Husky Silent Home Depot Air Compressor Review

Home Depot Air Compressor

Hey everybody today ever review the husky silent flow air compressor now

this is a portable 4.6 gallon compressor it’s very lightweight and it has some

features built into it that you normally don’t see on other air compressors now

right off the bat I want to let you know that does have an aluminum tank most of

them have steel tanks that are very heavy and they’re also going to rust

internally because when you use an air compressor the moisture that condenses

will collect in the bottom that’s why they always have a drain you need to

drain that out to prevent damage to the tank now because this is an aluminum

tank and if you forget to do that or you don’t do it very often the water sitting

on the bottom of here is not really going to hurt anything like it would

with a steel tank and you’re not going to have to worry about it rusting

through now on top of that it does feature a very quiet motor coming in at

under 70 decibels which is going to be quieter than most person-to-person

conversations and really if this is running in the side of the room and

you’re on your cell phone the person that you’re talking to is not even going

to be able to hear it running now what I’m going to do in this video is go with

different features that they have built into this I’ll show you how it would be

most ideally used and we’ll see how it compares to some larger air compressors

and other portable models here’s a closer look at the compressor and I do

want to point out that it does have a stack tank design and both of these are

going to be connected with a pipe on either side which is welded to both

tanks that really makes it become one unit and the pressure is going to be

equalized between them both now the other good thing about this particular

design if any moisture forms in this top tank it’s going to go down through those

pipes into the bottom tank and then you can drain it using the ball valve that

they have installed on the bottom now for long-term storage if you don’t want

to store this in its pressurized state you can also open that up it’s going to

let out all the compressed air and equalize the pressure inside the tanks

with the pressure outside on the top of the unit just underneath the handle you

will notice two different outlets a red knob in the middle and then two

different pressure gauges the first gauge here on the left is going to be

the tank pressure to show you exactly much air pressure is in the tank

currently and right now it has 120 psi on the right hand side is going to be

the outlet pressure the regulator knob is turned all the way down and that

means it were on zero psi and neither one of these outlets have any air

pressure behind them if we plug something in now if you ever have

trouble connecting an air hose because this side is going to show a lot of

pressure like your tank side would all you’ll need to do is rotate this

counterclockwise it’s going to remove the pressure from these outlets and it’s

going to make connecting everything a lot easier once you connect everything

then you can rotate this knob clockwise and it’s going to pressurize the outlets

as well as your lines now to show you how simple that is to do we can grab one

of the knob just rotate it clockwise and watching the gauge on the right you can

watch it go right up now as you’re using different tools they do require

different operating pressures so something like an impact wrench for

example it would be a good idea to turn this up almost to its max but then

certain things let’s say like an air nailer might require a lot less pressure

so always check your manufacturer recommended specs so you don’t over

pressurize or under pressurize you tools here’s a closer look at the back of the

compressor and I do want to point out that the motor and pump assembly are

going to be one unit it’s oil free and maintenance free and the only thing

you’ll need to do to operate it is plug it in the wall and turn it on now it’s

putting out 2.1 cubic feet per minute at 90 psi which is more than enough to

operate most air tools especially air nailers now that’s something that many

people are going to use with this but if you do use it in a shop setting and you

have other things plugged in the same circuit the motor is only pulling

seven-and-a-half amps so you can have multiple tools plugged in the same

circuit and you’re not going to pop any breakers to turn it on all you’ll need

to do is plug it in the wall and then this little red lever on the side

directly above the motor you’re going to flip that down to the auto position

and as soon as it reaches roughly a hundred and twenty psi the motor is

going to automatically cut off as you use an air compressor water will form

inside the tanks it’s going to collect at the bottom of the lower tank and if

you notice on the front down here it does have a ball valve pre-installed to

remove the water as well as the compressed air out of the tank all you

need to do is grab onto that knob rotate it counterclockwise and then it’s going

to remove all the water as well as the air from the tanks taking a look at a

full size 80 gallon air compressor this is going to be much more ideal for

heavy-duty automotive uses but you want to keep in mind there are some drawbacks

with it number one you cannot move it around it needs to be wired directly

into your panel box by an electrician and then the upfront costs are going to

be much more aside from that it also is going to be a lot louder when we flip

this on you can hear exactly what I’m talking about and compared to the noise levels of the

Husky that really is though comparison when we take a look at the Husky

compared to a standard steel tank version air compressor you can see that

the Hitachi is going to be a little bit shorter however it’s going to be a

little bit longer now the big advantage of this over the detaching of course

would be the weight savings but because the Husky does have aluminum tanks

that’s going to be impervious to water however it’s not going to be impervious

to damage if something fell on this let’s say at a construction site the

aluminum tank would really Bend break or get dented where the steel tank would

most likely just get scratched probably one of the biggest groups of people who

are going to buy a compressor this size they’re going to be carpenters now what

we’re going to start out with is a full size framing nailer I have three inch

coated nails in this and we’re going to see how it does sinking them into a

standard two by six so that was single fire mode now let’s see how it does with

bump fire mode and here it is tone ailing for really tight areas you can

also use something like this pneumatic palm nailer for me personally I’ll be

using the compressor the most here in the workshop because it is so compact

it’s going to fit directly over the workbench in space that was otherwise

wasted it’s going to plug in a standard wall outlet and then because it is so

quiet if I’m in you’re working with something like the pin nailer even when

it runs the air pressure down and the compressor needs to kick back on it’s

not going to make enough noise to disturb anybody it’s also going to work

for light duty automotive uses like using the stubby impact wrench along the

impact socket to remove lug nuts in your driveway now there’s a couple things you

do want to keep in mind when you use an impact wrench like this or really any

air tool number one is going to be the length in diameter hoes now this hose is going to be a 3/8

inch inside diameter hose and it’s less than 50 feet long preferably in that 25

foot range if you use a very long hose let’s say 50 or 100 foot or you use a

quarter inch inside diameter hose like you would use with an air nailer it’s

just not going to have the volume that you need to power something like this

and more importantly than that you do want to make sure that your tanks are

fully aired up with this particular tank using this impact wrench I can remove

between two and three lug nuts before the pressure is going to drop down

enough that the compressor actually needs to kick back on when you hear the

compressor kicking on you do want to stop using your air tool until it airs

all the way back up so you’re going to get maximum performance

another really useful feature of having an air compressor at your house is the

fact that you can go ahead and get a digital tire inflator like this one or

even a standard tire inflator and then fill up your own tires in your driveway

you don’t need to go down to the gas station and feet quarters into the

machine all you need to do is hook this up to the airline hook it onto your tire

and then you can make sure all the pressures are the same so now you’ve

seen the Husky silent flow air compressor for yourself and for general

all-around use carpentry work or even light through the automotive uses this

would be an ideal size to have and if you’re looking at a portable unit in

this range I think the Husky is going to have three main advantages number one

because it has that very lightweight aluminum tank on it it means that the

overall unit is going to be much easier to carry around and unlike a steel tank

that can really degrade over time by rusting from the inside out what you

want to keep in mind with the aluminum tank it’s going to be impervious to

water it’s never going to rust and even if you don’t drain it out very often

you’re not going to accidentally damage the unit number two is going to be the

pump in the motor they’re extremely quiet they’re maintenance-free and

they’re oil free so all you really need to do is plug it in and turn it on and

you’re going to be good to go because it is so quiet you can talk on your phone

talk to somebody in person or have it running in the same room as you and it’s

not going to interrupt anybody in number three is going to be the warranty now

what you want to keep in mind if you look at portable units many of them will

have a 90-day warranty a one-year warranty or even a two-year warranty but

the Husky includes a three year warranty and because Husky is the store brand at

the Home Depot if you ever do have a problem with it and it’s within that

time frame all you’ll need to do is bring the compressor and your proof of

purchase in and they’re going to fix or replace it for you free of charge.

Source : Husky Silent Flow 4.6 Gallon Air Compressor 4610A

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