Jenny Air Compressor 125 PSI Made In The USA Review

Jenny Air Compressor

Hey guys what’s up gorilla Burrtec back at you again with another product review

in another air compressor review this time it’s a jet air compressor and as

you can see here it’s a much smaller tank than the black one the cast iron

that I previously previously did or if you want not long ago a few days ago actually and

it’s actually as you can see here in the garage it’s actually not here because my

data apparently sold it was somebody I didn’t know he was gonna sell it but uh

it’s not here anymore and I think he’s also getting rid of this one too but

before he does I actually want to get approximately for you guys on it now you

can tell this one is much smaller the other one was a sixty gallon this one

definitely has to be much less perhaps a forty or fifty

I’m trying to see there’s some information right here I’ll call the number of you have issues

Otto gene I guess that’s what it says Hadji. Okay that’s the serial number or some

information right there in stop as too much glare guys apologize if I

hear you that’s more information made in the good ole USA guys of course

in fact just some federal information right there pretty guys I hear some

specs on how this right here at the back hard to get in there bud

possibly divorce kind of dirty of course he used it for his whole shop he’s

selling a smoke shop that he recently split

yeah guys you know it’s actually ticking off it’s gonna be taking off

at some point you know this old still figured why not make a explain on it

before he does I don’t know much about air compressors at the side guys I don’t

really use air compressors all that much they really needed to do come in handy I

don’t know how much psi this puts out and I don’t know exactly how many

challenges but I don’t want to watch my tablet in there

okay so on the it’s the only way I can actually make explains I don’t wanna mess

up this tablet but uh kind of find some general information on

products for free is telling boy stuff but anyway that’s a pretty big cake

basically took you on a toilet where’s the gage right there see the gage

ah sorry and obviously you got the on and off switch right there I announce in the off

position which is upward you started towards the left and that’s gonna be an

on position so there you go guys Oh 125 psi okay so this one puts out I’m

assuming a max 125 psi a lot more the cast iron one but I’m not sure I will go

back to that explain Dome I will go back to that explain check it out and let you

guys know if you happen to watch that explain you can remind me if you’d like

doesn’t hurt but uh like like I said you know I wasn’t gonna do another review on

a air compressor but you know I do reviews on whatever I can get my hands

on and there are things I don’t own guy so when I say I don’t own them and I

don’t know the price I do truly apologize but I will find out that

information and I will start inputting the information into my product

descriptions okay so stay tuned for that I thank you for watching all my explains

and every single one of you you guys are amazing

without you guys you know nothing would be possible this channel would be boring

there would be no there would be no use for me to put out explains basically okay

they’ll just be a waste of time you know I got a lot of loyal

subscribers a lot of you guys actually look forward to actually commenting on

my explains or watching our explains as you find them entertaining at at times and

funny and you know some of you may like the way I actually introduce a product

as far as an unboxing review and how I talked about it and some of you don’t

and for those that don’t you know please feel free to please feel free to

critique you know my explains down in the comments section let me know what I

could do to improve you know I’ve had people complain about the sound and all

sounds too loud at times you know I don’t know how to adjust the songs that

I’m picking for the explains but I’m gonna look into that further guys and see if I

can actually some different sound you know get some

like you know some rave sound you know something much different than the usual

that I’ve been using the last you know six to seven months but uh I should say

five to six months but anyway guys this is gonna be a much shorter review

basically took you on a little tour now it’s got that bill

it’s obviously belt driven like I like a car like an engine you know yeah guys

I’ve never used this thing and I’m not gonna try to you know mess with them

turn it on and off I don’t want to mess with it because you know it’s my dad’s

and you know I don’t want to get chewed over it but uh once again it’s the Jenny

air compressor okay oh here’s some more info right here I forgot to show you

guys I don’t know if you can see it too well I know there’s a lot of Sun glare

but anyway guys, sorry you can’t see everything but there’s a nice beautiful day nice.


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