see oil sight glass so you know if you have the

proper level of fluid in the machine these units are also standard with Y

Delta starting that is an electric smooth start so that you reduce energy

consumption as well as prolonged motor life these compressors also have an air

after cooler that cools the air exiting the machine down to within 10 or 15

degrees of ambient and that makes drying the air much easier which is critical if

you’re spraying paint and it prolongs tool life by reducing the moisture in

the air all Kaiser compressors have a full six sided enclosure also very

durable heavy gauge steel with noise insulation to keep the sound in makes

for a very much safer and more pleasant work environment

Kaiser compressors also have a Sigma control which provides information on

how many load hours and service hours as well as providing maintenance reminders

for the periodic maintenance oil oil filters etc so our air center models

come complete with the rotary screw compressor refrigerated dryer to remove

moisture automatic drain to drain that moisture out of the system as well as a

receiver tank to store air all together comes complete ready to run

Kaiser offers many models of rotary screw compressor from 3 to 20 horsepower

we have over a dozen models some you can get them as air centers with one

compressor air centers that are duplex t’ with two compressors as well as

the compressor dryer combination Kaiser invests in the quality in every detail

from the rotary screw air end with a sigma profile for better efficiency to

the totally enclosed fan cooled motor to the thickness of the steel to the

effectiveness of the air after cooler and the oil cooler and the separator

these units are designed to run in the harshest environments another feature of

our compressors is this named Thomas Kaiser is proud to put his father’s name

and his father’s name on every product we think that is a testament to our quality.

Source : Kaeser Compressors: AirCenter Packages

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