Install Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

Today on our 2016 ford f-150 we’re gonna take a look at and show you how to

install the tekonsha primus IQ trailer brake controller this proportional brake

controller works for one up to three axles part number is 90160

controller adapter this part number is 22292 here’s our brake controller once

we have it installed the primus IQ is a proportional brake controller so this is

gonna operate in proportion to how much braking we’re doing in our truck the a

seller our meter that’s located inside senses when we hit the brakes whether

it’s in a normal operation or in a panic situation and applies the brakes

accordingly to our trailer the benefit to that is that we don’t have to wait

unlike our time-delayed systems those are going to start at the bottom and

then slowly ramp up this one can instantly see in the appropriate amount

of braking power to the rear of the vehicle for us another great thing about

the primus IQ is gonna be the safeguards that we’ve got built in it draws very

low power when not in use from our vehicle’s batteries so we don’t have to

worry about battery run down and it’s also gonna safeguard the brakes on our

trailer for prolong stops at stop lights or stop signs it’s slowly gonna decrease

the amount of power being sent to the brakes on the trailer so they don’t

overheat under normal operation as we head down the road we’ll see the C

indicated on our brake controller if we run some reason we were to have a

connection failure that will then start immediately flashing NC NC that’s going

to indicate to us that we’ve got no connection once we’re reconnected C’s gonna come

right back on indicating to us that we’ve got a good connection there’s our

manual override lever as you can see that’s gonna allow us to go right up to

whatever our maximum setting is so whatever we’ve set the brake controller

as far as the gain goes as we hit that it’s going to take it right up to that

maximum that we’ve got set so even in a case of an emergency when we’re reaching

down here maybe in a little bit clicker situation or maybe more in a panic

situation we’re not going to overload the brakes on the trailer and risk

locking them up here you can see we’ve got a boost mode the

one two and three it’s indicated by an LED that’s gonna sit down there in the

corner right now it’s off so there’s no LED if we switch it in to boost one

eventually the B one’s gonna go away but that LEDs gonna be on there that’s gonna

indicate to us that we are in a boost mode now that allows us to fine tune our

brake controller that’s gonna set how quickly and how aggressively those

brakes are applied that’s used mainly when our trailer begins to become very

heavy in relation to the vehicle we need to boost that up a little bit just to

help to control our braking now the game that we’re gonna set this is gonna

depend on driving styles on trailer root load on road conditions so every time

even with the same sized trailer we may have to adjust this a little bit really

easy to do as you can see with that thumb knob right there we just rotate

that floor door back and adjust it as far as mounting the IQ goes we’ve got

anywhere from zero degrees which would be perfectly level all the way up to

about 70 degrees as long as we’re keeping it in line with our direction of

travel we want it to be straight this way that allows the accelerometer inside

to work it it’s most effective the first thing we need to do is get our shroud

out of the way that’s going to be underneath this side panel which we’re

going to remove now this is going to have a bolt located right up here on the

side we’re gonna have one on each side that’s what’s gonna look like so take

the one out here on the driver’s side do the same thing on our passenger side now

on our passenger side we want to reach up right up at the very tip of this

shroud just about there and if we pull out on it is there’s a little clip that

we separate that allow this side to come free we should have another clip there

and then we’ll get the last one right over on that corner and pull it out all

right we’ll set that aside we’ll put it back in once we get our brake controller

in and we’ll come right down here to the bottom and we just want to carefully

work this out and separate our clips now we’ve got our little cubbyhole

that’s right behind that rectangular-shaped old it should be

plugged right into the back of that you see it right there what we’re gonna do

is just allow that come down we’ll pull it right over here you see we can pull

it out right here to where it’ll be easy to connect to now we’ll get our dashboard

reassembled here cubbyholes gonna go back in key with getting this put back

together is just making sure that our clips line up now let’s put our shroud

back in place now we’re ready to grab our pigtail line it up and slide it in

you want to hear that audible click and then you’ll be able to push and pull on

it without it coming apart that way we’ll know we’ll have a good connection

next we need to just set that aside for now let’s get our bracket mounted we

want the in the bean shaped hole to be rearward and we can use our provided

screws and go right up into the bottom of our – of course we checked behind

there before to make sure we don’t have any wires or anything that run through

there do you see nice and secure now we’ll take our pigtail as you can see

slides right into the back of the Primus there now to mount it will just bring it

up into our bracket line up our holes I always like to mount them as high as

possible I don’t necessarily care too much about pivoting on this one then we

use in our provided screws that are gonna come with it those will go right

through our bracket into the holes already on the side of the brake

controller using C nice and sturdy now once we’ve confirmed that it’s working

for us we’ve tested it out all we have to do is take our excess pigtail zip tie

in just and tie it up out of the way there so we don’t have to worry about it coming down

and getting hung up on her foot now with everything working properly that’s going

to complete today’s installation of the tekonsha primus IQ trailer brake

controller this proportional brake controller works for one up to three

axles part number on it is 90160.

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