Installing Hayman Reese Brake Control and Wiring Harnesses

Reese Brake Control

Okay so the installation process the brake control harness is pretty simple

firstly we’re going to get under the bonnet we’re going to get through the

firewall into the cabin then we’ll go to the back of the car make the connection

to the homeowner II smart clip tow bar wiring or if you don’t have the smart

clip wiring we’ll show you how to hardwire the harnesses into your

existing tow bar wiring then we’ll come to the front of the cabin and we’ll

connect straight into the back of the brake controller the first step in the

process got to get through the firewall so you can do this other two ways

getting through an existing grommet somewhere on the firewall or you can

locate a blank place in the firewall and go through by drilling a hole nice and

simply so once you’ve gone through the firewall pull the cable through so

enough you could leave under the bonnet so when you can hook onto the battery

later on you’re positive a negative while they’re there now just leave them

loose and we can cook those up to the battery right at the very end of the

process here we are at the back of the car we’ve already one part of the

harness from the through the firewall inside the cabin of the car now this

harness is going to run from the back all the way through the side up

underneath all the trims up where the brake controller is located and where

the under bonnet harness comes through so we’re going to do one or two things

we’re going to locate the Hammond area smart click connector up and behind the

Det panel here somewhere where if the car hasn’t got smart click harness we’ll

show you how to wire in our adapter piece which plugs into our harness to

your existing tow bar wiring here we are at the back of the car again this time

we’re going to connect in the dedicated power harness and brake controller

finding the smart click brake control harness unplug the connector plug in

your brake controller and power supply harness between the two blue connectors

locate the additional connector which goes down to your trailer socket if you

using a 7 pin socket you’ll get 15 amps of power through this connector or if

you using a 12 pin you’ll get 30 amps of power simply plug the 2 in and again run

the wires up to the front of the car so part of the installation process were

fitting the brake control and power harnesses is you’re going to run wires

from the back of the car all the way out through the side up to the front here

where the brake control is located to do that you’ll need to remove the treatment

down one side of the car so simply pull the trims up out of place

run your wires underneath with the existing wires are you can see there now

so we’ve showed you how to run the Hammond respray control and power supply

harness it to the back of the car if your car doesn’t have the high midori

smart clicked a bar wiring you can still utilize the brake control and power

supply harnesses we provide the additional adapters you need to plug

into the wiring if you’re running just a dedicated brake control harness you

simply connect the blue connector onto your brake controller harness you’ve

installed we have a red wire here that connects onto your brake light signal in

the rear of the car somewhere the blue wire it goes down to the wires that go

into pin number five on your trailer socket on the back of the car if you’re

also running a power additional power supply we have the adapter to plug into

our power harness the white wire going straight to ground the orange wire going

into whichever pin you need to on your trailer socket to plug to supply 12

volts to the caravan or trailer remember if you have a just a dedicated brake

control harness you’ll only have the blue plug in your wiring if you have the

brakes and additional power you’ll have both the black in the blue if you just

have power supply you’ll just have the black plug on your harness okay you made

the connections at the rear of the car you run the cables right up along one

side like we said if I got to make sure the white connector ends up in the same

location as where the harness was came through from the firewall once you’ve

located the two near each other simply grab the three wires if it’s a brake

controller and power additional power harness or just the two wires it was

just a dedicated brake control harness or dedicated power control harness make

sure that you have the connector situated in such a way that the wires go

into the right location in this particular case we have the white wire

on one side at the bottom the orange wire at the other side on the bottom and

the orange wire with a white trace goes into the top location you are then ready

to plug into the harness which came through the firewall make the two up

together push till you hear the click connection to the power and the earth

from the battery is now done okay the next part of the installation is we’re

going to run the wires over across to the brake controller it’s generally

located somewhere close to where the driver’s seating so in behind the dash

somewhere start poking the wires across okay the next step in the installation

locate the wires you’ve poked into another side of the dash use from the

black connector which comes in the brake controller they’re all marked a B C and

D so specific locations for each wire to go into pushing them in one at a time

with otherwise pushed in grab the green locking device slide it into the

connector till you hear the click the wires now can’t come out of the

connector grabbing the brake controller remembering that all the Hammond area

brake controllers have the same connector on the wiring for you simply

push it into the connector on the back of the controller or onto the loose

wires that are on the sentinels and the compacts and locate the controller

somewhere on the dash if you’re fitting one of our remote head

controllers like our compact the connections through the car are exactly

the same you’re still connecting to the brake

control harness into the dedicated brake control connector you mount the control

unit some wrapping on the dash at the sight out of mind simply have three

holes then mounted in your dash one for each the two of the dials and one for

the LED indicator they come through the dash nice and neatly just like that a

very last step of installing the harness is making the connection to the battery

in this case here if you are running just a dedicated brake control harness

you will have a circuit breaker going on to the positive and the negative wire

onto the negative if you’re running brakes and additional power harness you

still have the circuit breaker but you’ll have an additional fuse on to the

power supply again with an earth going onto the negative if you are just

running a dedicated power harness the circuit breaker is no longer used you

are using just eight viewers onto the positive and the white wire under the

negative lastly just a quick word about and is the style of 50 amp power supply

it allows the harness to be connected to the battery positive terminal run down

to the rear of the car to the Anderson style connector the connection for the

Anderson style connector is as simple as grabbing the red wire inserting it into

the anderson plug in the specified location pushing the connector until it

clicks getting a black wire attaching that to a

good earth point somewhere on the rear of the chassis of the car then simply

mount the connector somewhere on the rear of the car just like this

the final step of the installation process of our 50 amp and it’s a style

connector harness is to connect the red wire on to the positive terminal of the battery.


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