Ingersoll Rand TS4N5 80 Gallon Air Compressor Review

80 Gallon Air Compressor

What’s going on guys I went and bought an air compressor today I didn’t even go

to buy one it was on sale and they just kind of followed me home you know how

that works yes the Ingersoll Rand that tractors are like keeps the 80 gallon

two-stage they had it on sale for four days I think July 12th through the 16th

for $9.99 plus tax and I’ve got two trailer tires here that

I went to pick up and I got to get mounted and I went and tracked your

supply actually could get a socket to insights on spare time to wore out to

use on my fullest impact wrench and I was going to use the torque multiplier

up in the air compressor you don’t have my shops lab done so I don’t have

anywhere to put these others and on my back deck here and this is going to be

quite fun I’m not sure how this is going to work out but I’ve got to figure out

how to get that up here to set on the level surface and and then after I get

my shop slab done I’ll have to I guess load it back in the truck and then back

it up in there and then I can probably tie something on to the Raptors in there

and pick it up but so this is going to be quite interesting on getting this out

but what I’m going to do is I’m just going to set it up here and I think I

can go ahead and hook it up just temporarily run me a wire to it and

string some romex out on the ground so I can use it today to mount these tires

and stuff and then I’ll unhook it and cover it back up with plastic until I

get my concrete done but anyway I figure out save $100 doing it this way so I

figured it’s worth the trouble $100 $100 you know but uh anyway let me get

started getting this unstrapped and get it out of truck here alright guys here’s

the million-dollar plan here I’ve got uh two boards I draw those two nails in

each board into the end of the deck here just keep the board’s from sliding on

the tailgate there I got a ratchet strap around the top of it because this

thing’s top-heavy it’s going to want to tilt that way as I pull it up so what

I’m hoping to do it’s kind of walk it a little bit get on the backside and kind of walk

just a little bit and tighten the strap up walk it up tighten the strap up you

know kind of like that and then I’ll hide the bit reposition my strap because

it’s not long enough when I get closer up the board’s there so hopefully this works out

well guys if you ain’t got much to work with you better know how to work with

what you have it’s a job doing a lot of work

I got it well wanted I guess we’ll go ahead and pull the bag off of it and get

a cord and run it out there in the doorway wired up temporarily so I can

run it and break it in right here setting level on this deck so she’s been

crying and I waiting using today I’m going to get done I’ll just cover it up

with plastic and I got a grill cover all infos the top of that protector and then

we’ll reverse the procedure after I get some concrete and getting back in the

truck get it back out there there she is guys got to put my hole in it here if

they sent with it and that’s just anchors and whatnot instruction manual

but I places to run a wire out here and hook her up and I’ll be right back with

you guys I know this is not the best compressor in the world but it’s the

best value for the money that I found the compressor I was over 2,000 about

$2,500 and it would have to be shipped and I’d had to pick it up at a at a

freight term if I order one like I wanted so this is convenient was on sale

and I think it a big good compressor for what I want to do with it I’m not

running out you know all day shop here or anything is – one on either so we’re

going to get it hooked up once it sounds like and what happens here

alright guys I got it running there got the valve open breaking in I just hooked

or torn up and plugged it in with my AC unit close the end I know it made the

unit’s inside out and plug this in so I can run it and use it today

and I’ll get it wired up you know correctly when I get into shop everything but

this one make sure it operates and I’m going to use it changing tires

sounds good so far got a little vibration on this deck computers cameras picking up

well guys that’s the air compressor it builds up cuts off like it’s close to so

far it seems to work okay a little slower to build up and I’d like but like

I say for this money I think it’s going to work fine I got some tires to change

and I’m going to put this in another explanation and I’m actually going to do some

testing to clean the DeWalt cordless I got the 3/4 inch snap-on gun and you

might be actually kind of surprised with the result that would be in another explanation.

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