Hyper Tough Air Compressor Review

Hyper Tough Air Compressor

This is the hyper tough 0.5 gallon inflator it’s 115 max psi working

pressure 0.5 s CFM at 90 psi 0.7 SCFM at 40 psi and it has a 1/3 horsepower

Universal motor it’s as integrated pump and motor design light and portable easy

to read pressure gauges oil free pump for less maintenance and it comes with a

one-year warranty now this is going to be a full review of this product but

there’s a few things that we need to get out of the way first and that’s going to

take a couple of minutes now first and foremost does this sound like you I got

this compressor because I live in an apartment and because it’s so small it

must be really quiet and it won’t disturb my neighbors or I got this

because I’m a weekend warrior and we’re gonna put a new roof on my house with a

roofing nail er or I don’t have enough money for a real compressor so I’ll

start out with this if you bought this for any of those reasons bring it back

now there’s a lot of things that you need to know and I would strongly

suggest that you pay attention to the rest of this explanation first of all the

picture is misleading this clearly shows that there’s a connection there so you

can hook up a hose and do stuff with it there’s not this is the unit there’s a

hose but it’s not gold on this side and it’s certainly not detachable and it has

a tire chuck on it it’s one of these varieties where you stick it on and flip

the thing down and that’s it nowhere on the box that it’s a air compressor

it said inflator and that’s why you get just that yes it’s very misleading I do

agree but that’s all you get oh you’re going to be able to do with

this as fill up tires maybe a soccer ball or two there’s a little plastic jet now

that’s about it fortunately though this is a standard connection over here which

you can open up and put what the box shows this isn’t gonna break the bank on

you this was only a couple of dollars I got this one at Harbor Freight you can

find them at Lowe’s Home Depot Menards Ace Hardware any of those big-box stores

even Walmart will probably sell them as well which is actually where I picked

this unit up not all things on the Box are incorrect it is certainly small its

lightweight you can see part of the tank right there and on the other side

there’s a cord wrap on the back a SME safety valve you have your tank pressure

gauge your outlet pressure gauge a regulator here and an on/off switch the

manual is filled with pages after pages after pages of safety rules and warnings

and don’t do this and don’t do that and all that and is virtually nothing more

than these two pages and this one that tell you anything there’s an important

crucial step that is left out of this manual and that’s to have a break-in

period on this unit this is an oil-less compressor it said oil free pump design

for less maintenance well yeah it’s less maintenance and it’s certainly easier to

handle than an oil lubricated compressor and the way they do this is they use in

the cylinder that’s in there this is basically just like a car engine their

cylinders that go up and down in your car as the gasoline explodes and that

needs to be lubricated with engine oil well with this the cylinder walls are

made out of a sintered material sintered means they take a bunch of metal filings

and compress them together under very very high pressure with lubricant and

the lubricant is impregnated into that centered item and that makes it boil

free or no maintenance but eventually that’s gonna wear out and this will find

a nice new home in the nearest landfill now if you bought this for the very

occasional use of maybe filling up a bicycle tire or maybe you have a snow

blower with pneumatic wheels on it that need to be filled up even a car tire you

can certainly use it for that and I’m sure it will last you many years of

trouble-free service but don’t expect to go and plug this thing in fill it up

with air and then run it out to your car and fill up your flat tire so you can

get to work and then hopefully they’ll let you plug this in at work so you can

fill up your tire again just so you can get to the service station at one point

or another during the week and get to get the tire fixed it’s not going to

happen you’re going to need a positive connection to this plug at all times

remember this this is a 0.5 gallon compressor that’s 0.5 1/2 a gallon

not 5 gallon but half a gallon read carefully when you buy things I’m going

to be honest with you half a gallon is not a lot of air at all but on the plus

side it does fill up really really quickly so if you have a tire that’s low

let’s say your tires run at 30 psi on your car and your tire is 25 you could

probably get away with filling this thing up a couple of times running it

back and forth to the outlet in the garage or the house or what have you and

fill up your tire that way it’ll certainly work but you’re really best

off getting yourself a nice extension cord and leaving this thing plugged in

because it’s probably going to need to run a lot more than not run now the box

says inflation air blowgun airbrushing into a degree light woodworking light

woodworking Brad nailing and stapling for a very small Brad Miller or stapler

yes it will work hobby painting that’s pushing it but notice there are no check marks and

anything else that you would probably want to do heavy nailing framing finish

and roofing nailers impact wrenches ratchet wrenches die grinders air

hammers Sanders spray guns sandblasters cut-off tools all that stuff is out of

the question I’m also not really happy with the Chuck that they give you here

because there’s no way to easily stop the airflow this is always going to be

outputting air the only control you have is this regulator here what they say to

do is to leave the regulator off and then go to the car hook it up to the

tire and fill the tank and then you turn this up to where your outlet pressure

reads say 30 psi and then you know it’ll it’ll fill the tire to 30 that’s great

on paper but it never works in reality you need a lot more pressure behind that

especially because this tank is so small so it’s never going to really work right

unless you just crank this thing all the way up and then you’re stuck putting

this thing on and then you have to clamp the back down for it to press the little

thing in the tire to actually put air in it and then often you’re like okay

that’s enough and then you go to pop it and then it gets stuck on the valve stem

and it’s just a total pain get yourself a real tire inflator again there are a

couple of dollars you can get them at Harbor Freight and all the other stories

that I mentioned before they’re just a couple of bucks so with some

modification this can be made to actually do a little bit of real work so

before we get started on modifying this the first thing we’re going to do is

something that the manual leaves out and that’s to perform a break-in period a

break-in period is basically running this thing dry for a period of really

it’s your choice ten minutes is probably enough you can do 20 you can even do 30

if you want to do that you’re going to want to basically turn the regulator all the way

down and on the bottom you will find the drain valve over here so you want to

open that up this way all the way and then set it back in its regular place

and now you’re going to turn it on and let it run for a good 10 minutes now

remember if you bought this because oh it’s small it must be quiet you’re sadly mistaken

it’s half quiet now we’re on the box this is say quiet it doesn’t say it on any side of the box

anywhere you look air compressors are noisy it’s that simple so to perform the

break-in period with that valve open turn it on and let it run for 10 minutes

air is going to be expelled from the drain valve there so we’re going to turn

this on and leave it for 10 minutes, okay ten minutes is up and now we’ll close the drain valve so

we’ll just take it here and go ahead and shut that all the way and now we can go

ahead and fill it up again make sure your regulator is turned all the way

down as far as it’ll go and now we’re going to go ahead and fill this up

that was 43 seconds very very fast so it certainly has its merits in filling it’s

very very tiny tank quickly like I said the only way you’re going to stop the

airflow is with this regulator down if I turn it on

so it’s time to modify this and put that connector in so we can actually use some

real tools with this and see how poorly it will perform you’ll need to put a

wrench on this and loosen it this is a 14 millimeter open end wrench if you

don’t have one of these you can use an adjustable this fitting is

extraordinarily tight but it will unscrew and now your hose is out now I

want you to notice this green stuff here they use some sort of a sealant on these

threads that’s almost like a glue just like that and it’s really in there

really really tight in fact it’s in there so tight that I actually buggered

it up a little bit even using the right size wrench on there but maybe I didn’t

have it quite square on there that’s not to say that this always is garbage you

can still use it and you can install a fitting on here and then you can use it

if you don’t mind this sort of thing which is so good for like a bicycle or

something like that especially if you install an inline valve on here so or

even a regulator so you can open and close or even adjust how much air you

want to go in maybe it’ll work better that way now even though this fitting

seems to have some sort of pipe thread stuff on it I don’t trust that so we’re

going to use some good old teflon tape now you need to wrap this in the correct

direction to do that hold the fitting in your left hand with the threaded part

facing your right put your tape like this so the rap part is closest to the

palm of your hand and then stick it on the backside and then you can just go around whoops

one more time and then you can wrap it around just like this so we’re gonna

give it a number of good wraps this is some real cheap junky thread tape so I’m

gonna give this quite a number of good wraps because I don’t want it to leak

and you have to be careful as well installing this and just snap it off

like that and you’re all set you have to be careful installing this because this

fitting is part of the unit and if you’re not careful and you over tighten

it you’ll be bringing it back to the store if they’re even going to take it

back so that’s in just like that by wrapping the tape in the correct

direction it won’t unravel on you if you wrap it the other way then that’s not

going to work over here it is an eleven sixteenths wrench which happens to fit

this fitting so we’re just going to tighten that down not too much starting to get a little

resistance that seems about good for now I really don’t want to over tighten it

because again you can crack that fitting ask me how I know anyway we’re all set

let me just apply some power and we’ll charge it up and see if it will indeed

hold pressure without leaking I have the regulator all the way open so here we go

oh okay sure doesn’t sound like it’s leaking so that’s a good thing all right

well let’s get a hose plugged into it and see what it can actually do I have a

coiled air hose right here which was just handy and an old blowgun put that

down and we’ll go plug this in now it sounds like something is leaking

somewhere my blowgun is there we go it’s just old and you can see look it’s

even rusty in that but it works right, yes maybe that’s time for a new fitting but

anyway certainly reasonable like I said it does fill up round using we suffer

last again putting pressure is about 85 psi so like, I said if you have a tool set at 90 this

thing is gonna run pretty much incessantly a lot of capacity only a half

so I just have this all the way whole huge right now

it’s about 19, whoa, let’s see what else you can do here’s a brad nailer I’m gonna take the Brad’s

out of it because I don’t want it to fire anything and I will stick this back

in they’ve got some junk in there and now we should be good now I’m just gonna

get a scrap piece of wood just in case there’s an extra one in here that it’s

gonna fire through so let me get that okay here’s a scrap piece of wood well

it doesn’t seem to be making much of a dent but it will do you see we got about

six or seven shots in before the compressor that’s it one more time

seven shots before it’s got a refill so you can see that half gallon really

doesn’t do that much for you but for some very white work if you have like a

piece of molding or trim or something like that that you want to install this

will get the job done may have to wait a little bit but then again if you’re only

installing one piece hey it’s not really gonna be that much of a difference

switching gears for a moment let me show you what it can’t run this is an air

screwdriver there’s a screwdriver tip right there and it works sort of like a

ratchet wrench or an air wrench something like that now watch how fast this goes down to nothing

let’s hit that one more time but I want you to realize that pretty much this

might be able to drive one screw and that it’s going to be dead in the water

because as its slowed down to nothing I could probably stop it with my hands

compare all of that if you will with a real compressor this is now hooked over

to my six gallon that I use down here in the basement for various items and

things six gallon is plenty plenty plenty for something like this look how

many shots we can fire off it still goes and the compressor hasn’t even turned on

yet so you can see what a lot more air can actually do for you that compressor

hasn’t come back on yet and that should give you an indication as well as this

that this is really meant for very light duty work here we go with this

and you can tell it’s still going very strong blowing downs up a little bit the

compression is running yet but it’s deep enough now I would love to show you this

thing filling a tire but right now there’s a lot of snow out there and I

really don’t feel like kneeling down in it so that’s unfortunately going to have

to wait till another time where I will do another explanation on this and when I do

that I will put a link in this explanation description showing that so you can always check

back to see if you’re not subscribed of course if you’re not you might consider

doing so so the bottom line is this a good compressor when used for its

intended purpose yes it’s got a lot of good along with a lot of bad the good is

that it fills really fast 40 something seconds like it did earlier that is

really the fastest I’ve ever seen a compressor fill up of course I’ve never

had one quite this small I do have a one gallon compressor but that takes over

two minutes to fill so I mean even if you you know 45 plus 45 is 90 that’s

well over 2 minutes probably more like two and a half just for an extra half

gallon so this definitely does fill very quickly so it does certainly have that

in its favor the bad it’s not really a lot of air to do much and it also the

package is also misleading in that it leads you to believe that it has this

fitting as the box shows but it really doesn’t so like I said you can modify it

but be very careful when you go and do that because you definitely stand the

chance of cracking the fitting and then it won’t be that good anymore so once

again in all it looks like it’s a good deal these are available at Walmart for

$38 and change at the time of this recording which is December 2017 how

long you’ll be available hmm I don’t know probably not very long but you may

find them on the used market later on if you’re watching this explanation in the future

and perhaps that will give you the confidence to perhaps buy this if you do see one for a good price.

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