Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 20 Gallon Unboxing And Setup

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

All right Riverton unlocks and set up and give you my initial impressions on

the ingersoll-rand power maid garage me compressor it’s basically a small

upright compressor it’s portable but only has around 20 gallon tank on it so

we’re gonna try it out we’re gonna type it into the system on the garage here

and then we’re going to connect it to another 15 to 20 gallon tank for extra

capacity also the nice thing about this is it has a beat it’s a twin selling

your engine on there so it produces a lot of power at a lower rpm because

there’s two Pistons working up there so hopefully it’s enough for what I need

I’m thinking it will be because I have a direct acting single piston old Sears

unit 15 gallon unit and it basically provides like need out here without

losing air pressure let’s say because most of stuff I use is electric nowadays

so we’re going to open it up and see what it’s all about now I purchased this at SEMA because

they’re giving me wholesale prices and already looking at the epic unit on

there and I got the CA actually in curse them there so I said what the heck I

think it’s time to upgrade the other one is also a direct acting like I said oil

this system so it’s extra loud and it’s actually in the basement so that’s not

so good in the house so this one’s definitely will be a lot quieter okay

let’s see here now be personally I’m not going to use the handle or anything like that

I’ll just get it away so we got here back genetic compress your lubricants

and well you know like I said a wheel that’s good use at least when it’s

stationary downstairs and then these two right here which I’m sure you only see

these are actually screw in air filters for each one that’s still there down

there and there’s a component builder inside so there’s two of those two

cylinders and it’s got a full cage of top here with either a full-sized

compressor to the belt driven pump on go ahead

there is there can you go and you can see the fully Cajun belt drive system on

here like a full-size compressors yeah definitely head and it’s definitely top

10 t2 which is fine for my situation meaning that to be a stationary type

unit but they market this thing is being portable so let’s get out of here

over there okay so right now you can see it’s leaning back a little bit the

instructions here actual set of instructions be nice yeah that’s been

unit here for you okay let’s get you in nice and close so you

can see has a twin cylinder design on here here’s your oil fill your sight

glass down here for your oil level and that of course our drain right here for

when you do your change outs and has a regular coupler on here ready or a

quarter inch NPT standard thread fitting on here plug in directly to the air

system like I’m gonna be doing with my pipe tin hair has a couple pressure

reliefs on here one right here it’s got the on/off switch right here for the on

auto and over there it is the off pressure regulator built in to the tank

here which I’ll just set up mass because out here there’s a additional pressure

regulator this will max this thing out and here’s another pressure regulator up

here well it’s like a blow-off valve basically if the pressure gets too high

between these two cylinders on here it’s a crossover pipe right here and then

this right here not sure what that is right there but look at the size of the

fricken motor running motor around here it’s absolutely huge to drive a belt and

ultimately the twin cylinder air pump over here it’s gonna pump all the air

from the outside here and of course right here right here in the front

these are little caps those are for where your your filters go you simply

pop the caps off okay and then you just screw these in there and they little one

on each side like that okay let’s see I have a I think it’s think pools almost 15 amps

I believe quite a bit so what I have where’s located I actually ran a 20 amp

dedicated line just for this compressor from the main panel box there so you can

see the gauge of the wire and there’s got to be at least well 12 but might be

even 10 gauge on here so thick Fritton cord be plugging in like that so

definitely make sure you have a dedicated outlet just for this okay so

it gives a couple notices make sure you add well where you started don’t do

anything crazy and there’s a checklist to make sure everything’s put together

on here and filled before you actually plug it in and get the system up and

running all right so let’s look there trusty cat claw use that thing for

everything we’ll get these caps off right here put these tags over here make

sure you fill it now I’m actually gonna make sure this thing runs and everything

sounds fine before I lug it all the way to the basement and have initiator that

way so I’ll make sure I get these filters in here the foam filter is

already inside of there it’s just a housing yeah

you just screwed it it should bottom up yeah this thing’s definitely top coat

but look at the size of them the motor and the electronics out here that the

pomp and the electronics there just it’s huge for this 20 gallon tanks that’s why

I’m thinking that you have no issues running this tank in

and then my additional 15 Galen I have down there and plus believe it or not

but the hoses and my ear lines my half-inch pipe black pipe I ran up and

over to the garage it’ll ask the capacity of the air system okay nice and

snug that’s out there he looks fine so we’ll go ahead and we’ll put the wheels

on here so it’s stable and then we’ll go from there with ADD and oil and making

sure it’s filled in the sight glass there okay I like how these tires say

right here maximally inflation pressure 50 psi not for highway use because you

can’t go too fast in this thing yes done highway but anyways what you want to

realize is that there is these are not hard solid rubber tires they’re actually

air inflated so there’s me a valve stem like that facing out and your bolt to go

through like that and it’s facing up so you can get access to it and fill it

later down the road also what I noticed it was pretty nice out here these are

actual ball bearings inside of here not bushing so that’s kind of nice also

if you’re gonna be using this for horrible reasons me it’s just going to

go downstairs and be stationary so wooden bolt these on ok next we’re gonna

fill with the oil that they provide in there we’re going to unscrew the cap put

it to the side here and your drain should be tight already down here for

not just make sure it’s tight and then we’re just going to watch a sight glass

on here what you want to do with any compressor is bringing the oil level to

the middle of the sight glass and you want to make sure you give it time to

flow down into there also so you don’t overfill it so use my funnel up top here and we’ll fill it

stuff it’s like molasses now if you can’t see it on there you need to get a

flashlight in there and make sure let’s see we got here see anything see it’s

very at the very bottom right there so we’ll keep going a little at a time

so we don’t overfill it especially this thicker stuff they provide of course

this will been sitting out in the 30-degree garage yeah looks like we’re

going to take them off the whole canister over here which is nice should

be right there see how it keeps raising like that you got to let it go through

and fully drain in here so you don’t overfill it so we’re still within that

round that that red bubble on there so we’re good and there still I’d say quarter the

bottle left so we’re good we’re gonna put our cap back in here and paint it

snug it up alright let’s do a quick walk around of the unit so you can see in 360

view and then we’re going to go ahead and plug it in I actually have a 20 amp

dedicated circuit out here on the shop too so we’ll be able to test it out just

give you an idea what’s up top here the meat and bones everything looks really

nice and professional it should be for the price of this unit you can get 60 or

80 gallon units for about a hundred dollars more but I wanted the

flexibility of this one and the space savings and of course the how quiet it

is I guess you could say if you a quick walk around here’s the

reset button on there and then down here is the drain drain condensation it’s

pretty easy to get to regular ball valve here’s the belt system in the cage over

here and then there’s the dual pistons and the actual ear feed down into the

tank right here and then here’s the regulator line right here for testing

pressure and cutoff so it’s pretty nice unit nice and hefty assault cast iron up

here and if I didn’t mention it and ready it is made the round iron 15 volts

it’s a single stage compressor let’s go try it out all right through the handle

on there for the heck of it for Transpo we’re going to need this to get it down

the stairs anyways safely has two bolts down here that just set screw it into

there so we’ll put over here when I run for a little bit let’s see how quiet for

wow do this now as for does that too long that’s something that that’s something to keep

in mind you point over here huh this cord on here is not too long as that’s

something to keep money make sure you give up and I look close by a bill to

set this thing by pump up on there now let me have my on/off plug it in so it’s

a good idea of our kind of Sparkman I say it’s quarters about six feet on here

so keep that in mind all right we have 0 psi what I’m going to do is

I’m going to time how long it takes this unit to bring even closer here

I’m a time how long it takes this unit to fill to full capacity from zero so

until actually shuts off on there so we’ll get go ahead and get the stopwatch

going yeah what you guys know exactly how long it takes stopwatch stopwatch sure okay here we go.

real quiet abort abort horse the wall valve for the drain down below is open after they test

that they drained it out of the factory okay we’ll start it again

but yeah this thing is freaking real quiet and reminds me of our big two

stage compressor we had at work the huge ones I hundred some gallon that thing at

least a higher gallons and they sound just like it but quieter it’s really nice

well it’s so good I’ve got started over again okay here we go zero psi we’re

going to flip it up okay it shut off around 1:30 535 psi and it took 4 minutes and 2 seconds you can

see it there so that’s not too shabby I guess we’re gonna see exactly how much

this actually goes on with the amount of air that I’ll use like I said only have

another 15 gallon tank next to it so I should be more than enough for my setup

here in the garage I can tell you this project that goes a lot you can hear all

that right and it was darn quiet so it seems really solid doesn’t seem like it

rattled a lot and then it’s just junky and wouldn’t cheeping mag doesn’t seem

like that at all I’ve seen videos of Dewald 30 gallon operate like this running and it sounded

at things rated that come apart this was just a lot more a lot better quality a

more solid unit in general but time will tell of course we will see how this

thing actually works out I shall do a full review on this later on but these

are my initial impressions of the units and they’re very good overall I’m also

going to do a future video on my ear setup my half of the garage here my

piping and of course I attached it to this unit and the other tank downstairs

so look after that.

Source : Ingersoll Rand 20 Gallon Garage Mate Compressor

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